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|<'hi! welcome to the 4th dimension, you must be new here. come, hold my hand, and i'll show you everything...my name....? remember this: im the creator, and i'll always be'>

welcome to the 4th dimetion, a world no one knows about, the owner of this place is being that was forgotten long ago, and it will show you everythin you want to know around here...

pls dont change anything btw~

the 4th dimention is a place creator made for the gods and itsself as a hideout, the core of the 4th dimention (timeless capsule) is where creator sleeps/regenerate mana, the core of the 4th dimention is only able to be accessed by the creator and even then higher tier gods can only make it to the untable zone. any god, no matter evil or good can access the 4th dimention, but only the higher tier gods can access the unstable zone


its just a blank dimention, just like the anti-void, except it has a altar of every god that the creator created, when gods comes to the 4th dimention, they will be teleported to their own altar and be able to move around freely. the gods are able to use the 4th dimention like a sandbox, being able to create anything or do anything in the 4th dimention, however, the 4th dimention is only open when the creator is awake or opened it freely


the creator decided to create this realm because the outside space is too small, so creator decided to make a endless world so the other god and it can create more things, the reason creator would even lets the evil ones in is because it belives evil can turn good if they stayed in a same place, even if they destroys stuff, the 4th dimention always reset itself when its reopened, but this is a world that very few being that can enter, you must be worthy enough to get creator's attention and open the 4th dimention's portal for you

unstable zone/the core