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So I have always been a fan of Undertale and so this one time I was downstairs.  I saw a figure outside but for some reason I didn't think much of it.  An hour later my little brother came downstairs.  It was 4:00 AM.  My little bro wanted the TV but he looked at the window and started to cry.  I asked my bro what was wrong and he said(BTW he's 3) "I saw somewone outswide."  I was thinking of Gaster at the time so I drew Gaster and asked my bro if Gaster was the person he saw.  He said yes.

(BTW this was the only real part ^)

I never really feared Sans's smile.  I was kinda scared by his way of saying hi to us near the beginning of the game.  I also had spectrophobia and a pretty bad fear of the dark.  Due to the fact I watched scary videos sometimes, I also feared windows and mirrors at night.  So when I was up late at night I heard a deep laugh.  I wondered what it was so I looked around and in the window I saw Sans.  His eye glowing red.  "Determination?" I thought.  I ran to my room and locked the door.  I hid under my blanket.  I have a window next to my bed and I heard banging on the window.

I saw the red glow and I screamed, waking my mom and little brother up.  I unlocked the door and ran out of my room.  I knew there wasn't a room in my house without a window except for my grandma's bathroom.  I ran into the upstairs bathroom because my grandma's door was locked and I hid in the shower.  "See me again and I can get in."  Said Sans.  "Sans?!  Why are you scaring me?!  I went on the pacifist run!  I care about you and your brother so much so why are you being this way to me and MY brother?!"  I yelled.  "Because in one or two runs you killed Papyrus."  Sans replied.  I cried and apologized.

The sun came up a few hours later and I walked out of the bathroom and fell asleep in my room 'cause I stayed up all night.  I woke up around 2:00 PM and I hoped that was all a dream.  I have gone on the no mercy run until I got to Undyne.  I don't know if I want to speak to Sans in Undertale ever again.