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* The National Tiny Steamed Buns Kindergarten has not been given an official name; as such, this name is purely conjectural. However, it will be used until an official name is released.

Suggestive Language related to sex (including talking about rape and obscenity) is included in this AU. Do not continue if you are sensitive to themes of this nature.

The National Tiny Steamed Buns Kindergarten (国小馒头幼儿园) is a AU which includes many Sans from various Chinese AU and many Chinese AU authors. The Sans and the authors are just acting as themselves rather than acting as any other certain Undertale characters. This AU contains strongly shipping content including Sans X Sans, Author X Another Author, Sans X Author and so on.



Taoyuan-Tale Sans

Taoyuan-Tale Sans is based on his original version appeared in Taoyuan-Tale. He is a kind, mild but lazy monitor of the class and he brings a juice box containing alcohol for drinking.

Beijing Opera Tale Sans

Beijing Opera Tale Sans is based on his original version appeared in Beijing Opera Tale. He is not good at communication and somewhat bad-tempered. He is good at every lessons and he secretly studys Beijing Opera.

Weathertale Sans

Weathertale Sans is based on his original version appeared in Weathertale. He is shy but good at flirting. He doesn't want to study and makes all the classroom covered by snow because he is so worrying that he causes the snow.


Jiu Ya

Jiu Ya (九鸭, lit. Nine Ducks) is based on the author 9鸭_ who creates Taoyuan-Tale. She becomes the new art teacher because her comics are failed to sale and she wants to avoid low-confidence.


  • Steamed Buns is a nickname of Sans which is popular in Chinese Undertale fandom mostly because Sans' appearance.