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According to the comic the story starts with a flashback about Gaster memories and his experiments on the Determination...Thanks to those experiments an hybrid called Soulen has been created and forgotten in the laboratory.

The story starts a few years after those events...a human falls on the flower bed in the ruins and meets an apparently kind Flowey and with him starts her travel to get out from the ruins; on the Snowdin road they meet Rev!Sans which takes them on a Snowdin tour knowing new characters and Papyrus.

Meanwhile, in the laboratory, Soulen wakes up and clashes with the new reality of living among the amalgamates.

The story takes place on two different levels... one with Frisk and Flowey and the other in the lab.
Flowey wastes no time trying to keep Frisk's mind and game under control by inducing her to do whatever he wants, ending up in tragedy because Flowey manages to absorb part of Frisk's determination by turning into a mutant flower...
Destroying everything he meets, manages to arrive in the secret laboratory to absorb Soulen's soul...fortunately he doesn't succeed in his intent thanks to the intervention of Rev!Sans and Rev!Papyrus...but he causes a lot of damage....
Once the fight is over, Alphys puts Soulen (who has lost her memory because of the serious blows) and the two brothers who decided to adopt the young hybrid as their younger sister.

Basic Description:

The hunt for the humans is not known here

In this AU there are different timelines (as in the original Undertale) 

The characters have the same roles (If something changes I will write it) 

Their attitudes change a little and even their appearance 

Plus there are one new character: Soulen

Character Details:

Flowey: Same evil flower with misleading personality, he can absorb the determination, he want to control the underground and he will do anything to get the power

Ghost Asriel : The spirit of prince Asriel trying to rebel against Flowey, Chara's best friend but something was wrong...Evil Chara hate Asriel....

Frisk : The same little Frisk from UT, she is a pretty little friendly child who love help others, she is so quiet and kind but she can't talk

Chara : You know her...she is a little b**ch, she want to delete this happily timeline and with her best friend Flowey maybe she could.... (she can talk)

Sans  (Rev for friends) : Rev!Sans hide a secret....the "cheat book", he found this book in Gaster's file (with this book he can remember Gaster and he know everything about timelines, healthy powers, Void and some research about AU's), he have worked with Gaster for a wile but he left before experiments on dead bodies, now he is a lazy sentry, he like cooking and eating pizza 🍕, he is a secret genius but he hides it to please other ;^; and it is a bit paranoiac for this, he also have a sort of "brother mark", he and Papyrus was born with this mark, his special bone attack is a ort of pitchfork that can immobilize enemies

Papyrus  (Gutsy for friends): he is a proud royal guard now (the t-shirt with the deltarune symbol is a uniform), he is the same papyrus of UT but more adult and responsible, sometimes cook sweets and he love training, his special bone attack is a sort of scalpel...he don't like to use it...it's pretty sharp ^^'

Soulen : you know already her qwq, she has been adopted by Sans and Papyrus and she live with them, treat her like a little sis, suffers from panic attacks (she is NOT a child even if she's short u.u) She have a bad side named Soulide. Soulen and Soulide can talk each other with themselves, they share just the body not the mind. We can say Soulide have Chara's determination so technically is Soulen fused with Chara (Cuz she was created using Chara's Determination)

Alphys : Actually the same Alphys of UT, she worked with Gaster and Sans, after the Gaster "death" she doesn't remember anything about him or determination experiments but Soulen it seems familiar to her...

Gaster : First royal scientist, have worked with Alphys and Sans on the Determinations tests but them faild... corrupted from the failures and guilts he decided to disappear into the core, he was friend with the King Asgore

Void Gaster : A lonely Gaster out of the time and space, closed into the void after the disappear in the core, he can travel around the underground but anyone can see him....or not?

Undyne : Royal guards Boss! She is more like a spy always concentrated to catch some new bad guy

Mettaton : GLEAMUR GLEAMUR GLEAMUR! He helps Alphys in her creations and sometimes helps Undyne too to keep the calm in the AU

Muffet : Great baker and fighter, can throw sweets bombs if you try to cheat her

Queen Toriel : here the queen do her job! Sometimes go into the ruins to take a break for the royal duties, she is happily married with King Asgore but the Asriel story is the same...she doesn't know about experiments and it's better not to know it

King Asgore : The king loved by all... Great Gaster's friend, he know about experiments but he never killed a child here, he succeeded to obtain the first and unique piece of determination from what was left of Chara

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