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"...I´m bored..."

Tyranny Frisk is a twisted and apathetic ruler of the underground. She is feared by everyone except from Papyrus. Despite having a childish manner and a big temper, she a tatical warrior and wisdome in situations that are need it. She is always seen with a poker face, but her actions can express what is her mood. When she is angry, her red eyes shine, alerting everyone to go away and don´t bother her.

Her objective is to conquer her world, but when she has free time or bored, helps CORE! Frisk along with Perseverance! Frisk to protect the omega timeline.


Tyranny Frisk is from Undertyranny







she can use her scythe to attack the enemy and it became darker and stronger when she's ready to fight


  • She is good friends with Perseverance Frisk, to the point she invite her to conquer along with her the multiverse
  • She likes to play pranks along with Perseverance Frisk to everyone, especially if is a Sans.
  • She hates every single Sans of another universes, except of underswap Sans, who tolerates since personality reminds her of Papyrus.
  • Reborn Frisk or Francis has better control of her temperament and her feelings of hate towards Sans, still, she makes pranks and mean things to him just to piss him off, humilating or making his life a little difficult.
  • Frisk was abused and live a hard life during her childhood, resulting the type of person she is, having a distortion vision of the world and apathy for her own kind.
  • She has a respect for Asgore, to the point she promise him in his last moments to fullfil his wish to fight humanity, while for Toriel, she feels disdain for her cowardice to run away from Asgore, without confront him from his choices and for not managed to protected the others children, from her point of view, she feels Toriel abandon them as their luck instead of accompany them on their journey.