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Madisson!Sans (AKA NovaFruity) is a creator from UnderMega.  She is a skeleton, and she can pretty much control file colors like pink and purple to help and save Anomalies.



She a hybrid(a skeleton mix a goat ) she got long hair white and little purple Pastel, she 4 Gems( purple light, pink light, green light and red) and 2 horns(red and pink) the clothes was made by herself tee-shirt Red mauve and blue light with fluffy parts colors purple on her hands and black pants and her shoes with metallic grey.pupils.


Madisson is nice as long as nobody angers her (She would make a creepy face with red and black eyes with goop spilling from them). She can be funny and sometimes will crack puns. She can be occasionally flirty (Somedays, for reasons unknown). She is respectful and will respect some people and believes, hopes, and will never give up.


In her past, Madisson had some trouble of having personality, but was still nice with other monsters in other AUs. Her Parents? Well, she'd been a reject in her family, but she was okay about it. and last is everything becomes new for Madisson.

(See any AUs of UT.)



He doesn't care about his daughter. But for some reason, he will use her on Ink.


Special Ability

"Save the world"

Files Attack

She can create any file to attack or slice an opponent.

Elements absorption

In this case, she absorbs others elements to live.

Aqua Blaster

It blasts aqua from bases on all water, earth, and inside of her.

Regular Choc attacks

Only up from the air and earth to make a choc hit from 10 seconds and back to normal on 3 minutes.

AU Teleportation

She can open a portal to any AU as long as she can.


"Guess you're gonna kill me."

"Say save the world~"


  • She likes to sing alone away from people. She can get too shy if someone hears her. However, she is an very excited and strong girl now.
  • Sometimes, her emotions go down for failing something she didn't finish.
  • Madisson's birthday is on May 29th.
  • Her soul is a ruby pink from ???.


here her full referencer make by Grace-The-Skeleton On Devianart.

The Charaters Madisson!Sans And Her Version are CANON