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The Simpsons: Changes in Reality is a crossover AU between Inverted Fate and "The Simpsons".


The storyline is the same as Inverted Fate's, but with few minor changes.


Major characters

  • Ralph Wiggum, Jr. - remained the same as usual.
  • Margaret Evelyn Simpson (Wormy) - remained the same as usual.
  • Gerald Samson - remained the same as usual.
  • Bartholomew JoJo Simpson - an unsuccessful businessman in Grounded Springfield.
  • Elizabeth Marie Simpson-Van Houten-Simpson-Simpson - a scientist who tries to make world better.
  • Jonathan Frink - a shy member of the Royal Guard.
  • Homer Jay Simpson - a protector of the Nevergreen Terrace.
  • Milhouse Mussolini Van Houten - a human ghost that is more happier than usual.
  • Marjorie Jacqueline Bouvier-Simpson - a queen of the Grounded Springfield.
  • Herschel Krustofski - a local murderous celebrity.
  • Cookie Kwan - a crazy scientist.

Minor characters

  • Zia Eliza Simpson-Van Houten-Simpson-Simpson - Elizabeth's daughter and Bartholomew and Margaret's niece. A bit afraid of her mother.
  • Kirk Bartholomew Simpson - Bartholomew's son, Picard's brother and Elizabeth and Margaret's nephew.
  • Picard Bartholomew Simpson - Bartholomew's son, Kirk's brother and Elizabeth and Margaret's nephew.
  • Margaret Evelyn Simpson, Jr. - Margaret, Sr's daughter and Elizabeth and Bartholomew's niece.