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Eliz!Tale is an AU where Sans is female, Gaster never died from the void, Papyrus was mutilated, and some more slight and major differences.


Gaster was never a loving father, forcing his children to help him with dangerous experiments. He knew the power of the void. He ejected himself into it. And was drove even further into insanity. But somehow, Elizabeth (the female Sans of this AU) found the compassion to save him. But Gaster was so close to dying when he came back, she didn't know what to do. Then. He stabbed her with a syringe and drained some of her magic. And it stabilised him. Gaster realised he could become immortal with this. And the first thing he did was hook Elizabeth to a machine draining her magic. And he uses it to fuel his life force. Because when he doesn't, he gets closer to the inevitable end. He then turned Papyrus into a war cyborg. Effectively murdering him, causing brain-death. This made Elizabeth depressed.

Alphys discovered what Gaster was doing, and Gaster slaughtered her. Undyne was unaware and Gaster blamed it onto the Justice and Kindness humans. They were living with Undyne at the time, and Undyne killed them in their sleep. Only afterwards did she realise that they had 0 EXP. Undyne was pushed to the point of severe depression after that. (Possibly even suicide who knows I haven't finished the lore.)


  • Elizabeth (main character, female Sans.)
  • Papyrus (Elizabeth's sister, deceased.)
  • Gaster (Elizabeth's manipulative father.)
  • Alphys (Elizabeth's childhood friend, deceased.)
  • Undyne (Alphys' girlfriend, possibly deceased.)
  • Chara (Elizabeth's childhood friend, deceased.)
  • Asriel (Elizabeth's childhood friend, deceased.)
  • Jake (Bravery human, deceased.)
  • Mary (Patience human, deceased.)
  • Rose (Integrity human, deceased.)
  • Amy (Perseverance human, deceased.)
  • Jake (Joint justice and trust human, deceased.)
  • Jade (Jake's sister, joint Intelligence and Kindness human, deceased.)
  • Toriel and Asgore (divorced parents of Chara and Asriel.)
  • Frisk (Determination human.)
  • Muffet (Bake sale owner.)
  • Grillby (Bar owner, Elizabeth's childhood friend.)
  • Fuku Fire (Grillby's daughter.)