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"geeettt roasteeeddd!!!"
– Game over screen after sparing Toriel

Altertale Toriel is in the role of Sans, She is very protective of her brother Asgore.

The lazy sentry of Snowdin and the first monster you meet after the Ruins. Simple and fun, she likes to help Frisk get past her brother, Asgore, and his puzzles.


Toriel has a slight motherly side, is easily flustered, and suffers from anxiety. She is very lazy. She is the mutual love interest of Sans.


  • puns.
  • sudoku.
  • baking pies.
  • whipped cream.

More Personality

  • Sans personality prevails over the original Toriel personality.
  • She was created in a lab. 
  • About 21 years old.
  • The daughter of Asriel and the sister of Asgore
  • Has only 1 HP, 1 DF, and 1 AT.
  • Is not a boss monster.
  • In battle, uses fireballs and Orange Mode. 
  • Cannot use levitation, as her powers are strictly fire-based. 
  • May use Dreemurr Beamers (which are like Gaster Blasters). 
  • Fully aware of the timelines.
  • Fighting her is only possible on a Genocide Run.
  • The only one who still remembers her father, Asriel.
  • Asriel occasionally appears before her, but he is silent.
  • Asriel's disfigured face still haunts her.
  • Has a pet snail named Slimey.
  • Uses her standard font, but all lowercase.
  • The sentry of Snowdin.
  • Sells pies at an illegal pie stand.
  • When Frisk first meets her, she shoves a pie in their face.
  • Calls frisk "lil child", "kid", or "kiddo"
  • She reads Asgore bedtime stories.
  • Calls Asgore "Az" or "Gori"
  • During the last part of Toriel’s battle, in place of slamming you into walls repeatedly, she surrounds you with giant fireballs and hurls them at you simultaneously. Regardless of what HP you may be at, you will not die, but it will be the last major attack she can manage before she falls asleep.