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This AU is made by Tyrranux. For other version of Underhell, see Underhell


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"Yes little one, there are monsters all around that want to hurt you. But you need not fear them......for I am the worst monster of all down here and I am on your side."
Charlie Magne

Created by an online fan artist known as Tyrranux/Terry jones known for producing a lot of crossover fan fiction work both in the medium of drawing and written word. This particular AU is a series of "Crappy Comics" (as the author himself has labeled them) pertaining to an Undertale, Spawn and Hazbin Hotel crossover.

Hazbin Hotel in particular is an online original animation developed by content creator Vivienne Maree Medrano better known by the moniker Vivziepop, originally just a one off pilot that released on October of 2019 A.D. it was later announced in August of 2020 A.D. that the indie studio A24 would be picking up the pilot to turn into a series. Of course since this particular AU was first started in January, only the pilot existed for the author to draw from.

Presentation & Design

Story Structure

The first four comics in this series immediately gave off the impression that this was going to be a basic crossover character swap, substituting iconic Undertale characters with Hazbin Hotel characters. While the actual story wasn't so directly "Undertale with Hazbin Characters", the events of these first four parts clearly took after the Ruins segment of the game and had Hazbin Hotel main character Charlie Magne in the role of Toriel. Many viewers were even trying to guess which other Hazbin characters would take on the other main cast roles. But as the over indulgent use of other characters neither Undertale or Hazbin implied, chances were good the author had no intention of following the expected premise that this AU was based on. And indeed with the fifth part introducing Image Comics mainstay Spawn, the expected premise had been tossed out in favor of a plot that could be best described as play by ear. When conversing with his viewers the author even stated "The whole 'Charlie as Toriel' bit was a courtesy to ease my audience into this AU before I fully shove them into the boat with no paddle".


The actual medium used can be easily described as "MS Paint Quality" and indeed the author has made no illusions to the contrary. Although the actual program used is in fact Broderbund's Print Shop 23 Deluxe, the program having an Advanced Drawing feature that is in many ways a far better and more flexible drawing tool than the limited MS Paint. Cheaply made overall perhaps, but as this comic reached over twenty six parts in just under a year it's safe to say it was to its benefit.

Dialog Use

Unlike with many of the author's other works, he chose a minimalist approach relying heavily on pantomiming. Often leaving panels devoid of text as if to encourage readers to come up with their own dialog, relying on the events unfolding in the panels to convey information. But this is not the main method, often information is conveyed using simple hieroglyph like doodles in place of text. Of course there are times in this comic when some information cannot be so easy to pick up, as such there will indeed be actual text used when absolutely needed. But there are also times when text is used for dramatic effect relying on the stark contrast to punctuate the dialog said.

Setting & Character Usage

Look bottom line this is a silly comic where Spawn spends his days raiding fast food restaurant dumpsters for unsold burgers that were just thrown out, to expect any of the abundance of characters to make any logical sense is folly. This is a satirical fan fiction with tongue firmly in cheek plain and simple (dramatic moments not withstanding). More often than not the inclusion of certain characters in the backgrounds or as one off jokes are exactly that, one off jokes. The characters used are not entirely random, favoring those that would not be out of place in either Undertale or Hazbin Hotel, those that would are tweaked to better mesh with the comedic cartoony tone. Again, Spawn steals burgers from a fast food restaurant. And moreover, other than the Hazbin characters these are not the exact same characters you know from their source material but entirely different entities exclusive to this story alone.

In many respects this is more of a Hazbin Hotel AU than an Undertale one, operating on a few key rules which the very core premise of Hazbin is built upon -

  • This story takes place in Hell, not some twisted grimdark version of the Underworld. Hell. The only way to enter this place is to either die and be eternally punished for your sins or be sacrificed in a satanic ritual. It may not be the pit of burning damnation you were expecting but this is indeed the biblical Hell ruled by Lucifer.
  • All the damned sinners that are sent here as punishment become twisted versions of themselves indicative of the very sins they committed in life. Often this will result in them turning into an anthropomorphic animal demon, said anthropomorphic nature varying greatly from case to case. This rule in particular gives an interesting new context on the many cameos used.
  • As one might expect Hell is very much overpopulated, as such the powers that be allow an Annual Purge to take place. Said Purge entails Heaven sending down a legion of demon killing angels to slaughter whatever souls they come across in droves. And if you die in Hell, you are erased from existence completely, true death. With eternal damnation not guaranteed to be eternal, life in this particular Hell is more tense and terrifying than you'd think at first glance.

Of particular note with the art and character design is how only the Fallen Human, the denizens of Heaven and other mortals have five digit hands and straight white sclera. Every demon and damned soul in Hell only has four digits and never has straight white sclera under any circumstances, always some variant of yellow, light yellow or some other drastic color. Even characters such as the Owl House's Edalyne Clawthorne have been altered to fit under this guideline. Naturally this guideline has been bent a few times for comedic effect.

The actual Hazbin Hotel universe depicts a Hell that is more conventional than the biblical version. More or less a reflection of the mortal realm with all the societal biases and illusions striped away, the current human condition in its most purest unflattering form. Drugs, sex, violence, commercialism, capitalism and absolute apathy towards even the Annual Purge. A depiction of Hell most appropriate for a slice of life comedy series about the daughter of the devil running an over glorified rehab center.

In contrast, this Undertale/Hazbin crossover goes much more abstract with the geography as often as possible. Hell in this AU is a much wilder more unfiltered id setting with environments that look as dangerous as you'd expect Hell to look. Rivers of blood, chaotically designed buildings, impossible rock formations, a forest literally made of razor blades, titanic beasts lurking just in the horizon, some random Nosferatu standing in a doorway for no reason and color usage that almost makes no sense. Even the more conventional urban streets contain a more macabre tinge, and there are such concepts as rain in Hell literally being drooling slobber from a giant airborne leviathan. And looming overhead it all in a sky of melancholy gray, a single celestial body looking like an ever gazing eye of darkness. It is a depiction of Hell designed to play up the Alice in Wonderland aspect that franchise like Undertale were built on. The use of more serious franchises like Spawn and DOOM further add to this Hell's more chaotic and dangerous aspect, that even though this place has some good people in it this is still Hell and you do not want to be here.

Main Characters


The Fallen Human

They weren't just taken away from their mother, they were thrown away. Those in power plucked this innocent child and threw them away, tossed them into the very garbage bin of the universe. This child's soul in place of their own, that was the bargain. Were it not for the appearance of an unexpected friend, it is unlikely that the child would have even survived the Umbran Plains for another hour. But in this moment of kindness, that friend ends up setting the Human on an unexpected journey through the worst kind of Wonderland anyone would want to traverse...

  • Now obviously the "Fallen Human" is Frisk but because there is not a lot of written dialog in these comics their name is not brought up outright. In fact, since this AU is so far removed from the original Undertale, this Fallen Human might not even have a canonical name.

Charlotte Magne

The princess of Hell, daughter of Lucifer himself and the first demon in all of Hell to ever befriend the Fallen Human. The first demon to actually show any kindness to the helpless mortal since they had arrived in the Stygian Planes. About a year before the living child's arrival, this kind hearted demon opened up the Happy Hotel. It was to be rehabilitation center, dedicated to redeeming sinners in her realm so that they could ascend into Heaven, thereby escaping the dreaded Annual Purge killing her people in droves.....the hotel was a failure. Since then she has been living alone with her lesbian partner Vaggie in that big empty building. But then she found the Fallen Human on a random walk. And for a time Charlie was happy being a mother. But a visit from her own mother, Lilith Magne, made it clear that the child could not stay in the Hotel. She didn't want to let them go, but she ultimately relented, with a heavy heart she gave them the Eden Fall and sent them away...

  • The pitchfork Eden Fall is based off of promotional artwork for Hazbin depicting Charlie with a pitchfork. Though the official pitchfork is quite different, it also has an apple at the base of the fork end.
  • Her more demonic traits were of course taken from the Hazbin Hotel pilot, though there they were but brief few second glimpses to her true lineage. The first glimpse was at the tail end of the "Chasing Rainbows" opening of the pilot, the others were sprinkled in between the fast paced "Inside of Every Demon is a Rainbow" number. That was about it. Though Vivziepop has made it clear she is at the top of the food chain alongside her father, it is not known if that will even factor into the series proper or if we'll even see her more demonic side ever again.
  • This fan comic on the other hand has been quite over indulgent on showing Charlie's demonic side, even having her spend the entirety of several episodes in her demon form. While we don't exactly get an actual "Power Level" other than a few window dressing stats here and there, it is made all too clear that Charlie is a force to be reckoned with. Being able to take a "Zettaflare" at point blank range, is able to freeze some lesser ranking demons in place and is revealed to have been the one who created the Hellspawn Legions. Even the pitchfork Eden Fall is hyped up to be some legendary weapon befitting the offspring of Satan, able to shoot bolts of energy that can incapacitate War (Darksiders). And during the last few parts starting from "One Days Like This, Kids Like You", it is revealed that Charlie is more specifically the Anti-Christ, a being of destruction who will plunge the cosmos into a great catastrophic upheaval if she ever crosses the Gate to Heaven. Like I said, over indulgent.
  • This story has even gone as far as "revealing" Charlie's true name to be Malebolgia the Anti-Christ. This is clearly a nod to one of the main villains of the comic book Spawn. Malebolgia was the lord of the eighth circle, the very entity who created the Hellspawn, thus he was the very devil that turned protagonist Albert Simmons into Spawn as part of a Faustian deal.
  • The throwaway stats joke in Last Corridor actually depicts Star Wars KOTOR stats (aside from the LGBT one). Some of the low stats may possibly be layered references to the character in her original Hazbin Hotel canon. Her low Stealth possibly referring to her overtly chipper and outgoing personality that can best be described as "Borderline Pinkie Pie". Her low Charisma and Persuade could be alluding to how badly that news interview went down in the pilot and how just hardly anyone in Hell takes her seriously. And lastly, her low Wisdom could be alluding to the inherit naivete and wishful thinking behind the very idea of opening a "Happy Hotel" in Hell meant to redeem sinners and get them into Heaven.
  • Almost every alternate outfit Charlie wears was taken from several pieces of official artwork drawn by Vivziepop herself (this also applies to Vaggie's wardrobe). Though the outfit she ends up defaulting to for most of the comic is based on a piece of artwork drawn by Rainboopz.
  • So it turns out Charlie's diet in this AU includes the souls of the most irredeemable sinners in Hell. This was displayed in a one off gag in Boobies Are The Least of Your Worries where she had True Zamasu, Gendo Ikari, Ragyo Kiryuin, Master Xehanort and the Major from Hellsing, all shrunk down in a bowl for consumption. She was eating them with chopsticks....
  • Many Hazbin fans speculate that Charlie Magne is indeed a goat demon (this has not been confirmed officially). I only bring this up in light of her role as this AU's designated Toriel...........Toriel was a goat........yep.......
  • Her moniker is officially "Satan Mom".

Vagitha Motha

First appeared in Conveniently Shaped Lamp. The second demon in all of Hell to befriend the Fallen Human. She was just coming home from the grocery store when she came home to a pleasant surprise. An absolutely adorable little sweet heart of a child that Charlie has taken in. Vaggie took a liking to the munchkin just as quickly, perhaps even more than Charlie. While Charlie has stepped aside to allow the human to leave the Hotel, Vaggie has become too much of a mother bear, striking out on her own in search of the child.

  • In Boobies Are The Least Of Your Worries, it is revealed that internet privileges are determined by Vaggie. This is in line with Hazbin Hotel where Vaggie is Charlie's manager, hinting that it's Vaggie that wears the pants in this relationship. Yep. It may be Charlie that brings home the bacon but it's Vaggie that pays the bills.
  • And indeed this is further shown when it's Vaggie that goes out in full mama bear mindset while Charlie stays at home sulking.
  • Her moniker is officially "Goth Mom".

The Hellspawn

First appeared in It's Raining Somewhere Else. The third demon in all of Hell to befriend the Fallen Human, though their first meeting was not exactly a pleasant one. The hellish beast flat out demanding the Fallen Human kill him, believing that with the Eden Fall he could finally be free. But the human was unable to release the hellish knight from his pitiful existence, thus the beast just sulked into a corner. It was in this moment that the two formed a bond, one of which will see the hell knight gain new purpose and meaning in life after death.

  • He is more commonly known as Spawn, though this is not stated in the comic at any point.
  • While the identity of Spawn was never revealed he is clearly based off of Albert Simmons, bearer of Leetha of the Seventh House of K. This AU version bears such a strong resemblance to Al that he too is a homeless bum who lives off the filth ridden street in a cardboard box for shelter......
  • No I'm not even kidding, the actual comic book character Spawn is literally a bum who lives in a back alley. In earlier issues of the book he is living among other bums and sometimes even sits at a steal barrel campfire with them drinking booze. In retrospect it's quite amazing XD
  • Spawn's ability to just morph his limbs into weapons was most likely a concept taken from the 1997 movie. The original comic book version of Spawn has not demonstrated such an ability, at least, not to the extremes that the movie version does.
  • From all the visual evidence shown in Capture Zone and the lack of other Hellspawn in the rest of the series, it is a possibility that he is the very last Hellspawn in all creation....making his ultimate fate all the more tragic.
  • His moniker is officially "Edgy Dad".


First appeared in Dog Salad. The fourth demon in all of Hell to befriend the Fallen Human. The skeleton was literally passing by when they noticed the mortal child about to bite into a leg of poison wolf meat, without a second thought the skeleton stopped them and offered to prepare the meat properly. Such unsolicited kindness had ended up intertwining the skeleton's fate into the Fallen Human's continuing journey...

  • When he debuted in Dog Salad, viewers were quick to ask why in Heaven's Name that everyone's favorite culinary connoisseur was in Hell at all. And even now, the author has not given any answer let alone a definitive one. He did however present a possible explanation in the form of two Revenants showing up in a single panel of the episode Capture Zone, these demons straight up reusing Papyrus' character design with different colors and minor alterations.
  • And then he released the bonus episode "The Great Papyrus" which just goes hard confirm on the notion of Papyrus being a Revenant, an outright system error defect on an assembly line.
  • Another prominent question brought up by Papyrus' debut was the whereabouts of Sans in this AU. Sans never appeared in the story proper.
  • Though the Date in Undertale is a complete farce played entirely for laughs, it comes with the unavoidable albatross of Papyrus going on a date with a minor. It was for the best that the author of this AU not even reference that part. In fact much of the quirky played for laughs flirting seen in Undertale is nowhere to be found in this story, also for the best.
  • Given how he helped the Human properly prepare poisoned meat for consumption, it is reasonable to believe that this version of Papyrus is a far better cook than the original.
  • Sadly, not once does this comic show or even mention spaghetti. Worst. Undertale AU. Ever.
  • His moniker is officially "Skull Bro".


First appeared in Execution Points. The fifth demon in all of Hell to befriend the Fallen Human. She was a prisoner of the Radio Demon's gladiatorial death arena, charged with the task of killing one hundred other souls to win her freedom. She managed to reach 99, but when Alastor revealed who was to be her 100th kill, she could not bring herself to do it. Thanks to Papyrus' surprising cunning, Undyne was able to escape, joining the Fallen Human and skeleton as a new companion.

  • Undyne's relationship with the Fallen Human is quite the stark contrast to the original Undertale where the two started out as enemies. In fact at no point does Undyne ever show any aggression towards the kid.
  • Another contrast is how Undyne has two eyes instead of one. Though after an offscreen injury she more reflects the original Undyne with only one eye.
  • Her moniker is officially "Fish Sis".

Angel Dust

First appeared in Glamburger. This well known homosexual prostitute and porn star is the most recurring antagonist in Underhell. Their first encounter with the Fallen Human was one of disbelief followed shortly by fury (brought about when Spawn snapped his smartphone). And then later, a bounty of $666,000,000,000 was placed upon the living child, ensuring that this spider would never stop chasing them throughout Hell, bringing in his best friend Cherri Bomb to help claim that reward, even getting assistance from the Radio Demon. And why so relentless? Well, perhaps that reward is just what he needs to finally break free of the one he fears most...

  • Angel Dust's character design actually goes through a significant change at the end of Disproportionately Small Gap. Normally his eyes are so heterochromia that one of them is straight up black, but now both are yellow. And the cause of this change? Cherri punching him square in the eye in a fit of frustration.

Lilith Magne (& Flowey)

First appeared in Conveniently Shaped Lamp. The queen of Hell, wife of Lucifer himself and thus mother of Charlie. By all accounts she is the main villain of this story, for it was to her that the Church of the Golden Flower had given the Fallen Human in return for power. And as the child was promised to her, she will even call upon the lords of Hell to help her capture the little brat.

  • From all the visuals shown and story beats presented, it's now clear that the entity Flowey is actually an extension of Lilith. Though this is curious given that at one point, Flowey has shown to have Alastor's creepy dial face, suggesting that Flowey's nature as Lilith's familiar was not finalized until the Deltarune episode was published.

Prominent Side Characters & Cameos

Elliote Christ

Appears in the Last Corridor. The daughter of Jesus Christ, charged with protecting the Gate to Heaven and the Gate to Earth, ensuring no denizen of Hell would ever cross it. Of all the demons she is to stop, it is in fact Malebolgia the Anti-Christ that she is the most adamant about keeping out. From looking at her, one can tell she was literally born to stop Malebolgia, being the princess of Hell's antithesis in every measure, a reversed mirror image who is everything the demon is not. She would rather see the Fallen Human die than to turn her back to the abyssal fiend for even a second.

  • To say this was an original character made for this comic would be an understatement, one made to serve as a final boss to cap off the Fallen Human's journey through Hell.
  • The name Elliote is more commonly used as a boy's name making it obvious why the author named her as such (since Charlie is also a name mostly used for boys). In addition, one of the actual meanings of the name Elliot happens to be "The Lord is My God".
  • Turns out the feminine spelling the author chose actually has two T's not one.
  • It is safe to say that the golden spear she uses is the "Holy Lance", also known as the Lance of Longinus. Christians will know this spear to be that which pierced the side of Christ. "One of the soldiers pierced his side with a lance (λόγχη), and immediately there came out blood and water." - John 19:34.
  • As of now Elliote's mother is unknown. Though one viewer did bring up real life trivia about some apocrypha text saying Jesus got married to Maria Magdalena. As the author has labeled this comment Featured on the deviantart page, it would seem that he has adopted this tidbit as canon.

The Doom Slayer

First appears in the Barrier. In the first age, in the first battle, when the shadows first lengthened, one stood. Burned by the embers of Armageddon, her soul blistered by the fires of Hell and tainted beyond ascension, she chose the path of perpetual torment. In her ravenous hatred she found no peace, and with boiling blood she scoured the Umbral Plains seeking vengeance against the dark lords who had wronged her. She wore the crown of the Night Sentinels, and those that tasted the bite of her sword named her......the Doom Slayer.

  • Not only is the Doom Slayer revealed to be a girl in this story, SURPRISE! She's none other than Inugami Korone! Yes, the same demon killing man beast that ends up putting a hole in Spawn's chest with the BFG 9000 is in fact the popular Vtuber who became infamous for saying "Eekum Bokum" a lot during her playthrough of Banjo Kazooie. Yep....
  • It is more than likely that the plot point of Charlie being such a threat to the stability of the universe was meant to explain the Doom Slayer's initial tunnel vision, after all that plot point was first brought up just to spur her into attacking. With such a threat as Charlie right there in center view it makes some sense that the Doom Slayer didn't even notice the Fallen Human until they made their presence known.


First appears in the Deltarune. There was a time where she used to be the child's father, but ever since the child's mother Chara just left for vague reasons, well, perhaps finding another love of his life to fill the void was out of the question. And so after an extensive transition, Kris was now the Fallen Human's one and only mother. And then it happened, Kris was knocked out by some strange assailant, and when next she woke, their little angel was gone. Days passed, weeks passed, months passed, and not even the chilling reveal of what happened involving the Church of the Golden Flower brought any solace. It only made it clear that there was no hope of ever seeing their little angel again...

  • Kris is the name of the protagonist in the sequel(?) game Deltarune. Toby Fox has not made it clear how much of a sequel Deltarune is to Undertale, nor is it officially clear if Kris and Undertale's protagonist are the same character. Either way it made for a convenient name for this partial OC.
  • The author had stated that the choice to make Kris a transgender woman was because the Fallen Human (Frisk) is in fact a non binary character, one whose gender has been interpreted differently from fan to fan within the Undertale fandom.
  • Kris' hinted background as Japanese was also the result of the fallen Human's signature design, namely the straight line eyes and skin color. The Fallen Human in this AU is thus bi racial as their birth mother was clearly white.
  • Her initial appearance in the Deltarune is based off of a female design of Frisk made by Dreamy-94.

Cherri Bomb

First appears in Abandoned Quiche Under The Bench. More than just Angel Dust's best friend and roommate, she's his partner in crime, though only if she's in the mood for it. And with a bounty of $666,000,000,000 on the line she's willing to put up with all the headaches she winds up getting.


First appears in Temmie Flakes. The infamous Radio Demon himself, this serial killer happens to be one of the most powerful demons in hell, as made evident by his legion of followers and his hosting of a gladiatorial arena. Demons across the Umbran Planes are captured and dropped into his arena to die for his amusement. But even for all his power, even he knows not to be around when the Annual Purge begins.

  • No doubt anyone familiar with HuniCast recognizes every single one of those Dad Jokes spoken in "The Heroine that NEVER Gives Up", every single one haven been said on the podcast by Alastor's voice actor Edward Bosco.


First appears in Dog Salad. Alastor's right hand man, though possibly just as cruel and evil, he is more apathetic and cynical.

Katie Killjoy

First appears in Live Report. The news anchorwoman of Hell News, she also hosts a Late Night show. As her name implies she is not a very nice person.

  • And really what do you expect of a person who died and went to Hell? To be just nice and repentant? Characters like Charlie and Vaggie are the exception to the rule. And I only bring this up since there have been people complaining that Hazbin Hotel has characters that are too unlikable and mean spirited. A cartoon that takes place in the literal biblical HELL has too many unlikable and mean spirited characters. Oy vey....

Immediate Murder Professionals

First appearing in Live Report. A small group of imp assassins establish and lead by Blitzo. They run a business where denizens of hell could put a hit out on those in the living world. Their interest in the Fallen Human is purely for monetary gain.....

Helsa Von Eldritch

First appearing in Purple Soul Trap Mode. One of two children in the Eldritch Family, a high ranking aristocratic family in Hell. She and Charlie are known rivals.


Appears in Empty Gun. Angel's domineering pimp boss. I'd go into further detail but that would require the use of words, phrasing and adjectives that would no doubt violate the terms of service put forth by Fandom.com and therefore this very wiki.


First appears in Glamburger. Is indeed a grunt work employee of the MTT-Brand Burger Emporium....yes, his eternal punishment in the Stygian Planes is to forever work a dead end job at a burger restaurant. No burning alive in brimstone, just working at a damn restaurant making minimum wages. This is Hell alright.

  • Holy crap he has a battle axe! Hell actually allows fast food employees to carry weapons! Guess they don't have much problems with Rick & Morty zealots looking for Szechan Sauce....


Appears in the Barrier. One of the most popular bands in the world, haven gone six times platinum in the UK and double platinum in the US. New age pioneers in the world of music, their fusion of alternative rock, hip hop, trip hot, electronic and art pop had managed to define what modern music should strive for. But music was hardly their only contribution to the world of entertainment. Between the Now Now and Song Machine, the band developed the indie video game phenomenon Undertale, a project that front man Stuart "2-D" Pot has state to be a (ahem) proverbial F-U to the Cartoon Network series Steven Universe which the lead singer has been rather vocally against given his own relationship with fellow band member Murdoc Niccals. A few years later, lead guitarist Noodle found time to spearhead the popular indie internet cartoon Hazbin Hotel. To date the cartoon is now enjoying its fifth season. To celebrate this milestone, the band decided to abide by fan demands and produce a non canon anniversary crossover between Hazbin and Undertale, producing the fan comic known as Underhell.

  • And to answer your first question, yes, this was only done to shove in a Gorillaz cameo into this AU. The author has confirmed as such. That and make a crude parody of Team Four Star that many might not find all that funny (said parody being based on a live action fourth wall breaking segment in TFS' April Fools 2019 video).
  • 2-D's favorite character being Vaggie and his apparent hatred of Steven Universe is no doubt the personal views and taste of this AU's author bleeding into the writing.


Appears in Spider Dance. Skwisgaar Skwigelf, Toki Wartooth, William Murderface, Pickles the Drummer and Nathan Explosion. They are the most prolific death metal band in all creation, the most popular rock stars of any realm and the single most destructive group of celebrities to ever sturr up a controversy...with a body count to make even the US government blush. They are even believed to be the fated harbingers of the "Metalocalypse". Maybe they are now dead denizens of Hell, maybe they are actually alive and just visiting for a tour, either way they are here. So bad to the bone that Hell's cruel twisting properties don't even need to transform them into demons, they already were damned souls.

  • As probably a surprise to no one whose seen Metalocalypse (thus well acquainted with how EXTRA the band is with their vehicles, residence and even their cell phones), their tour bus with the bloody giant Batmobile rocket thruster in the back end is indeed taken right from the show. It is called the Dethshuttle.


Appears in Spider Dance. A demon of unknown origin who seems to be able to replicate herself, as evident by how several copies of her were with Dethklok on their tour bus as their legion of groupies.

Tom Lucitor

First appears in Purple Soul Trap Mode. His relationship with Helsa can most likely be described as merely "boy accessory to complete her current fashion". As such he is just dead inside......whatever....

Hades (Disney's Hercules)

Appears in Glamburger. One of Angel Dust's clients, literally living in some back alley apartment in Hell complete with electronic lock. Spawn shot a giant hole through his front door.

Edalyth Clawthorne

Appears in Empty Gun. Runs a humble little pawn shop full of oddities and rarities. Has no qualms with selling firearms to minors.

Lord Dominator

First appears in Dating Start! At first is just some young girl demon who likes partying and getting drunk, even getting frisky with big thicc girls. But it turns out she's a particularly powerful and fierce warrior demon, garbed in Volcanium X power armor giving her the strength and metamorphic ability to challenge even the Hellspawn. And as revealed by her immediate use of small poison darts she was quite cunning, able to overpower Spawn easily through both brawn and brains. Her only real weakness is her hubris as demonstrated by her dismissal of the Fallen Human's pathetic attempt to fight her, giving Spawn the opening he needed to turn the tables.

  • The poison darts were not just something the author of Underhell made up, they actually showed up as a one off gag in Wander Over Yander episode the Battle Royal. Being but a quick gag tossed away just as quickly they never really saw use in the show.
  • In Underhell these darts end up being a repeating Deus Ex Machina for our heroes, starting with the fight with Dominator. It is actually just two darts that Spawn was able to secure from the dozens that pierced his body. At some point one of the darts is lost offscreen, while the other remaining one is last seen in Human Soul Substitute Flavor where it is thrown into an infernal machine's eye. It was impossible to retrieve at that point, ending the poison dart's reign as a Deus Ex Machina.

Spider Mastermind

Appears in the Great Papyrus. CEO of SP///DR Industries and presumably Hell's premiere weapons developer, as evident by how he is responsible for the creation of the Revenants and his command of the Cyberdemon. His hatred for the defect Papyrus is quite evident, not only was he responsible for the creation of Papyrus but he even failed to dispose of the defect, leading to the Mastermind's reputation among Hell's upper crust going right into the toilet.

  • One would wonder why he apparently commands a Maykr Drone, but then this is the same satire series that has Kornoe Inugami as the Doom Slayer so it makes little difference. More than likely the Maykrs of Urdak aren't even a thing in Underhell. In addition the Spider Mastermind's head seems to have been designed to have the same shape as a Maker Drone making it apparent that in this universe he is responsible for the creation of these drones.
  • His command of the Cyberdemon is a rather clear cut reference to the original Doom. Not counting the Barons of Hell fight in Episode 1: Knee Deep In The Dead, Cyberdemon can be considered the first major boss capping off Episode 2: the Shores of Hell. Then came the Spider Mastermind who was the final boss of the whole trilogy capping off Episode 3: Inferno.

Mojo Jojo

First appears in Purple Soul Trap Mode. So many have come so close but failed! So many have come up short! So many are not getting a cigar! So many have tripped before crossing the finish line! But it is Mojo Jojo who will be the one to finally capture the Fallen Human! He will be the one to contain the child! He will hold them against their will! This will be a basic detainment that they will want nothing to do with! And then Mojo will be rich! He will be rewarded well for his task! He will be given a massive sum! His net worth will see a dramatic increase! But more importantly, he will relish in the jealousy of everyone else as they wallow in their own shame, stand proud as he rubs their own incompetence in their faces! For it will be HE who is not outwitted by one measly average intelligent mortal brat who is so helpless they need a weak skeleton and a stupid fish to protect them! Try as the Human might they will not escape the basic common sense and competence of Mojo Jojo!

  • He failed to capture the Fallen Human.

Goz & Mez

Both appear in Temmie Flakes. Members of HFIL (Hell Federal Incapacitation Lieutenants). Basically they are cops that deal with sinners who break what passes for the law in the literal biblical Hell.

  • And yes I did just make that acronym up. Not my fault the author chose to keep "HFIL" which was just a visual edit of the ogres' shirts when Dragon Ball Z first aired on network television. Back in the days of the Ocean Dub....those were dark days......


First appears in Execution Points. Nice to see that everyone's favorite chopperface waifu found work in Hell as Alastor's attractive co host.

  • Her LGBT status in this AU could be a result of her being a literal maneater......... < _ < ......... > _ > .......I'll uhhh......I'll just see myself out.....

Judgement (Helltaker)

Appears in Capture Zone. The elite imprisonment demon who was put in charge of guarding Cell 99, the very cell containing the Hellspawn after his arrest by HFIL.


Appears in Toy Knife. The main man himself was just minding his own business playing a few rounds of "VORE", until some tosser strawberry pimp had to go and lodge something where the sun don't shine.

Doomsday (DC Comics)

Appears in Thundersnail. An otherwise docile creature who clearly loves his nice quaint tea set, as evident by how absolutely livid and feral he becomes after Angel Dust ends up destroying it.

War (Darksiders)

First appears in the Barrier. A mighty Horsemen of the Apocalypse who is seen leading the murderous legion of angels into the Annual Purge. He rides the stygian beast simply known as Ruin.


First appears in the Barrier. Another one of the generals who lead the murderous Annual Purge death squad. Wields literal bolts of electricity as effortlessly as a whip.

  • Though in Asura's Wrath proper, it's actually a pair of nun-chucks that turns into lightning.

Princess Starlight Glimmer

First appears in Boobies Are the Least of Your Worries. Another soul who was put into the Annual Purge death squad, thus she also serves as an appointed guard keeping demons from breaching the Barrier.

  • Her inclusion comes off as a jab to G4 My Little Pony, more of this AU's author's personal views bleeding into the work. Her status as an alicorn is thus likely to add to the proverbial middle finger to the Brony Community that was her swift defeat by Charlie.

Donald Duck

First appears in Live Report. Former President of the United States of America. Were it not for Lilith being a more direct presence in Hell, one could say this son of a pig sow was the main villain of our story. It was he who had the Church of the Golden Flower throw the Fallen Human into hell, no doubt a ploy to secure his victory in an upcoming election and thus secure his reign.....he was ultimately killed shortly into his first year as President. But then he shows up again seemingly haven secured a place within the Annual Purge Army. Given his performance against Charlie, one has to assume he was let in to be but front line fodder.

  • I trust you don't need me to explain the particular inclusion of this character in this AU?

Lucifer Magne

First appears in the Barrier. The devil himself, ruler of Hell and father of Charlie Magne. He is only shown in flashbacks and mentioned playing no real part in this story. Because he is only shown as a blacked out silhouette he could easily be confused for Valentino due to both characters wearing a dapper top hat.

Main Story

The fallen human has descended into Hell. Whether or not they can even find their way home is a moot point, the question is whether or not they can even survive this literal madhouse and its wide assortment of eternally damned crazies. Care to join this little Alice down the arcane sinner's rabbit hole?

The first episode of this story, a taste of what is to come...

EPISODE 1 - The Fallen Human- The Fallen Human runs down the back streets of the City of the Damned, haunted by the still fresh experiences of the first hellish apparitions they have encountered in Hell. Their experience so far has been so nightmarish that upon meeting the Princess of Hell they don't hesitate to draw their pitiful toy knife on her, their fear literally running down their face. But then it turns out this particular Princess of Hell is a kind gentle soul, showing the Human the first bit of kindness they have ever received since they've arrived in Hell.

  • The title is self explanatory (And yes these title explanations are gonna be mostly for those who only have a passing knowledge of the original Undertale and aren't familiar with the whole game).

EPISODE 2 - Conveniently Shaped Lamp- The Human is brought to the Happy Hotel, the very residence of Charlie and her girlfriend Vaggie. The latter gets to meet the Human upon returning from grocery shopping. An unknown amount of time passes as the two give the Human a safe haven, even doing fun activities to pass the time, doing all they can to make the child forget they are currently trapped in Hell with no conceivable means of escape. But one day, Charlie's mother Lilith drops for a visit, and while said visit is quite pleasant it quickly turns bleak as the Queen of Hell informs her daughter of something pertaining to the Fallen Human. Charlie tries to keep a strong face but even as she and Vaggie comfort the child, what was said cannot be ignored....

  • That very iconic lamp does indeed make an appearance in this episode.

EPISODE 3 - Heartache- And indeed the Human is haunted by what the Queen of Hell said, coming to the conclusion that staying with Charlie will only serve to get her in dire straights with Hell's ruling monarchy. No doubt branded a traitor and possibly sentenced to death. It is this fear that prompts the human to try and slip out without so much as a goodbye, only to be intercepted by a concerned Charlie who very much wants the Human to stay promising that they can have a good life here. But when the Human reveals their fear, reminding her of what her mother said, well, Charlie has become too attached to let go. Giving the Human a pitchfork she then challenges them to prove they have the strength to survive Hell on their own.

  • An all too blatant reference to the music played during the Toriel boss fight.

EPISODE 4 - Determination- It seems that Charlie is indeed unleashing her demonic fury against the Human, but as she is hurling fire at them she still tries to talk them out of this. But when they refuse she continues her attack, expecting them to do nothing but dodge everything. Instead they use the pitchfork to block one of her attacks burning their hands in the process, the Princess of Hell's demonic facade crumbles immediately as she rushes to them. She did not mean to hurt them but hurt them she did, as such she just lets them go without any further resistance. With one last hug, the Fallen Human is on their way.

  • Well this is Undertale afterall.

EPISODE 5 - It's Raining Somewhere Else- The Fallen Human makes their way through the back alley streets alone, finding shelter from the rain inside a conveniently propped up cardboard box......which it turns out is occupied by the Hellspawn. Recognizing the Human's pitchfork as the legendary devil weapon known as Edenfall, the Hellspawn demands that the Human strike them down and free him from his pathetic existence. But of course, the Human is incapable of matching the Princess of Hell's strength making the assisted suicide attempt futile. The Human then tries to comfort the disappointed bum with a peace offering, leading to the two of them becoming friends.

  • Ironically the music track this is named after plays when Sans and the Human are dining at the MTT Resort's restaurant, a setting where it is not raining. Though it is believed there was going to be a proper date with Sans that ultimately got cut.

EPISODE 6 - Glamburgers- It is but another day in the life of the Hellspawn, but now with the Fallen Human in tow. Together, they raid a fast food restaurant's garbage bin for food that was just thrown out per end of the business hours guidelines. But then as they were enjoying their taken spoils, the prostitute Angel Dust comes out of a nearby private residence. Taken back by the presence of a LIVING CHILD IN HELL, Angel pulls out his phone. Spawn is quick to destroy it, there must be no twitter posts of the Human's presence.

  • A Glamburger is a consumable health item in Undertale that Burgerpants reveals are made of sequins and glue......eww...

EPISODE 7 - Live Report- But word gets out regardless. Hell News not only identifies Spawn as the "infamous thrown out food thief", they reveal the presence of a LIVING CHILD IN HELL. On top of that, it is revealed that a bounty has been put out on the child, a whopping 666,000,000,000 dollars. In response, Spawn and the Human take to traveling the streets inside of a bottomless trash can.

  • During the encounter with Mettaton, the killer robot sets up a fake Live News Report segment where he sets up bombs for Frisk to try and disarm before time runs out.

EPISODE 8 - Dating Start!- Spawn and the Human stop at a restroom. The men's restroom is a quarantine zone that I dare not describe in detail. Luckily the women's restroom is clean. Then a couple of absolutely hammered lesbians come in, prompting Spawn and the Human to hide in one of the stalls. Looks like they'll be staying here for the night.

  • Named after the aforementioned part where Papyrus and Frisk go on a "date".

EPISODE 9 - Welcome To Hotland- Turns out one of the drunken lesbians was Lord Dominator. Her stumbling into that restroom was no random occurrence, and more importantly she was waiting for the two as they tried to leave. Spawn makes the first shot and a fight ensues, one that some sees him compromised by the effects of poisonous darts. Seeing their friend in danger, the Human takes the Eden Fall into hand and attacks...

  • Hotland of course is the fourth level of Undertale, a sprawling magma core that is the source of power for the Underground. The title's use here is in direct reference to Lord Dominator's magma based power armor.

EPISODE 10 - Temmie Flakes- The battle with Dominator has done more damage to Spawn that they thought, rendering him more a burden to the Human than a saving grace. As such Spawn decides to part ways with the Human, leaving them with a few boons to take on their journey and giving himself over to the Hell Police to draw them off the Human's trail. Once more the Human is alone.

  • There is literally a box of Temmie Flakes in one of the panels.

EPISODE 11 - Spider Dance- The free bus ride ends abruptly, after the Fallen Human is discovered they are thrown of the tour bus. And then they are confronted by Angel Dust who has been hunting them this whole time. He reveals that it was he who put Lord Dominator on their trail, a calculated move to get the Hellspawn out of the way. And so begins the battle between the Human and this cunning web weaver.

  • It is the very song that plays during the boss battle with Muffet.

EPISODE 12 - Dog Salad- Sometime after escaping Angel Dust, the human comes across some food and cooks it over a campfire. But then a random skeleton just passing through stops them from eating it, revealing that it'll have disastrous consequences on their body. Skeleton then helps them prepare the poisonous meat the two enjoy a friendly meal....only for a flying cat to drop down and bag the both of 'em.

  • Dog Salad is a consumable health item that only appears randomly when replicating the Dog Residue.

EPISODE 13 - Execution Points- Somewhere in the dark Umbran Plains, a lone warrior stands in an arena, surrounded by the cheering blood thirsty fans eagerly awaiting her next kill. She has secured 95 thus far, just five more and she will be able to leave this most damned place in this damned realm. She cuts down the next four with relative ease and a most gleeful drive to kill. And so with the applause of the crowd behind her, the Rdio Demon has her next opponent brought before her, the one hundredth thing she has to destroy to win her freedom......

  • Turns out the "EXP" in Undertale is not "Experience Points" at all. Who knew?

EPISODE 14 - The Heroine That NEVER Gives Up- It is the Fallen Human. That sick twisted psycho sitting upon his throne expects the warrior Undyne to kill the child. Even the crowd demands that the young one's blood be spilt. But without missing a beat, Undyne refuses, even asking all of her previous kills be given to this kid and that she die in their place. The Radio Demon does not approve of such defiance one bit, as punishment he triggers a voodoo spell placed upon her armor causing several volts of electricity to surge through her body. Only by the sudden outbursts of the skeleton Papyrus does the Radio Demon stop, and it falls upon the skeleton to save the day....

  • Flavor text that appears when you hit [Check] during her boss battle on the Pacifist and Neutral Routes.

EPISODE 15 - Abandoned Quiche Under The Bench- The three got away, hiding out in a small hole just underneath the end of a mountain cliff. After the painful electrical surge, Undyne is incapacitated needing to rest and recover. As the Human looks at her, they are tormented by thoughts of the previous friends they had to leave behind, once more consumed with thoughts of people suffering because of them. They are an absolute blight on all they come across. But then Undyne notices the human crying, with a pat on the head and a warm badass smile, Undyne is able to dry those tears.

  • There's a secret area in Waterfall that has nothing but a bench, inspecting it reveals the presence of a consumable item that has some humorous text tied to it depending on the state of your inventory.

EPISODE 16 - Crab Apple- As the three sleep, someone approaches from the shadows guided to the Eden Fall by the light of a magic apple. The shadowy figure ghosts the child away. When the Human wakes, they see Vaggie before them. The concerned parent scolds the child for leaving but they just remind Vaggie of what Charlie's mother said. Then Papyrus arrives attacking the moth that took his friend away, the two demons duking it out in battle.....but then a Pain Elemental arrives and gobbles up both Papyrus and the Human in one bite. The human is gone, and this time, Eden Fall is not with them. There is now no way for Vaggie to find the child again....

  • Crab Apples are another consumable health item in Undertale.

EPISODE 17 - Disproportionately Small Gap- Even inside the literal belly of a Pain Elemental, neither the Human or Papyrus give up. After sneaking a peek at an upcoming land mass, the two prepare to kill the Pain Elemental by stabbing it through the brain. But then it is killed on the outside. Not only has Undyne recovered, she has caught up to the two of them. The three are united once more and continue along their journey.

  • A clear reference to the small bird that carries Frisk over a gap between Snowden and Waterfall.

EPISODE 18 - The Barrier- Undyne has been properly told the full story of the Human's journey in Hell, and she is rather bewildered by the Human's choice to leave the protective care of the princess of Hell. The Human literally walked out on having TWO MOMS! Once more the Human brings up what charlie's mother Lilith said, but in response, Undyne divulges a rather crucial detail that neither Charlie nor Vaggie saw fit to tell them. Every year, an army of bloodthirsty angels and powerful warriors come down into Hell to slaughter as many demons as possible. After explaining what the Annual Purge is to the child, Undyne convinces them to return to the safety of the Happy Hotel, even promising to beat the crap out of Charlie's parents if they so much as lay a finger on her.

  • The title is of course referencing the literal wall of magic separating the Underground from the Surface.

EPISODE 19 - Purple Soul Trap Mode- The journey back to the Happy Hotel hits a huge snag. After getting an annoying monkey off their backs, our heroes end up crashing their mode of transportation into the car of a rich baroness of Hell. While initially furious that some yahoos smashed into her ride, she quickly recognizes the Fallen Human, the same LIVING CHILD IN HELL that was in the care of Charlie. Quickly she changes her tune and offers to help the child's now unconscious compatriots.

  • Once again the Muffet boss fight is referenced, this time referring to the actual gameplay mechanics of the fight.

EPISODE 20 - Human Soul Flavor Substitute- The baroness Helsa appears on Katie Killjoy's Late Night Show, seemingly pregnant. During the resulting interview where Helsa basically brags on TV about being an expecting mother, she suddenly becomes violently ill. After a few moments of excruciating pain, she upchucks the Fallen Human! Yes, her "pregnancy" was the result of outright swallowing the Human whole! Upon seeing the child right there in the studio, everyone from Katie to the studio audience get into a free for all trying to nab the little brat. But the kid manages to slip away unscaithed.

  • One of the confrontations with Mettaton involves a fake cooking show where a recipe needing a Human Soul is brought up. Alphys then calls in asking if a substitute could be used instead, after which Mettaton brings up a can of "human soul flavor substitute".

EPISODE 21 - Empty Gun- The Human has managed to secure a revolver from a pawn shop, continuing to make their way back to the Happy Hotel down ever winding streets. But once more they happened upon by Angel Dust. The Human is chased into a corner, hiding inside a supply cabinet trying to steady their hand as they hold that gun ready...then suddenly, Angel's boss appears. And from the small crack of the supply cabinet, the Human bares witness to a most troubling display, driving them to load a literal piece of the Hellspawn's armor into that gun's chamber. When Angel's boss opens that cabinet, the child pulls the trigger.

  • The Empty Gun is a weapon sold by Bratty & Catty.

EPISODE 22 - The Deltarune- (it is here in this episode that the full details behind the Fallen Human's decent into Hell are revealed proper) The Human has returned to the Happy Hotel, but alas neither Charlie or Vaggie are here. Instead they find none other than the queen of Hell herself Lilith. Before they can escape, she invokes the Deltarune. It appears on the Human's head incapacitating them with searing pain, a bleak reminder that they now belong to Hell as a slave. Such was the bargain that President Donald Duck and his followers made in return for power, the Human's soul in place of his and those of his followers. But before Lilith can claim what is hers, the Human uses another one of Spawn's boons and makes a hasty retreat. And in this retreat, the Human ends up reuniting with his friends, not just Undyne and Papyrus....but even Charlie and Vaggie.

  • The Delta Rune is the emblem representing the Kingdom of Monsters, seemingly representing a prophesy that predates written history. It's meaning has been lost to time.

EPISODE 23 - Ghouliday- A melancholic Angel Dust lies on his couch watching anime on his TV, then there is a knock at the door. It's Charlie Magne, someone that Angel never thought he would ever see again....given that he was paramount in the hotel's failure and resulting closing. With her home now claimed by her mother, there is nowhere else for her group to go. After a brief moment that needed to happen, Angel welcomes them into his crummy apartment.......the Annual Purge is only 29 days away...

  • The song referenced is one of the CDs found in Nabstablook's house.

EPISODE 24 - Reunited- It is now the last day before the Annual Purge, it will begin just a few hours from now. And as Charlie looks on at that looming reminder of a clock, she reflects on the Fallen Human's unfair situation. She thus brings up that there might be a chance that the Human can go home, giving them the choice to either stay or leave. The Human wants to go home. With that they are given time to properly say goodbye to their friends, only Charlie is powerful enough to take the Human passed the Barrier between Hell and the Earth.

  • Another song referenced, this one playing during the True Pacifist Route's epilogue. The title of the song is quite ironic given how the entire epilogue entails going back to every NPC in the game and saying goodbye.

EPISODE 25 - Capture Zone- But for as powerful as Charlie is, even she is going to need a little bit of help getting the Human home. Thus she infiltrates the very prison where the Hellspawn is being kept. Upon being freed, the first instinct he has is to try to kill Charlie, driven by fast feelings of betrayal and abandonment. But he cannot bring himself to end her, instead he just breaks down into tears before her. And she cannot help but join him in his sorrow.

  • The Capture Zone is one of the handful of alternate names given to Papyrus' Toolshed. Each time the player loses the Papyrus boss fight, they are warped right to this toolshed.

EPISODE 26 - Genocide Route- The Fallen Human now travels once more with Charlie and Spawn, walking through a desolate valley with the Annual Purge just minutes away. The three are suddenly ambushed by a gathering of previous foes all fixing to get the child for differing motives. But Spawn is not concerned by their appearance, no, he is only focused on that eye in the sky glaring down. And then the clock rings, the Annual Purge is beginning. That eye opens up revealing a gateway, and from it, legions of Heaven's most ravenous bloodthirsty killers come pouring out like a swarm of locusts, lead by the terrifying horseman War and his stead Ruin. As the other demons turn tail and run, Spawn takes up both Charlie and the Human, with a single leap the three fly right into that angelic looking storm.

  • Like I even need to tell you what this title is referencing...

EPISODE 27 - It's A Beautiful Day Outside- Though a heavenly realm, it is clear this isn't quite Heaven, no, this is but the Barrier. A mid way military outpost realm where all of those to take part in the Purge are stationed. And indeed our heroes encounter a few such beings as they punch their way through the Barrier. But then, they are confronted with one particular guardian of the Barrier, one whose presence looms like the shadow of death. The Doom Slayer.

  • The next three episodes are named after the very words Sans says just before his boss fight begins.

EPISODE 28 - One Days Like This, Kids Like You- The Doom Slayer attacks, her Crucible Blade bared and pointing right at Charlie. But Spawn proves to be a capable match for the demon killer, and for a moment is able to fend her off. But then the Doom Slayer uses the BFG 9000, incapacitating Spawn severely and once again going right for the Anti-Christ Charlie. The Human picks up the Eden Fall and attacks the Doom Slayer. At last the killing machine stays her hand, and after learning what is going on allows the group to pass....but not without the warning that she will be watching the Anti Christ...

EPISODE 29 - Should Be Burning In Hell- Our heroes continue on through this heavenly Barrier, Spawn barely holding on. And then as they cross into a new area of this outpost, a trap goes off. A devastating floor spike and crushing ceiling combo that catches Spawn and threatens to kill the Human and Charlie. There is only one last thing that Spawn can do for them, and with a literal rocket powered fist he sends them ahead....

EPISODE 30 - Last Corridor- This is it, the way home is just ahead. Before proceeding the mourning Charlie recomposes herself and shares one last moment with the Fallen Human. The two step into the void, the nexus where the three gates of all creation await. And there she is, Elliote Christ, the last obstacle standing in the way. And sure enough this less than friendly girl will not have any of Charlie's requests. Thus the daughter of the devil must play the part, "reveal her true motives of wanting to reach the Gate to Heaven" and spur the angelic guardian to attack. The ploy works, the path is free for the Fallen Human to go home...

  • The Last Corridor is the area just before the Throne Room in New Home. This is where you are confronted by Sans and judged by their actions. If on the Genocide Route, this ends up being where the fight against Sans is triggered.

EPISODE 31 (FINALE) - The Surface- On Earth, there is a simple trailer. A lone woman lives alone here, sleeping at the table with only the empty beer bottles around her to keep her company. She is awoken by a hard knock at the door, that annoying sound that puts her in a foul mood immediately. And then she sees who is waking her at this hour.......it's her child. The one she thought she lost forever. Neither could contain their tears as they hugged for the first time in so long. At last the Fallen Human was home.

  • The whole plot of Undertale revolved around leaving the Underground and returning to the Surface. And indeed, the Neutral and Pacifist Runs end with that exact outcome.

Side Episodes & Spin Offs

The author has produced a handful of additional content under this "Underhell" series.

"Toy Knife"- Labeled as a "Director's Cut" entry, this is presented as being in canon with the main story, specifically taking place right after the Fallen Human. This shows a confrontation between Charlie and Alastor that was missing from the original run.

  • Me thinks the author couldn't find a more suitable name for this one.

"Thundersnail"- Another "Director's Cut" entry taking place right after Glamburger. It shows the conclusion of the chase between Spawn, the Human and Angel Dust which ends up triggering another chase...involving Doomsday. The monstrous beast hounds our two heroes down what is literally the Turbo Tunnel from Battletoads. Did I mention this webcomic is a dump of crossover references?

  • Thundersnail is a "racing mini game" you can play at Nabstablook's snail farm. A rather humorous button timing dilly where you must encourage a yellow snail to win the race, if you over encourage her too much she ends up bursting into flames.

"The Great Papyrus"- Another "Director's Cut" entry taking place some time after the Barrier. Here a huge piece of Papyrus' past comes back to literally bite him in the butt for revenge.

  • Yeah the title speaks for itself.

"Boobies Are the Least of Your Worries"- A rather edgy reimagining of that one "Internet is Foreboden!" comic by phillip-bankss. Its canonicity is dubious, shown to be taking place during the Fallen Human's stay at the Happy Hotel.

"Beauty & The Beast"- A clearly non canon modification of Underhell's first episode the Fallen Human, one that asks what would happen if you were playing the Genocide Route.

  • The Chara depicted here is not the same character seen in The Surface. But more just an alternate universe version of the Fallen Human that is more in line with Undertale Chara.

"BFG Edition"- This blatant meme comic has nothing to do with Underhell's story or setting, it's only real connection to Underhell is that it features Doom Slayer Korone and Vaggie.

"0.2 A Fragmentary Passage"- The "definitive answer" on just where Sans was during all of this hullabaloo involving the Fallen Human's journey through Hell.


  • Many other prominent Undertale characters do appear in this web comic though they are but blink and you'll miss them cameos.
    • Vaggie is seen paying money to a very tiny Muffet in one panel, the next having her carrying a tray with tea and some spider donuts.
    • One of Charlie's promises to the Human in Heartache involves what looks like a three headed Cerberus version Temmie....because of course there'd be a Cerberus version.
    • It's pretty clear that Mettaton exists in this AU what with the MTT-Brand being a thing. He does not appear in person.
    • Catty appears as Lord Dominator's drunken date, the two are all over each other and get up to some (ahem) hijinks...
    • Asriel Dreemur shows up....as a human in the mortal realm. Depicted as the head of the cult that sent the Fallen Human into hell, wearing the exact same outfit and having silvery hair, upon his head is a giant realistically drawn goat skull with black marks on the sides. A pretty apropos choice for the head of a cult centered around the Golden Flower.
    • In the main story of this AU, Chara is just an ordinary human, the Fallen Human's biological mother. She left. All we have to go on regarding why is a note saying that there are still things she needs to, alone. So basically, she got pregant, had the baby then bailed.
  • Of the prominent characters from Undertale that don't appear in Underhell, there's Toriel, Asgore, Nabstablook, Mad Dummy, Monster Kid, Bratty, the many Dog Guards and Alphys.
    • On the Hazbin Hotel side, we have not seen Sir Pentious, Nifty, Tom Trence, Octavia, Loona and many others.
    • Though with the release of Thundersnail as a "Director's Cut" episode, there is still a possibility that some of these characters might make an appearance in this AU in some form or another.
  • Even before the Doom Slayer showed up proper, the DOOM franchise has been a prominent presence in this AU.
    • Apparently the Fallen Human has had a run in with a Revenant during their initial arrival in Hell.
    • We see Undyne crush a Marauder in gladiatorial combat.
    • Cherri Bomb made her debut with a domesticated Pain Elemental on a leesh, one that ends up being a notable hindrance to the Fallen Human's journey for at least two episodes.
    • Among the boons Spawn gives Frisk is a blue token. It is the same token seen in DOOM Eternal each time the Doom Slayer killed a Hell Priest.
    • We see several Cacodemons patrolling Hell shortly after the Fallen Human's narrow escape from Lilith's grasp.
    • The other two Revenants that appear in Capture Zone.
  • The author is known for being a very vocal critic of the Kingdom Hearts series, and indeed the many mentions of that Disney Square Enix RPG in this story show his disdain for the franchise.
    • Turns out the Heartless are in Hell.....as but a source of food for the sinners and demons. At one point Charlie is seen sitting in a recliner chair with a tub of "Heartless Ice Cream" beside her. A tub of Heartless Shadows all shoved into a tub as a creamy desert. I bet it's sea-salt flavored.
    • At the forefront of the many, many blatant sequel bait for KH4 unresolved plot points in Kingdom Hearts 3 is the Black Box. Said to hold a book that foretells the future, its importance is constantly shoved in the player's face throughout the game but it never plays a part in the finale. In this story it's a throw away gag, with Maleficent and Pete finding out it contains "The Legendary One-Piece" which here is literally a woman's one piece swimsuit.
    • When Angel Dust is trying to bribe Papyrus for info on the Fallen Human, he pulls out the Kingdom Key, the very first Keyblade in the franchise used by main protagonist Sora. Papyrus rejects the offer. One could even read this as a critique on how insignificant the Keyblade ended up being, how it's so common and how so many can have one that it might as well be a prize in a crackerjack box.
    • The Memory Skyscraper is a prominent building in the Kingdom Hearts lore. Here however it is but another apartment building in Hell, probably infested with roaches and having terrible rent rates. Angel Dust and Cherri Bomb share an apartment here.
    • Donald's use of Zettaflare, one of the most powerful attack spells in Square Enix made RPGs, was taken right from Kingdom Hearts 3. It also amounted to ABSOLUTELY NOTHING there but at least he was able to kill Terra Xehanort with it. Here it is used on Charlie, a well established wielder of fire magic, and it doesn't even singe a hair on her head. And just like it did in KH3, the use of the spell kills Donald. Like a punk.
    • The spin off "0.2 A Fragmentary Passage" is named after the overglorified KH3 game demo side prequel found on the PS4 compilation Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Episode Prologue. In this overglorified KH3 game demo side prequel, we find out exactly why Mickey Mouse was not wearing a shirt at the end of KH1.....yep....also Aqua was there....yep....
    • I do believe I already mentioned Master Xehanort being eaten by Charlie with chopsticks.
  • It is a rather interesting coincidence that the two characters who severely crippled Spawn in combat were women and that both were only "beaten" by the intervention of the child he was protecting. It's doubtful there was some deeper meaning behind this.
  • Deadpool's current "Dying and Staying in Hell" record is one full hour.