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Undertαle, also known as Undertale Alpha, or "Project" by the creator, is a mysterious AU that appears to be Undertale, but with very small differences that become more noticeable with each consecutive chapter.

Each chapter contains a hidden digit, either a letter or a number that spell out "L0hX6AI". This code is part of a link to this imgur file spelling "DON'T LISTEN TO HER".



  • "You" is the main protagonist of Undertale Alpha. Their appearance is identical to Frisk, however, they are a lot more hesitant to "progress".

Toriel's face as of Chapter 4.


  • Out of all characters so far, Toriel has the most changes.
  • Toriel's appearance changes with each chapter. Her in-battle sprite is one pixel thinner, but contrarily, her textbox sprite is one pixel wider.
  • Her face becomes more distorted with each chapter. Her eyes lose their shine, one of her horns disappears, and one side of her mouth appears to be cut.
  • Unlike in Undertale, Toriel speaks with contractions.
  • She tries her best to conceal her back to the point of walking backwards. In part 6, it is revealed that she has a hole in her back.
  • In part 6, it is revealed that a parasite of some kind has taken possession of Toriel's dead body. This parasite has the ability to read and quote posts made on the Undertαle Discord server. She verbally attacks "You", identifying them with the Discord users, for finding out her secret and judging her. She then attempts to kill "You" to prevent them for telling the monsters outside the ruins about her secret.


  • Flowey has the least changes of any character shown.
  • Flowey's dialogue is almost identical to his Undertale counterpart, however, he does not say the line "Come on, get as many as you can!" when using his Friendliness Pellets.


  • Napstablook is a lot shyer than their Undertale counterpart, not even speaking to You or even moving for a majority of their battle.
  • Napstablook only speaks when a "familiar tune" is sung to them by You.
  • Napstablook mentions "seeing something they weren't supposed to see" after their battle, when referring to the Ruins.


  • Outside of overworld monsters and main characters, the Ruins is completely devoid of monsters. This is mentioned by one of the Froggits.
  • The logo says "Scroll Down" instead of "Press [Z]".
  • Each chapter has a hidden digit. Chapter 2's digit being a 0 made out of what appears to be dust.
  • The Froggit who would otherwise talk about fullscreen or borders instead says that they have nothing interesting to say, and that You should simply move on.