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Underfell Toriel tries to act, for the most part, like the Original Toriel. Toriel left Asgore because he declared war on humanity. Because of the long period of time she has been isolated from all others, she has become demented and psychotic. Even though she tries to be loving, whenever a child tries to escape the ruins, she will torture the child (most of the time, killing them).


She wears a black/red robe, which is frayed at the bottom. Her eyes are gaped, wide open and her irises are a bright red color compared to her counterpart, giving her a psychopathic look.

Underfell Toriel has large fangs, and has red splotches pied along her fur. Whether it is just a discoloration or stained blood is unknown.


Toriel is seen to be similar as the original Toriel; motherly and caring. However, under the most minimal tension, she may become aggressive. She tries to keep the children for herself, always offering (false) love and care. But once they try to escape the ruins, she'll torture them (oftenly ending up killing them).

Unlike the original Toriel, this Underfell version doesn't know how to cook well and ends up messing up her recipes. She uses demonic substitutions as ingredients such as blood, monster dust, etc. She asks Frisk a lot of questions in a psychopathic, confused and disarrayed way. Instead of Cinnamon Butterscotch Pie or Snail Pie, Toriel makes Crab Pie.


Frisk (Adopted child

Toriel cares for Frisk while they are in the Ruins, but she tries to torture Frisk when they tried to leave her.

Asgore (Ex- Husband)

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Flowey/Asriel (Son; Died as Asriel)

Flowey/Asriel is Toriel's and Asgore's son. Toriel hates Flowey (though) because of his kindness.

Chara (Adopted child)

Toriel was Chara's adoptive mother before their dead (from being poisoned by Asgore).


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