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after 201 genocide and sans die and die again so he said this genocide will be the final one but he wasn't know how he will do that so after long thinking he found if he changed his code from die when.... To there's no die he won't die so he changed his codes and during he keep changing his codes he deleted some important codes and got glitchy and his powers codes deleted and his au was getting destroy and after that he found him self teleported to the void And in front of him zaster looking at him like you will help me with small creepy smile and zaster tell him if he tell anyone about that he will be dust


he don't have powers

zword: he actually like normal sword but he call on him zword because his design

Z bow: it's like normal bow but in the dark turn to light arrows


He always glitchy and that let him don't know to use his weapons good


his head like normal sans but his left eye purple and his shirt is completely black but at the middle of the shirt purple cycle and his bones are black and there's some purple in it
and he is glitchy


Geno!Sans he is the best friend to him

Zaster zaster promised him to get back his codes if he helped him

Chara/Storyshift he love her but she look at him like just a friend


•he hate chocolate when zaster tell him to try chocolate he hate it so much

•he hate all the Charaes

•he hate genocides and if he found any au in it genocide he will help as he can

•he didn't met normal gaster before but he remembers he saw someone on sbowing ran when tyno sans saw him and he remembers it was in his shirt Z Letter

•when he saw zaster he was familiar to him but he didn't care

•he see zaster not evil he see him just got Crazy

•all his weapons made by zaster to help him in fights

•he remembers when his au was destroying and he saw Chara and he tell her what happen she told him "it wasn't me there's someone told me if you didn't do that he will turn me to dust" but tyno sans didn't care about her and he said "she just lying" but when he saw zaster he remembered Chara was telling to him the same design of zaster

•he love Tyno!tale [his au] so much