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Undercop is a Plot-Based AU made by Deviantart user Booter-Freak  It is a comic series in which a human named Frisk is the main character.

About the AU

It is a plot-based AU, having a comic series. Frisk, the adopted child of Toriel, is taken alongside her to bring your kid to work day. Wip.


General Changes

Character Changes

  • Frisk is the adoptive child of Toriel, who is brought with her on "Bring your kid to work day". They later get taken by Papyrus and Undyne while Toriel leaves them.
  • Toriel is the adoptive mother of Frisk. She is a police dispatcher.
  • Papyrus is a detective working with Undyne. They take Frisk with them, making them their Rookie.
  • Undyne is a detective working with Papyrus. They take Frisk with them, making them their Rookie.
  • Sans is the brother of Papyrus