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Twistedtale is an Undertale AU created by Zero 3-2-5-1 on Soundcloud.


Frisk - (The Current Information is lost)

Flowey - Flowey is known is The Great Flowey with red petals and a green stem. His true identity is Papyrus. Themes - 'Your greatest friend' , 'Your Greatest Nightmare' , 'TWIST His Fate'.

Papyrus - Papyrus is Asriel, He wears Striped Red and Yellow Shirt. Themes - 'At The Beggining'

Alphys - Alphys is Toriel, she wears a mix of red, grey and light blue colours. She acts as the guardian of the Ruins and is nervous of Undyne. Themes - 'Here We Fallen', Here We Fallen (Reprise)', 'Breakdown'.

Sans ​- Sans in this AU replaces Chara, but instead of a skeleton, he is a human with a blue-striped sweater and white hair, and instead of Chara's signature red eyes, he has blue eyes. Theme - The Forgotten Boy

​Chara​ - Chara in this AU replaces Alphys in this AU. Chara has a crush on Asriel (who replaces Undyne), and Chara's appearance is pretty much the same in Twistedtale, except for the addition of a lab coat and glasses. Chara is male in this AU. Themes - 'Chara's lab', 'Chara fights back'.

Undyne - Undyne replaces Asgore, and she wears a mix of red, grey and light blue colors (like Alphys.) She is the queen of the underground. Theme - 'UNDYNE'

Asriel - Asriel replaces Undyne. On pacifist, he looks like original Undertale Asriel, but with armor. On genocide, he is called 'Asriel the Savior'. His weapon is sword. Themes - 'Nightmare mystery', 'Asriel', 'Fire!!!', 'URAHHH!!!', 'Sword of hope', 'But The World Will Be Protected', 'Battle Against A True Savior'.

Grillby - Grillby is Napstablook. Theme - 'Fire Fight'

Muffet - Muffet is the celebrity in this AU. She replaces Mettaton. Themes - 'Spider Crusher', 'Dance by spider', 'Glamourous Spider', 'Power of -OMEGA-'.

Toriel - Toriel replaces Muffet. Theme - 'Snail Heart'

Asgore - Asgore replaces Grillby.

Mettaton - Mettaton replaces Papyrus.

Napstablook - Napstablook replaces Sans in this AU.

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