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Founder: Gleam Papyrus

Current Leader: Gleam Papyrus

High Ranks: Ink Sans ( Second in Command ) Aeon Papyrus ( Support Role ) Dream Sans ( Third in Command )

Team Shining Resides: The Omnivoid

Creator: TheTrusJustice203

Revamped by: DarknessReaper9

Team Shining is an Organization of Benevolent entities that work together to protect The Multiverse from threats to its existence or things conquering/corrupting it. They're mostly Lawful Good to Chaotic Good. The members are mostly friendly with each other, and the higher ups mostly respect their inferiors. Contrasting with Their Team Null Counterparts.

They have no real specific branches. Albeit a Minor Support Branch.

Soldier Branch

ClassicSwap Sans

Essentially Canonswap Sans, however in this case. He is aware of Alternate Universes, and somewhat younger. But not like 5 or something, but not really an adult either. He's ClassicSwap as ClassicSwap is essentially Canonswap, simply more powerful. Which makes sense as to why he survives the encounters he'd enter here. He's something of the support of the team, given his optimistic outlook. His Team Null rival would likely be FellSwap Sans

Underfell/CanonFell Sans

Canon Underfell Sans, but he knows about AUs as well. He's mostly similar to his normal canonical counterpart, albeit somewhat nicer. He is also something of a mentor to Swap, and tries to live up to that expectation. He's more-so Chaotic Good here than his Chaotic Neutral Canonical counterpart, as he has experienced a pacifist route. He doesn't really remember the resets, but he has Nightmares of The Genocide routes. He traces most of his fears back to Killer Sans, whom he aims to defeat, hoping the Nightmares will subside.

Outertale Sans

Similar to Canon Outertale Sans, but unlike his normal counterpart. He's more different than simple Classic Sans. He is semi more proactive. Along with having an interest in exploring The Multiverse. He has a book detailing everything about each AU he's encountered and knows about. He nicknamed it "Outer's Guide to The Multiverse." Or, "Outer's Diary." Which is The Nickname Fell gave it. He often forgets about his own AU, albeit, he does still remember and care about Papyrus.

RevertDust/"Comic" Sans

RevertDust, nicknamed simply "Comic Sans." Is a Dust from a version of Dusttale where Sans killed everyone, but then Frisk convinced him to change. However, Chara, in a last ditch effort to stop a True Reset from occuring, therefore losing their grip on the timeline, destroyed The RESET Button. Sans then killed Chara. He then destroyed the barrier with all the monster souls and the 6 human souls, then released all of them. He and Frisk then simply lived on the surface mostly in solitude. Papyrus's Phantom was replaced by The True Spirit of Papyrus. Who is more visible, along with being a full body. Similarly to Napstablook, he cannot be killed. Sans then mostly had little reason to do much, until Dust kidnapped Frisk, and Papyrus convinced him to go save them. Sans then mostly figured he should help, having had lost some of his "laziness."

Ultratale/"Delta" Sans

Same as Canon version mostly: Sans/Ultratale

Anti-Virus Sans

Mostly Same as Canon Variation: Anti-Virus Sans

Dream Sans

Generally Same amounts of positivity. However his soul was infected by some of Nightmare's negativity. While he can feel negative emotions more naturally, he still is quite positive. He is more mature to some extent. He also has something of a distain for Nightmare, given the pain Nightmare has caused himself and others. He has also met two alternate Dreams, allowing him to have more natural friends. He generally is just overprotective of those close to him. He cares about others a lot. He has also made a promise to himself, a promise to believe and trust in others, similarly to how his Papyrus version would act. However, his actions on this promise sometimes waver, given the circumstances. It is also known that even Nightmare doesn't want to push him over the edge, as Nightmare somewhat fears him.

Ink Sans

Simply Same as Classic Ink, however with a soul, giving him more of a Lawful Good Status, and removing his Chaotic Neutral Impulses. However it gives him generally levels of confusion, as he himself is not very good at controlling his emotions. Sans/Inktale for more info on Canon Ink.