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Template:Work in Progress This is an endings where you beat the final level with different characters.

(Note that none of them have happy ending as they were killed by Funny Valentine/Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. The exception goes for the Giorgue, Gyrial, and the Jockey protagonist ending, which is a path to the true ending, and the Temmie ending, the Annoying Dog ending, and the Underswap Flowey ending where they're now serve as Funny Valentine's pet. Napstablook and Happstablook cannot be killed in their endings because Funny Valentine cannot kill ghosts... is it? And for Bête Noire?)

Bad Endings

Undertale characters

Frisk Ending

After the battle at the West Coast, Frisk have finally defeated Funny Valentine.

Frisk stares at the president, knowing that they have victor over the race they've won.

Funny Valentine: Huh? I guess you won, huh? Looks like you are a skilled racer at all. And yet you manage to defeat me with your power. The power of Determination. You use it not just that you win the race, but never killing everybody.

Frisk nodded.

Funny Valentine: Ah, I see. I guess you're a pacifist after all, even when you use that item to knock them out without killing them. Congratulation. I guess you will get the reward after you finish the race.

But then he stroke down Frisk on the ground and pull something off from his pocket.

Funny Valentine: I promise I will give anyone who has completed a race and claim their reward. And your reward is? Your eternal reward.

And then Funny Valentine stabbed Frisk's SOUL, causing it to shatter and Frisk dies.

Funny Valentine: Your determination is useless against my determination of my goal. My goal is to establish the United States as Earth's dominant superpower. My heart and actions are utterly unclouded. They are all those of 'Justice'.

Flowey Ending

After the battle at the West Coast, Flowey have finally defeated Funny Valentine.

Flowey: Ha! Do you think you could defeat me with your power spirit? Thank to that DISC that gave me power, I've won! Looks like to's GAME OVER for you!

Funny Valentine: Well, congratulation. Looks like you have finally defeat me ever since I killed you before.

Flowey: Wait? What did you mean?

Funny Valentine: Like I said before, I met you at the day where I was at the underground. The first time I've met you where you first explain me about the Underground and the SOULs. My SOUL is PATRIOTISM.

Flowey: I have no idea what you're talking about, Mr. Justice. Can you lend me your reward, please? Or else I'm going to tear you apart!

Funny Valentine: Of course I will give you your reward. DIRTY DEEDS DONE DIRT CHEEP!

Funny Valentine summon another Flowey next to the original Flowey...

Flowey: ...wha-

...causing two Floweys to merge with each other and explode into dust.

Funny Valentine: It's been a while since I came to their world. The philosophy of "KILL or BE KILLED" is an act of terrorism. My heart and actions are utterly unclouded. They are all those of 'Justice'.

Toriel Ending

Napstablook Ending

Sans Ending

Papyrus Ending

Monster Kid Ending

Mad Dummy Ending

Temmie Ending

Undyne Ending

Alphys Ending

Mettaton Ending

Muffet Ending

So Sorry (Samael) Ending

Mettaton EX Ending

Asgore Ending

Asriel Ending

Chara Ending

Gaster Ending

Annoying Dog Ending

Deltarune characters

Kris Ending

Susie Ending

Ralsei Ending

Lancer Ending

C. Round Ending

King Round Ending

Clover Ending

Jevil Ending

Rouxls Kaard Ending

King Ending

Noelle Ending

AU characters

Underfell characters

Underfell Sans Ending

Underfell Papyrus Ending

Underfell Undyne Ending

Underfell Alphys Ending

Underfell Mettaton Ending

Underswap characters

Underswap Papyrus Ending

Underswap Sans Ending

Underswap Temmie Ending

Underswap Flowey Ending

Underswap Asgore Ending

Underswap Toriel Ending

Underswap Alphys Ending

Underswap Undyne Ending

Happstablook Ending

Napstaton Ending

Storyshift characters

Storyshift Chara Ending

Storyshift Asriel Ending

Outertale characters

Outertale Ending

Outertale Ending

Altertale characters

Altertale Toriel Ending

Altertale Asgore Ending

Altertale Sans Ending

Altertale Papyrus Ending

Altertale Gaster Ending

Altertale Asriel Ending

Misc AU characters

Hacker!Frisk Ending

Error!Sans Ending

Ink!Sans Ending

Fresh!Sans Ending

Dream!Sans Ending

Nightmare!Sans Ending

Dust!Sans Ending

Seraphim!Sans Ending

Dreemurr Reborn Asriel Ending

CORE!Frisk Ending

Misc OCs

Red Ending

Bête Noire Ending

Non-Undertale characters

Alinivar Ending

Niiue Ending

Monika Ending

Puro Ending

Real Ending

Giorgue Ending

Gyrial Ending

The Player (Jockey) Ending