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He was a normal sans in Undertale, BUT this timeline had advanced tech because Alphys was really smart and .wealthy; she didn't make mistakes, like, for example, amalgamates; because of this, she is VERY confident. This Sans was a threat to Alphys because he was more intelligent than Alphys. Alphys was aware of this and couldn't let sans take her place and her wealth, so one day she leads Sans into a room, tricking him into helping her with scientific matters. Alphys had a particle accelerator that goes into the sky. She was going to visit alternate universes with it. Instead, she locked sans in it and blasted him deep into space, absorbing 57% of all the ultraviolet elements in its space. He didn't die; Sans was in space he was in his super violet form, Sans traveled back to his au, his form automatically changed into another form, Sans went to Alphys and completely lost it; he literally threw Alphys in the air and blasting her with ultraviolet waves out of his blaster's mouth, Alphys immediately turned to dust. When he is furious, he will turn into his super violet form, but we will see how that goes. Sans also has other radiations in his system, but Sans is known for ultraviolet because he likes to use that one.


Mostly like epic Sans, but he say's broseph.



This is a gaster blaster but it spits out ultra violet waves


This is a bone that contains super violet radiations


He wears his glasses to protect radiation coming from his eyes,and im talking all types of radiation at the same time,it will instantly kill you


He can use all types of radiation as telekenises on you flawlessly,it even damages your skin it depends on the radiation type.


He can shootout waves out of his hands that will tear your skin apart making you into a skeleton he can use it in many different waves (get it,ah its a bad joke)


This form is when he gets mad, when he gets mad all the radiations fuse together making the super violet form, he gets to defeat almost ANYONE, because he simply doesn't die, ENERGIE NEVER DIES. He gets so powerful; he literally manipulate the energie out of you, he becomes pure light, pure energie, and pure radiation.


  • he can use every radiation element
  • he can travel into space by will
  • he is known for ultra violet because people think he has ultra violet power only,he actually likes it that way
  • he is tall because the space continuum enlarged his body.to be exact he went from 2 feet to 6,0 feet