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this is the battle between the lamp and the body

the battle between the froggit and the pillow

also don't send hate to the adopt me roblox creator

The battle of it

Body pillow was playing the popular robloxian game ~~drop me~~ adopt me but a giant froggit have invade adopt me and body pillow say “who are you” the froggit looks at him and say “I’m you but worst” body pillow was shock.

bodypillow say “why you want to destroy adopt me” froggit sighs “adopt me have been slowing down servers for to long i have to chose body” body pillow shoots his UwU blaster at froggit he miss the shot froggit destory the middle house of adopt me. Froggit summons the earth and stopped time and say “this is the earth is the universe life form, you quite can’t move a leg or a arm” froggit smirking to body pillow and, delete adopt me for good.

Bodypillow was sad about it he wants to defeat froggit

the war have become you know WAR

(part 2 here)