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Team Null Symbol

Founder: Null!Gaster

Current leader: Null Gaster

High Ranks: X-Gaster (Funds it, Is allied with it, but not apart of it.) Error Sans. Nightmare Sans. Nightmare Papyrus (Head Scientist,) Dark Alphys, (Assistant Scientist.), Unstable!Sans (Strategist)

Where Team Null resides. NULL castle

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(Major Helper: sabor!sans)

(Revamped by DarknessReaper9)

Team Null is an organization of Evil Entities, that work together to do whatever they want individually. They fall in line due to their higher ups beating and being abusive towards them. While manipulating them. There are three branches.

The Command Branch

The Command Branch is made up of The Highest Ranks of The Faction, who often command their armies and forces with terrifying efficiency. This has command of the other two branches. The people in this branch are the strongest and most tactically intelligent.

The Science Branch

The Science Branch is made up of Dark Scientists who manufacture weapons and defenses for the Empire. Along with architects. These are extremely important people, and deadly intelligent. They are respected and given rewards when they succeed.

The Quality Soldier Branch

These are People who are notable enough not to be simply one of the Nonillions in The Army, and have minor ranks. The Ones in these ranks are pretty strong, and tactically somewhat intelligent. But they are the lowest of the branches. They have command of some of the army, however.


Null Gaster

Essentially everything you need to know about Null Gaster in general is here: Null Gaster.

He is the same as his normal version. He leads Team NULL with the aim to accomplish their goals, and ensures they stay beneath him

Error Sans

This Error is different than his Canon version. After suffering a defeat in the "final battle," where Ink defeated him, damaging him greatly, and leaving him to die in an abyss. He was off the radar for decades after. However, in the area he was, he went more insane, but also planned his return. When he finally escaped, he took control of Nightmare and his forces, as he was able to control and bait all of them. When his underlings succeed, he rewards them greatly. When they fail, he tortures them in horrendous ways. His power also increased greatly. He takes interest in capturing Core Frisk. He seemingly wants to take over, rather than destroy The Multiverse. He is subservient to Null Gaster, as he doesn't much care. However he often ensures that most are beneath him and subservient.

Nightmare Sans

This one is slightly altered than his canon version. He is more psychotic and powerful. He has access to traditional Sans abilities, and can summon a sword and spear. Contrast to Dream's bow and staff. He kills for fun, and after the "final battle." With Dream, he lost it yet further. While his form is permanently corrupted (since it makes no fucking sense if he could switch,) sometimes part of his top skull will reveal his old self, reaching to one eye. He is surprisingly willing to work for Error, as when Error gives him Negativity, he is mostly content.

Nightmare Papyrus

The "Brother" to Nightmare and Dream. He is mostly similar to this version: Nightmare Papyrus

He is the head scientist, and is completely fine with torture and sadistic methods.

Dark Alphys

This version of Alphys is a version of normal Alphys after the Alphys Neutral Ending. (Can be seen here: Neutral Route)

This Alphys went to extreme lengths to try and bring Undyne back, becoming obsessed. She eventually brought Undyne back, but she was montrous. Eventually, she gave up, and injected herself with a serum that was supposed to kill herself, but it mutated her. Increasing her intelligence hundredfold, possibly more. But it still had a price. She became obsessed with science instead. Making brutal weaponry, and etc. she turned Undyne into her hitman, alongside The more brutal Dark Mettaton. She is extremely intelligent and deathly serious.

Cross Sans

Same as normal X-Tale SansSans

Killer Sans

Same as normal Killer Sans

Dust Sans

Same as normal Dust Sans

Insanity Sans

Same as normal Insanity Sans


Same as normal Madness!sans. He usually comes up with the plans and has the most fun while carrying out murderers, so he’s been named “the lead executioner”


Same as normal Distortion!Sans. He’s the crazy mix of a pep-talker, a comedian, and the chaotic one. He’s the “haha funny guy” of the team. He only makes short appearances.

Professor Error

Same as normal Professor Error. He is the lead scientist of the team and creates anomalies to join the team and remedies to help the team out.

Horror Sans

Same as normal Horror Sans.

Null N. Void

He is the current newest member. He is used for infiltration and other tactics. He is the same as Null N. Void. but more violent and angry.