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Underchina (中华之下) is a Chinese AU which contains traditional Chinese style especially style in Qing Dynasty.

Character Changes


Frisk is a Taoist who trains themselves in the Mountain and accidently falls into the Underground. They have the ability of defeating monsters but they refuse to do that. Instead, they choose to befriend with every monsters.


Chara is a talented Taoist and enters the Underground in order to help monsters destroy the Barrier but failed. They are later adopted by the Royal Family and they are the Emperor's sons' close friend. They are died after eating nerium oleander.


Toriel leaves the Palace after Asriel and Chara's death. She wishes that she and other family members (Including Asriel and Chara) could be together on Yuan Xiao Festival.


Sans is a skeleton and Papyrus' elder brother. He is lazy and likes drinking chili patse. Despite of arguing with Papyrus often, he is actually loving Papyrus and secretly hide the red bag in Papyrus' pillow.


Papyrus is a skeleton and Sans' younger brother. He dreams of being a chivalrous swordsman and he is learning martial art from Undyne. He is actually a kind and strong monster.


  • According to author's concept, Sans and Papyrus' appearance is based on the typical zombies in Qing Dynasty style and the author is planning to make everyone in Qing Dynasty style outfits.