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Time of Last Story Update: July 9, 2017

Time of Cancellation:

The world of UnderWar is hell. The war between humans and monsters never ended, the world has been scarred by the battles. Humans, with their advanced technology and mass numbers, they ruled the southern hemisphere, and the monsters, with their battle tactics and magic ruled the northern half. It was a stalemate, the royal guard protected New Home and King Asgore the 2nd, for the first died in battle against the general of the humans, Chara. The royal guards are:

  •  Undyne the Unmoving
  • Greatest Dog (Offspring of Dogamy and Doggresa)
  • Red (After Samuel left: Scarlet Slasher)
  • Sans
  • Papyrus
  • Gaster
  • Madness Dummy
  • Mettaton Xtreme
  • Asriel

They all are much different than their counterparts after the war became stale, both sides began to decline. Drugs and prostitution flooded both nations as they began to decline farther into debt. Crime became common in each empire, police became crooked, slavery became a common practice with the races, whole districts became over run with anarchists and thugs, babies products of rape are left on doorsteps like newspapers. Few cities are still 'pure' in either empire. The Monsters live in cities, much like humans, with cars and machines fueled by magic. The humans live in a massive single city named Eden. it is highly protected with military bases peppering the rest of the hemisphere. General Chara has three lieutenants':

  • Frisk
  • Daniel
  • X (a mysterious being)

Death of Asgore (Asgore 2nd comes to power)

Asgore was involved in the battle of New St. Louis in northern Africa in an attempt to take the town. The monsters loss, and the king was killed. Asgore the 2nd was a advisor of Asgore (Real name Zachariah) and is much more forceful against humans than his predecessor, publicly executing any P.O.W's captured, he has the royal guard make rounds to round up any human supporters, tho one group, named The Corps, has eluded his grasp.