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Main characters


Tyno Chara

tyno asgore

Tyno toriel [human]


tyno gaster

zaster [not from tyno tale or maybe he is....]

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monsters and humans was live with each other but they hate each other so humans queen toriel went to monsters king asgore and she tell him we hate each other so what's your mind about a war and the strongest live on the roof so king asgore did Referendum with his people and the people choosed no war but it did war so the monsters training and humans too and than the war beginning and the humans was the winners at the first and the monsters was close to lose and than it appeared something Released Lazer and killed the humans queen so the humans ran away and they got trapped in the underground and the monsters live at the roof and after 1 year king asgore found the one would be the queen and her name is Tora they married and they got two babies sans and gaster but they loved sans and hated gaster because he was bad And creepy so they dropped him at the streets and they lived with sans and sans grow up and got 18 old and than they found the humans broked the barrier and all the humans outside and the monsters wasn't know how they made it monsters was making sure is the barrier is strong enough but the

humans ran away went somewhere the monsters wasn't know where so they couldn't attack humans m and after 1 year they fodrhuman girl n people tell her run they will kill yoand afterhthis word by second she e got a knife and started killing people and the police came and started talk with hre stop but she wasn't stop so the police started fire on her but she don't die ofeelnby anything g so they make the alarm and than all the monsters ran awar but then she laughed and did the first resaand she was doing it like that every time butnd at the fourth genocide tyno sans understood what's resat button and genocide and codes so he saithatlgenocide will be the final one but he wasn't know hohe willndo that so d at the 201 genocide after long thinking he got if he changed his codes to there's no die he won't enand he will kill l her Easley so he started to change his codes and during he keep changing his codes he deleted some important codes and got glitchy anthehau started d destred slowly y and than he found Chara and Chara tell him what's going on and he tell r'what's s going nand d she tell him that's wasn't me there's someone told me if you didn't do that you will be dust and than the world got destrodIin n fuld but ty sansno got Teleported to the void dIIn n front of him zaster