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For over 10’000 years Emperor Asgore has sat immobile, silent upon the Golden Throne fed by the DT of 6 human SOULs.  Across the Dreemurr Imperium war rages across worlds and the void.  And yet the Barrier shrinks ever closer, trapping and annihilating everything in its path.  In the grim darkness of the far future, it's kill or be killed.


Dreemurr Imperium (most Monsters)

Militaristic-bureaucratic hierarchy; local culture and society varies hugely but ultimately loyal to New Home Lords.  consists mostly of Monsters, sapient Daemons who live in realspace but require Warp energy to survive.  Worship Asgore’s decaying body as a God, watching over them ensuring there survival. Xenophobic towards other species, even the few humans who they still suffer to live after the Frisk Heresy.

In early 31st Millennium, Emperor Asgore a powerful Boss Monster came forth to rescue a dying Galaxy alongside 2 humans: Diplomat Frisk who would spare what lost colonies and xeno races showed a spark of good will, and Chaplain Chara who would teach and enforce the Imperial Truth on newly conquered worlds.  At the end of 31M Frisk fell to the couruption of LOVE; hence she led corrupted Monster armies and half of the Imperial human population against Emperor Asgore.  Their war tore the Imperium asunder and created the Barrier, a LOVE energy wall in both the Warp and realspace that enclosed the Galaxy and blocked anyone from leaving.  Asgore met Frisk and obliterated her, but not before she dealt the fatal blow that put Him imobile on the Golden Throne.


A malignant psychic force that corrupts matter and SOUL based on the will to harm and kill. Led by cosmic entities Flowey, Knight, and Canidus who reside and scheme in the Warp following the path of Frisk. Forces consist of Flowers infused with the demonic powers of LOVE Amalgamates, and corrupted mortals tempted to kill by the powers of LOVE wage war to further shrink the Barrier and kill all that live inside the void.


70 million years ago the highly advanced Gaster sought to cheat consequence forever.  With their chrono-technology and a deal with the gaseous Nap Gods they succeeded but lost their existence.  The newly changed Gasters waged the galactic War in Hell that exiled the life-giving Toby Dogs, then shattered the Nap Gods before sleeping in their buried CORE-Crypts. Now the Gasters awaken.  Immortal and utterly above consequence they fight to reclaim what they once were.  Swarming mini-Extractors consume matter and energy to build yet more devoid machines, and Karma Flayers reduce flesh and armor to atoms.

Toby Dogs

Long-gone legendary canid race.  Created Magic and DT in the world.  Created Tems to fight the War in Hell, losing and being exiled from the galaxy.  Allegedly created sentient fortress Redstone Blasters.


A numerous warrior-race, Tems fight for its own sake and overwhelm others with their sheer strength, numbers, and love of battle.  If allowed to settle a world Tems multiply fast, scrapping together cities and war fleets for their next battle.  Huge feline TemBeasts stalk and dismember prey with leaping grace despite their great size, and armored Killa-Boxes scuttle forward with heavy Shooties.  Tems are content knowing their next fight could be just around the corner.


Arachnid Hivemind; eat other lifeforms for biomass, magic, and DT. Mutant Teadrinker Cults weaken prey world defenses and psychically draw the web fleet ever closer.  Then web-ships rain the prey world with webs of deadly bioforms that adapt to threats and ultimately suck the world dry.  Shun Gasters, fearing their deadly nonexistence.  Also shun LOVE so as to not be corrupted.

Commonwealth of Darkner

Relatively new multispecies empire that seeks the “Great Restoring” of light and dark.  Various Xeno species fight alongside the Darkner race who founded the Commonwealth.  Rapidly advancing tech such as mech-suits and ranged healers.  Independent Rau Enclaves founded by Psyker-Commander Ralsei oppose the main Commonwealth, finding it too fascist.


Short-lived Organic race whose SOULs persist after death.  Most live in mobile space stations, using technology to synthesize magic and back their SOULs to a digital Cloud.  Others live on idyllic nature worlds or as pirates who torture other beings to gain LOVE.  Maintain and use the RIVER, a dimensional network built by the great human empire for living and travel.  Nearly all humans seek survival, pulling strings and commanding magic and machine to stave off the end.  The Delta, a small human group, seeks to destroy the Barrier, even allying with other races to this quest.  Time will tell if the Delta can be trusted.








  • Stumped?  Here's the answers: Dreemurr Imperium = Imperium of Man, LOVE = Chaos, Gasters = Necrons, Toby Dogs = Old Ones, Tems = Orks, Spiders = Tyranids, Dark Commonwealth = Tau Empire, Humans = Eldar/Aeldari.
  • Holy Terra, Dreemurr Imperium’s capital world, strongly resembles New Home.  It contains some older cities similar to Ruins.
  • Frisk's analogue is Horus Lupercal.  Choosing to rebel in the Heresy may be a parallel to the Genocide Route.
  • Chara's analogue is unclear; Erebus?
  • Tems may or may not be considered the true protagonist faction of Underhammer 40K.
  • The Dark Commonwealth are, at least ostensibly, more benevolent than their inspiration the Darkners in Deltarune.  Alternately, they may be just as “evil” but good for how bad the setting is.