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I was given this idea by someone in The Comments Section of Theortical Power Scale. This range from Good (selfless) to Evil (selfish).

1 - a Literal Angel, wouldn't even kill Satan if given the chance

2 - Not Perfect, but Still a really good person

3 - a Pretty Good person.

4 - Decent Person

5 - Normal.

6 - Not a very nice person

7 - Kind of a Jerk

8 - An Extremely Rude Person. Not Criminal, but very ill-natured.

9 - a minor criminal for strictly selfish reasons (Note, Someone who is Chaotic Good does not fit this Category.)

10 - Might've killed one or two people, a pretty bad person

11 - Very Criminal. Might try to take over or slaughter a small area.

12 - Malevolent. Probably has some things wrong with them.

13 - Probably a Sociopath at this point

14 - Terrible People, Probably Slaughter entire Cities for fun.

15 - Basically a Demon. Murders and Rapes People Just Cause. Really Fucked up.