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Timetwist like any AU roleswap has character replacements. This AU from neon-pulze was made a long time ago and has not received any popularity.


Sans does not get into the dungeon and meets a girl named Alice. Soon she is killed, and sans takes her soul. Then he falls into a dungeon, and papyrus finds him and helps him so that they become a family. Frisk just wants to help, but in the end everyone hates them. Frisk decides to commit suicide by going to mount Abbot. Jumps and 't die. Then frisk realizes that it can be reset. Reset and attempt to die failed. And so reset, reset, reset and reset until they all get tired of it. Goes and finds sans and papyrus. They help them to bring them into the house to meet my parents and take the Frisco as a member of the family. Everything was fine, and they were having fun eating pumpkin pie. But then sans got sick, and every day she got worse and worse. Both brothers died on the same day. The king got angry, saying that it was all the fault of people (after all, everything was fine before Frisk came), and to get to the surface he needed the souls of people and he wanted to kill Frisk but stopped the king and told Frisk to get human souls or they would die. tried to persuade but he kicked her out and Frisk helped her. Soon took Frisk to the lab where she joined Her soul with the soul of the monster and it was very painful to stick different syringes in them. Tried to introduce magic to them with this magic, they almost killed an employee. A few years later, Frisk and designed. Then the core was in a faulty state and almost falls and Frisk almost saves her as she thinks of revenge for all the suffering and then she throws her life away. Frisk saves and found a house in . They are preparing the for the Royal guard.

Character Changes

  • Chara is the Protagonist
  • A chrysanthum named Chrissy is the Empty One
  • Undyne is the Caretaker
  • Dummy is the Recluse
  • Frisk is the Judge
  • Monster Kid is the Ambitious
  • Muffet is the Repetitive Vendor
  • Burgerpants is the Restaurant Owner
  • Asriel is the Idolizer
  • Asgore is the Captain of the Guard
  • Toriel has an original role as a teacher
  • Napstablook is the Royal Scientist
  • Madbot (Mad Dummy) and Mettaton are the Celebrity
  • Nice Cream Guy is the Outrageous Vendor
  • Grillby is the Oppressed Vendor
  • Gaster is the Monarch
  • Papyrus is the Soulless Angel
  • Sans is the Fallen
  • Alphys is the Forgotten Scientist



  • This article explains the laziness of the character who becomes Sans.
  • The author is more popular than his AU.
  • Despite being a Frisk person they drink ketchup sharp ketchup.
  • This AU begins when the Creator sees his friend Frisk in a Sans jacket.
  • Timefell, Timeswap, Dusttwist and Disbilief already exist.