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Undersale is a concept for a Undertale fan game.

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Once upon a time...monsters declared a trade war with humans. The humans sealed monsters in the Underground. One day a human child ventured into the underground. Destined to save the monsters in the underground by using MONEY and RATINGS.

AU Characters

  • Frisk - a very rich child which has more than one millon.
  • Sr. Mettaton - a tycoon in the underground who owns the MTT co.(the MTT prototype created by Alphys.)
  • Hapsta Mettaton - the "child" of Sr. Mettaton,the host of MTT show.
  • Mettaton II - Hapsta's "brother".
  • Muffet - owner of Spider Bakery.
  • DJ Napstablook - the DJ of MTT channel.
  • Sans - a MTT brand hater.
  • Papyrus - a MTT brand lover.
  • Alphys - Mettaton family's creator.
  • Undyne - a warrior who started a rebellion aganist Dreemur.
  • Toriel - a very poor old goat lady who stucked in the Ruins,she lives with hobo snails.
  • King Dreemur - a very rich goat which is the king of the underground,he don't care about everyone in the underground.

Soundtrack Names Concept

  1. Your Business Friend
  2. Fallen Drown
  3. Enemies Incoming!
  4. Ghost Rights
  5. Moneyache
  6. sans,the MTT hater
  7. Snow City
  8. Bonestroule ×2
  9. Falls
  10. Tem Valley
  11. Wise Dummy!
  12. Ngah ×2
  13. The Rebellion
  14. MTT Resort Remix!
  15. Here Comes Mettaton!(song with lyrics.)
  16. Moneylovania
  17. King
  18. Battle Againist the Leader