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This article contains information that is from a completed AU. All parts of the story have been released and are readable at any time.

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Undertale Love Story or just Love Story is a Brazilian AU released in a written story format, this AU is already finished and is launched on the Spirit Fanfic website and revolves around the ship between Frisk and Asriel.

The AU's story is quite simple, a boy named John moves from his city to Ebott City a "safe" city there he meets Frisk, Thara, Asriel and other characters but he tried to help Asriel conquer his crush from Frisk and it was very bad.


Undertale Characters


Frisk is the main character of the Undertale game, but she in AU became a second protagonist being the city's ambassador inventing good laws.


After the Genocidal route, there was some way for Chara to come back! But all of his LV was taken out so it became Thara.


Another protagonist of AU Asriel has the crush on Frisk and like Thara there was no way for him to come back.


Just a minor character who has already died in the premiere!


Other just minor character, the mom o Thara and Asriel!


Other minor character, a robot fabulous!

The ghost hands/W.D The Gaster

Gaster much better known as the Ghost of the Hands helped make Frisk a new Chara.

Added Characters


João, the main character of the main, a kind and very excited boy! And that sometimes tries to help friends and has crush on Thara.

João Dad

Just João dad.

João Mom

Just João mom.


Roleplay is one of the secondary protagonists, she is a very lively cat who always wants to have fun and help her friends in everything!


RoyYay is the strongest version of Roleplay as Undyne Undying and Mettaton Neo.


Another main secondary character, Jus is a very serious human.


Gus is a minor main character much like Grilbby's since both are of fire.

Krisk/LV Frisk

Krisk is the main antagonist, she's like the LV-filled Thara or Chara! Krisk didn't turn Krisk while Chara killed in Frisk's body because she was inside Frisk and Krisk is a totally gray yandere.

Kellsya, Lizzie, Tihger and Binna

These 4 characters are a copy of João, Thara, Asriel and Frisk worth as a person!





  • Sans in this AU is killed
  • This AU is in a second season with only 2 chapters.