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TricksterTale (also known as TricksterVirus AU) is an Au that is made by Ask-The-Sugar-Skull (also known as Xsylvia-black) on Tumblr.

What is the Trickster Virus?

The Trickster Virus is a virus that is spread through physical contact. When a person is infected your negative energy is bottled up deep inside of them, and their regular selves are hidden deep inside of them, which changes their attitude, and even their appearance.

The higher amount of Negativity people have resorts in it being harder to infect them. When they are infected and they had a high amount of Negative feelings, they're more unresponsive, and exhausted then the other Tricksters, because most of their energy is used containing those Negative feelings. In Nightmare's case, the virus cannot contain his Negative energy, though he still can be infected, but for a very short time.

The cure {why would you do such a thing?} )-:

There is definitely a cure but no basic potion of chemicals or magic can cure it. It actually has to be extracted from a human soul. Though, too much of it could cause a monster infected to melt. If a monster were to come into contact with a human with the right soul, the infection in them will temporarily seize back. But once contact is removed, the infection will return. (in up coming asks, the cure will be revealed.) Those with a soul that can cure the virus can’t be affected.


Sugarberry's plan was to infect as many people as possible, but he and the other Tricksters had promised to not infect people who didn't want it.

The virus was an attempt to obtain a power he did not have to recreate his world and to feel some sense of home. However, he realized that his plan was destructive and of little help to his goal, and ended the virus by killing those infected and taking what little power he obtained to regain his normal form. He has regret for killing those involved; however, he knows that with what he knows now, many more worlds will be created to replace those that were lost.

Currently, all Tricksters were destroyed excluding four: Velvet, Cherry, Swap! Papyrus, and Swap!Sans (formally Sugarberry’s host). The reason for the destruction of Tricksters was due to the stress of Harvest’s return and the initial failed first encounter Sugerberry had with them. So, he killed what remained of the Tricksters and regained his form.

Before this, Lolli was the one who had defeated Harvest temporarily and had thrown them into the empty void to keep them from attacking the Candy Void.

After regaining his true form, Sugarberry had sent Swap!Sans and Honey (Swap!Papyrus) back to their universe out of guilt. Unbeknownst to him, Harvest ended up attaching themselves to the unconscious Swap!Sans, which led to pure chaos in their universe- Swap!Sans currently in a fallen state and almost every monster having been killed.)

Some events had occurred before and after this, the confrontation of Harvest that led to their defeat, and afterwards, the confrontation of Crazy where he retrieved one of many gems that he needed. Currently, he has 4 of 5 gems. The last one is located somewhere unknown.


(† - Deceased)

  1. Sugarberry (formerly known as Swap!Sans)
  2. Cherry (formerly known as Fell)
  3. Lolli (formerly known as Geno) †
  4. Sweetheart (formerly known as Error) †
  5. Honey(formerly known as Stretch/Carrot) † (Swap!Papyrus still alive)
  6. Ketchup (formerly known as Classic) (Minor appearance)
  7. Red Velvet (formerly known as Edge)
  8. Harvest