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Long ago, two races ruled over Earth: Doras and Wazowskis.
One day, war bro!!!
OH SHIT!! The Psycho Banana has a gun!
He shoot at something we may never know what his objective.
Many years later...
You're about to enter to the Internwebs World, have fun..

— Opening sequence

Undertale Repainted (or jokingly as Half-Life 3 or simply MemeTale) is an edited version of Undertale, with the change being that the textures, audio, and text were replaced by memes. This AU was created by SuperWiiBros08.

About the AU

It follows the same game-play of Undertale, but the sprites are edited into random textures and memes. The text has been edited, and the music was replaced by non-undertale music.


  • Many characters sprites were been changed.
  • A lot of music has been changed.
    • Mettaton EX's battle is the same but with Tunak Tunak Tun by Daler Mehndi.
    • Before when the Photoshop Flowey, the battle theme is played with very badly piano music.
    • Megalovania is follow the same but use the voice by VineSauce Joel of saying "Who's been drawing d**ks".
  • Many places were repainted.
    • TBA.


  • The download link was removed by SuperWiiBros08, later he revived the download link.