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Insanebelief Papyrus Is a disbelief papyrus au based on Zeero Danteero‘s Insanity Sans.

The AU was created by UTF on YouTube. The idea was thought up on November 21st 2019, but became published in 2020.


Insanity Sans. He killed everyone. Due to a mysterious figure named W.D GASTER, who corrupted and experimented on him. One of these experiments removed core parts of Sans's mind; empathy, love, care, humanity... he was turned into a cold blooded killer. He knew there was a chance for sans to go insane, but he never expected it to actually happen.

One day, a human fell down into an almost empty underground. There was one other, waiting for them in the judgement hall. It was Sans. The human had to evade punches and bones but managed to land a hit on sans. They reset and did it all again.

Three hundred and sixty times.

On the 361st reset, however.. something went wrong.

Insanity sans had cleared the ruins, the ex-queens(toriel) head in his hand. He saw Papyrus and attacked. Papyrus cried for help, as he couldn’t bring himself to hurt his own brother. Papyrus ran all the way out of the forest, to the town, sans right on his heels. Papyrus yelled once again. All of the Snowdin residents would fend off Sans while Papyrus went to get Undyne for help.

Once the two returned to Snowdin, there were decapitated heads on bones everywhere; Monster Kid, shopkeeper, every resident. Gone. Somehow, even Grillby. Papyrus was frightened. Sans appeared behind the two and threw two bones at Papyrus. One went in his head, making him temporarily lose consciousness while the other pierced Undyne's chest. Sans believed Papyrus to be dead, so he went for Undyne. Bone through the head, twist of the neck.

Papyrus re-awoke to sans approaching him. He knew he had to. Papyrus struck sans down, the first time he hurt without any mercy. He carried Sans’ and Undyne's head’s around, looking down in shame at what he did.

Unbeknownst to him, he absorbed Sans’ corrupted dust, which contained traces of Sans’ and Gaster's souls. He was corrupted by two.

He went through Waterfall, being forced to kill everyone in his path. He went to Alphys, he was forced to kill her too. Same with everyone else.

Now, they wait for YOU.


He looks like normal Papyrus, but his battle body has cracks on it. He has a bone that goes right through his skull. His boots are torn and his shoulder armor is slowly chipping away. He has blood on his hands, and other various parts of his body.


He is what most would call bipolar, unstable or an emotional mess. He is an absolute wreck. He feels guilt for killing everyone, but when Gaster controls his soul, or when Sans appears in phase 3, he shows traits that parallel insanity sans’ traits. It is sad that they used to be a happy family.



Sharp Bones

Blue Bones

Orange Bones

Blasters (Only in phase 3)

Fraternal Insanity

This Mirrored Insanity AU was created by Ultarian123 (Sandi) and XlocKittyKrisX. This AU features Dustbelief papyrus and Insanebelief papyrus.

There's a goof in the sprites in fraternal insanity, where Insanebelief Papyrus looks like a revenge Insanity Papyrus.