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The Reader is Guide and Observer of Undertale/Deltarune Omniverse and she helps to Creators for their work plus The Reader represents The Audience Of Undertale and Deltarune.


A being is created by Undertale/DeltaruneFANDOM itself for guiding visitors of this FANDOM and Creators.




She looks like a young teenager. She is 1.73 cm in height, and weighs 70 kg. She usually wears a black jacket with a hoodie. She wears dark blue pants and he wears black high kneel boots.She wore black long gloves on her hands.On her wrists there is two red hearts.On her jacket's back there is symbol of Dreemurr.


The Reader usually hospitable for visitors.The Reader doesn't interrupt events of Undertale Omniverse. She usually likes to observe things.İn her bad days she usually rests in a ordinary dimension,doing nothing.The Reader inreacts with many people,God,OC etc.


The Reader inreacts with people such as; TBA

Abilities & Powers

  • 4th Wall Break: Similar with other beings she can 4th wall break, and can talk to the creators.
  • Multiversal Omni-Sight: She can see everything and nothing within the Undertale Multiverse. She also can see beyond the Multiverse or the 4th Wall.
  • MetaFictional Omniscience:They’ve already read and aware of everything that the creators has and will write within the fandom of Undertale; and therefore aware of the how those stories starts and ends.
  • MetaFictional Omnipresence: As Represention Of The Audience, they’re technically a part of all AUs of the Undertale Multiverse; working behind the scenes to ensure that everything goes according to what the creators have planned for that world.
  • Trans-Fictional Immunity : She is immune to EVERYTHİNG and ANYTHİNG cuz of she Represents The Audience and every power is just a part of Fiction.




  • She is immune to concept changes,absolute paradox and so on.
  • She loves potato chips and fruit juice.
  • She has few fears such as fear of Void,Fire etc.
  • She has a secret and she shared it with one person.
  • She is good writer and she usually wrote what is happening inside and outside of Undertale/Deltarune Omniverse.