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Undertale Next Gen” is an AU (Alternate Universe) which serves as a Concept Change as well as Sequel to the original Undertale (UT) – In fact -  the universe itself directly split apart from the original universe, and the characters within it do have a little knowledge of what has happened.

(Date published: 10/26/18) ☀


 (A select few) NextGen!Characters are able to time-warp and Universe-jump whenever they want to, effectively “changing the way the game is played.” The characters are either slightly, semi, mostly, or completely self-aware that they are in a game or that there are multiple universes around them. Characters like Sans may gain (temporary) complete sentience and bash the player(s) for the actions – even for their actions in the original UT. This AU also has Slice of Life and Adventure combined + some emotion-evokers.

 - This is a post GenoTralFist (GNP) Alternate Universe – all three routes of the original Undertale have occurred and will start to affect this world. Everything that happened in the original Undertale has happened in this AU – no matter how joyous, dark, unsatisfying or depressing it was at times. Despite everything, this alternate universe mostly remains comedic and hopeful.

Story Background

The story continues where the original left off – on the surface with the monsters, with Frisk trying to succeed in saving Asriel, Chara, and W.D. Gaster’s (non-existent) souls. A few isolated adventures insure, as well as lessons at school and in politics: (Frisk is the “Monster-Human Friendship Ambassador.”)

The story shows the life of monsters living with humans for the first time in more than 1,000 years; with the humans gradually then wholeheartedly accepting them back into their society. 

The story also introduces the concept of Monster-Human breeding, corrupted, split, destroyed, or shared souls; as well as monsters being able to heal in battle, call for help and summon Hard Mode at will (if the player’s actions warrant this.) Programming quirks such as glitching, hacking, cheating, coding, and destroying the game; as well as life during those events (including multiple game endings) are also elaborated on in this universe.

Apart from the character development, the alternate universe and time warping/jumping abilities do not affect the story much until it is near the end, when the multiverse is in danger. Endertale, NightmareTale, Endermaretale, Quantumtale, Littletale, Altertale, Inktale and Chocotale are the AUs most visited due to similar concepts such as universe/time traveling, route nightmares, altered memories or routes, silly stories and (important) filler content, small children being the main characters, multiverse saving, prequels, continued stories after the original Pacifist route, a Frisk using physical and magical attacks – and of course - chocolate! Mostly Chara’s.

Most characters from UT (Undertale) are now parents and have (fan made) kids. Some of the main characters have married each other, but despite the romantic tension between most of the married or dating parents, the story for the most part does not emphasize on romance or shipping; it is mostly about the bonds parents and children have with each other overall – especially when the universe is in danger – or if the player/their character, a Huster/Monman (Hyu-stirr/MON-man) or Monster-Human Hybrid – triggers the Genocide Route.

Instead of staying underground or permanently moving to the Surface, the monsters have decided to live in both places to let their children learn of human-monster history (when they are old enough, or course!), as well as give them a safe place to play and live for half the year; though the parents try to hide/not mention the iffy history that Humans and Monsters have with each other.      

The monsters have homes and jobs similar or the same as what they had in the Underground, all while making friends with each other, and humans – though, adjusting from a Monarchy to a Democratic-Republic was hard for them.

As mentioned above, the universe is mainly child-centered, with the parent, child and game story separate in their own sub-aus; as well as introducing more (usually sub) alternate universes to the fray. 

Disclaimers and Copyright


- Though mostly comedic in nature, (as a teaching tool,) certain hard-to-explain life topics are sometimes addressed, such as: politics, religion (mainly Christianity), including touchy subjects such as (committing) to being attracted to the same gender. Other lessons include accepting things you cannot change, or fighting the fear of being a killer, becoming a strong character and changing harmful morals to good ones, saving others that do not want to be saved, as well as self-forgiveness and forgiveness of past sins. The story usually DOES NOT dwell on long or try to distract from the interest/moral of the story. 

- Since the original AU (Undertale) had a lot of harsh topics, as well as up-to-date things such as anime and video games, NextGen utilizes other annoying but funny things (to combat the plot whenever it is serious) such as fandom-crossing, jokes said with incorrect comedic timing, and memes – including “OOF” sound effects, dabbing and t-posing as comedic relief.

Most of the child characters are original, though one character from the Endertale Sub-Universe called Siblingtale is also one of the main group. 

The AU creator allows ANYONE and EVERYONE to create WHAT THEY WANT of the universe; as long as they at least keep the content MAINLY kid/teen/and family-friendly. :)

Overall, the universe is family-friendly, but it (or the AU creator) warns you when it is about to higher its rating to PG-13/TV-14 every once in a while. This Alternate Universe is (and shall remain) mostly kid-friendly regardless. The universe creator politely asks all fans of this universe to treat it that way, whether they are making parodies, shipping, role-playing, redrawing/making bases of its art or dubbing/redubbing its comics and (possibly) future animations; and refrain from creating things that most families would not like to see/hear, such as se*-fics.

AU rights/Copyrights

- Undertale is owned by Toby Fox and Temmie Chang, Undertale Alternate Universes are owned by their respective owners in the Undertale Fandom, Astell Dreemurr is owned by TC-96; the creator of Endertale and SiblingTale, and Undertale Next Gen/NextTale/NextGenTale is owned by KikiO3000/Cookiebaly.

[This AU does NOT mean to infringe on “NextTale” by Niutellat.]


 'The Monsters have been released and brought back up to the Surface by our favorite PaciFrisk! However, the story is NOT over yet. Hop into this sequel universe, and get ready for more slice-of-life and adventure stories! Buckle up to ride on this “Feels-a-coaster” filled with the adorable offspring of your favorite characters! Prepare for dimension hopping, monster-human arguments, life lessons such as self-forgiveness and letting go of the past, as well as saving others and making friends. Mercy and Fights ensue! Let’s roll out and see what has to be fought against above ground on the Surface.'

“At Surface-level, everything is great! Under ground-level, something is changing…”  

“When one story ends, another begins.” 

“It’s the Next Generation!” 

“Undertale: Next Gen!/NextTale!”

AU Notes:

 This Alternate Universe - Undertale: The Next Generation – is an AU called by many other names. It is also known as “NextTale” and “Undertale Next Gen”, but often shortened to “UT Next Gen” or “UT:NG,” “NextTale/Nexttale,” “NextGenTale,” “NextGen,” or even “Undertale New Gen/UT: New Gen.” The colons, abbreviations, and spaces do not matter when referring to it – as long as the universe is “Undertale ‘Next Gen’” at the core.

The AU has been two years in the making, but most plot points have only really been finalized near the end of the second year (2018).

This universe aims to be fun and enjoyable – maybe even popular someday if it is received well. This AU has a bit of a “Choose your own adventure” style “gameplay”...um…comic reading right now to stay true to the original Undertale.

- The Undertale/Undertale AU community may share this AU and characters but must respect the ideas of the original creator, as it is still owned by them.

Please comment what you think of this Universe down below, and feel free to help out by editing and adding AU, plot, and character pages if needed. (Especially because the AU creator sometimes forgets things about their own character design, canon information, and character quirks.)

- (Also, it would be awesome if Next Gen could have its own seperate Wiki, animation(s) and game someday…please. :)) 

*Sub Aus, Full plot summary, AU Trivia, and links to the adventure are (probably) coming at the end of this year or around the start of the next!

*The ‘CHARActer’ list is TBA (to be announced) sometime around the end of this year. And – yes – the six Wikis this universe (hopefully seven if it gets its own one someday) that will be made by this AU’s creator DO have almost exactly the same information as each other, the AU creator said they were “too sleepy/lazy,” LOL, XD.

*^ The aforementioned information above, including why the Alternate Universe was made will be added some other time, bit by bit - likely starting with the characters and designs. Thank you for reading, have a great day.

 Enjoy the universe!