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"Why do I always get the freaks?"
Burgerpants, commenting on GMod Monsters

(Not to be confused with Freaktale.)

Underfreak, known as Undertale Freakshow, is an AU where everyone is a GMod Monster. Each and every character has their own unique power, ability and trait and is considered in some way dangerous or considerably powerful or ability-endowed. This AU has also recently turned into a sort of 'infection', which means there is an Underfell version of this as well.

About the AU

List of known Undertale Freaks

Here is the list of every Undertale freak:

  • Frisk Saiki
  • Floweyhead
  • Urine ButtsPie
  • Shoutablook
  • ImitaSans
  • Unnamed Papyrus Freak
  • MonsterGun
  • Demodyne
  • (N-word) Dummy
  • I have no idea I'm gonna called tem.
  • Unnamed Alphys Freak
  • Mettabine
  • SpiderFruit
  • Unnamed Asgore Freak
  • A L L T H E S E G M O D M O N S T E R S A N D T F 2 F R E A K S A R E A M A L G A M A T E S
  • Kura