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This is a list of every role in the game that have been named so far. If anyone is confused about what role is what in the future, direct them to this page.

Main Cast

Undertale Character Role Name
Frisk The Protagonist/Player Character Role
Flowey The Empty One Role
Toriel The Caretaker Role
Sans The Judge Role
Papyrus The Ambitious Role
Undyne The Captain of the Guard Role
Napstablook The Recluse Role
Alphys The Royal Scientist Role
Mettaton The Celebrity Role
Asgore The Monarch Role
Asriel The Soulless Angel Role
Chara The Fallen Role

Minor Roles

Undertale Character Role Name
Some times appear
W. D. Gaster The Forgotten Scientist Role
Gaster Followers The Witnesses Role
Goner Kid The Superfluous Role
Dummy The Inactive Role
The Annoying Dog The Accidental God Role
Snowman The Trusting Role
Glyde The Secret Boss Role
Monster Kid The Idoliser Role
Grillby The Restaurant Owner Role
Mad Dummy The Enraged Role
Onion-San The Isolated Role
Bird That Carries You Over A Disproportionately Small Gap The Cherished Role
River Person The Transport Role
Temmie The Chaotic Villager Role
Bob The Competent Villager Role
Ragel The Enigmatic Dancer Role
So Sorry The Club Member Role
Muffet The Outrageous Vender Role
The Amalgamations The Abominations Role

The Vendors

Undertale Character Role Name
Nice Cream Guy The Repetitive Vender Role
Snowdin Shopkeeper The Bravery Vender Role
Gerson The Perseverance Vender Role
Bratty and Catty The Trash Venders Role
Burgerpants The Oppressed Vender Role
Muffet The Outrageous Vender Role
Temmie The Village Shop Role

The Guard

Undertale Character Role Name
Doggo The Blind Role
Lesser Dog The Pettable Role
Dogamy and Dogaressa The Unit Pair Role
Greater Dog The Playful Role
RG01&2 The Blockade Role
Undyne The Captain of the Guard Role
The Canine Unit The Unit Role

If there are any characters that have not been mentioned (that I have either forgotten or have not yet been named) please comment them. Thank you.