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This is my AU so I tried to make the roles different but enough that they all make sense

This is a WIP


Frisk > Frisk (But slightly more expressive)

Flowey > Flowey

Asgore > Toriel

Napstablook and Mettaton (Mettacrit) > Napstablook

Toriel > Sans

Sans > Papyrus

Monster Kid > Monster Kid

Papyrus > Undyne

Gaster > Alphys

Alphys > Mettaton

Undyne > Asgore

Asriel > Asriel (His name is now Asrahla because of the storyline)

Chara > Chara

Minor roles

Yellow soul > Cyan soul

Cyan soul > Orange soul

Orange soul > Blue soul

Green soul > Purple soul

Purple soul > Green soul

Blue Soul > Yellow soul

Little black poodle named Blue > Temmie

Kris > Gaster

Noelle,Susie > Gaster followers

Muffet > Muffet

Added/New Characters

Mirahla Dreemurr: Ex queen of the underground. Not much is known about her other than she is the biological mother of Asriel. Died from an illness a couple years before Chara and Asriel's death. She was added in just to make Asrahla's birth make sense and she was killed off because I didn't want to add an OC into the main cast.

Spectral: Gaster's father and the royal advisor of Asgore's father. He knew his older grandson (Sans) for a short amount of years before he died. Sans only has faint memories of his grandfather but he looks up to him from what Gaster told him. I added him in just to seal a special bond between Gaster and Asgore more than just him being his past intern.

What's makes the AU different

  • The personality's aren't changed or at best slightly altered. For example Sans is a little less lazy than his original Undertale counterpart.
  • Undyne is now Asgore's adopted daughter
  • Asgore never having married Toriel married Mirahla (Some Boss Monster I made) which is why Asriel's name is Asrahla.
  • Asgore already gave the throne to Undyne so he didn't have to give his people hope


  • The annoying dog is now a Brown furred Australian Labradoodle because I based it of my dog. Here is a photo of le floof. Just picture the annoying dog as a cartoon version of the photo.
  • Mettaton is a girl because why not?
  • RG01 and RG02 are girls because I need more Next Generation ship children


The Old Capital

The ex capital of the underground. But buildings in the background are spotless. It has been run down for years no one from the outside world can go in. There are rumors that somewhere in the The Old Capital is the underground's ex king. But he has been dead for years!............ Right?


A fall wonderland. Instead Autumnfall forest is like a park in the fall with leaves scattered around the area. Autumnfall County it is a cozy little county with friendly residents and warm weather. Stop at the local restaurant, rest at the inn, and shop at... Well the shop! But be careful! Royal guards are lurking everywhere!

The Chilly Mines

A very cold mine. You can admire the Great Papyrus's home and try sparring at his dojo. If you are in need of shopping there is a shop owned by the former captain of the royal guard Gerson. If you manage to get lost you will most likely end up at The Blue Village. Even though they are slightly weird dogs their fluffy fur makes up for it. You could also possibly learn valuable monster history if your curious.

Fogsteam City

Soon to be answered

The CORE (Stays the same)

Soon to be answered

Crystallight Village

Soon to be answered







Before the Events of Twisted Storyline (Spoilers ahead. I recommend you read the Story first before you go further than Chapter One)

Chapter 1

Long ago Humans and Monsters ruled over the surface in peace. But there was one human who wanted monster's eradicated. He tried to convince human leaders to banish them but they were disgusted so they refused. The human then heard of a tomb with ancient monster information. He went to the tomb to find a message engraved on the wall. It bestowed the information of how monsters can absorb human souls and humans can only absorb boss monster souls. With this information he rounded up the human leaders and took them to the tomb. The human leaders were slightly worried but not enough to declare war. The human out of rage and despair attacked a monster. The monster out of self defense fought back leaving severe wounds on the human. He then fled to the village and went to the human leaders and told them that a monster had attacked them after they had figured out that humans had figured out about their secret. The human leaders believed him so they declared war on monsters. The war resulted in many casualties for the monsters and 10 or less deaths for the humans. Eventually the monsters were cornered to Mount Tatobe (Ta-toe-bee) and six human wizards alongside the human that wanted all monsters dead sealed the monsters inside the mountain with a magic barrier.

Chapter 2

2 years after the monsters were sealed underground King Asgore the 2nd, had Prince Asgore. When the prince got older and became king they were taking a trip through The Capital they heard cries of a baby. The king went to investigate the noise which lead him to the entrance of the underground. There they saw on a bed of flowers a baby girl in a bassinet with a note next to it. The king read it. It said

"I didn't have the money to take care of both my wife who is incredibly ill and my baby daughter. My wife told me to let her die and take care of my daughter but I refused. Whoever finds this note I just wanted to say please take care of my baby Undyne. Give her a good life and good friends."

The king being a kind hearted young man took the baby in without hesitation and raised them as their own. For 2 years he kept Undyne hidden from the kingdom until he thought they were ready to be shown to the public. The kingdom immediately fell in love with the little princess. Asgore ended up marrying a boss monster named Mirahla not long after.

Chapter 3

8 years later Prince Asrahla Dreemurr was born. Undyne wasn't sure about him at first but then became extremely fond of their little brother. fast forward 7 - 9 years later where the grandchild of the human who wanted monsters dead, Chara, climbed Mount Tatobe to commit suicide and escape the grasp of their abusive father with the help of their Older brother (Even though they were against what Chara was going to do). Unfortunately for them they landed on the bed of flowers in the capital. Asrahla not long after found them and took them to their parents who adopted them. Undyne was suspicious at first but quickly accepted them into their family. A year later Mirahla fell ill and died. This left the Dreemurrs and the whole kingdom in despair. Chara realized that life is to short and that they needed to get monsters to the surface. For the next year Chara and Asrahla devised a plan to free monsters. They then proceed with the buttercup plan and Asrahla crosses the barrier with Chara's body. Asrahla doesn't have it in him to kill but then the humans attack him. Chara tells Asrahla to fight back. Asrahla noticing the situation he is in attacks out of self defense. His attack sends a human flying into a brick wall which crumbles in on the human therefore killing them. The humans gather around the human trying to help them until their soul appears over the corpse then shattering not long after. Asrahla disgusted and in shock of his actions is in a state of vulnerability. The humans attack harder now mortally wounding Asrahla. Chara tells them to retreat. Asrahla shoots a fire ball to the ground creating an explosion of smoke giving him the chance to escape. Asrahla makes it back to the underground before collapsing on a bed of golden flowers. The last thing Asrahla sees is Asgore and Undyne entering the area in shock. Asrahla turns to dust before his family's eyes.

Chapter 4

Undyne being the current ruler of the underground declared war on all humans. Asgore didn't agree however and begged Undyne to stop the war for months. Until the first human who was one of the wizards descendants was killed. Asgore couldn't take it anymore so he challenged Undyne to a fight for the throne. Undyne accepts and a week later they fight in a colosseum, Monsters are in the stands waiting to see a great fight. Undyne gets many hits off of Asgore. Asgore makes the occasional hit but will get hit a lot being that he can't muster up the intent to hurt Undyne. Eventually Asgore gets exhausted and is on the brink of losing. He then realizes he is fighting for the fate of his kingdom, This is where goat papa's eyes turn red. He moves right behind Undyne summons his trident and strikes her several time before knocking her back. Undyne still recovering from the attack is vulnerable. Asgore moves at an incredibly fast speed and cuts out Undyne's eye. Undyne then collapses on one knee with their hands on where her eye was. Asgore realizing what he just did snaps out of it and goes to check if Undyne is okay, Undyne then starts screaming and unleashes a barrage of spears knocking Asgore out. Undyne becomes the victor and keeps the throne. After Asgore recovers he flees to The Capital as a last resort and seals it shut. Over the course of 12 years the descendants of the 5 other wizards were killed, and Asgore was presumed dead... Chara's older brother managed to get away from their twisted father and started a life for himself and had a child named Frisk who after an incident fell into the underground.


The Old Capital

Frisk wakes up on a bed of golden flowers just like the original. They go on into the next room where they meet Flowey. This time though Flowey actually teaches Frisk the basics. Then he tests *ahem* trolls Frisk by launching unfair attacks which inevitably hits them. Right before the finishing attacks hit, Asgore saves the day. He scolds Flowey for his behavior and tells him he will talk with him later. He introduces himself to Frisk and the rest of the ruins is basically the same as undertale. Until they meet the ghost cousins. Frisk will attack Napstablook out of fear. This will anger Mettacrit despite not having hp so they fight. The attacks are music notes and tears. Frisk will apologize but Mettacrit will intterupt. If Frisk compliments Mettacrit's sweater they will calm down a little. If they then compliment Napstablook's hoodie he will be all shy and adorable. Frisk spares them and continues their journey. Once Frisk arrives at HOME (Asgore's house) He tells Frisk to get some rest and shows them to a room. He also said he's making Golden Flower tea (the equivalent of the Butterscotch Cinnamon pie) but that it will only be ready by the time Frisk wakes up. Frisk goes to sleep and wakes up to Golden flower tea waiting on a little saucer on the floor. Frisk takes the tea and makes their way to the living room where Asgore is sleeping on a chair. Frisk being any good Frisk wakes up the sleeping goat papa impatiently. He asks Frisk what do they need. Frisk will ask when can they go home. Asgore will try to change the subject but to no avail. Frisk will ask how to leave the Old Capital. Asgore will become sad and say "You want to leave that much. Ok follow me." Asgore will lead Frisk into the basement where he warns them about what is outside and tries to get them to reconsider their actions. Frisk ignores him and keeps following. Asgore then snaps. He knows that he can't let Frisk leave. Thus forth the battle commences. Asgore will destroy the mercy button and attack with fire patterns similar to Undertale Asgore's. He will also attack with mini tridents in the battle box. He will occasionally use the blue and orange trident patterns which most will hit Frisk sense they don't know how the blue and orange mechanics work. Eventually Asgore will be brought to one hp. He tells Frisk to kill him and take his soul. But this Frisk has a heart and they spare Asgore. Asgore realizes that Frisk's pacifism could get them and possibly all of mosterkind to the surface so he lets them go. Unlike the original he will pick up to Frisk's phone calls and will talk to them. With that we move on to Autumnfall!


Frisk exits the door of the Old Capital and walks downs a path of leaves surrounded by fall trees. But what is this?! Frisk could've sworn they saw someone..... They shrug it off. They make it to the end only to find a bridge with a gate. Suddenly they hear footsteps behind them. "Child.... Don't you know how to greet a lady? Turn around and shake my hand." Frisk slowly turns around and grabs the stranger's hand. Suddenly they hear something that sounds like a nuclear bomb and one thousand farts combined.... Oh nevermind it's just a whoopee cushion. "BWAHAHAHAHA! *snrk* I-i'm sorry! HAHA!" The stranger straightens up and calms themself down. "The old whoopee cushion in the hand trick. It's a favorite of mine. Anyway i'm Toriel! Toriel the Boss Monster. What's a little human like you doing here? You poor thing. I'm actually a royal guard but... I only joined it so I could watch over humans and help them on their way.... And to give out pie. But me and my best friend Sans are still going to have to at least try to stop you... By that I mean puzzles. Oh yeah you need to get through the gate don't you? Do not fret child if you just touch it with your finger the gate will fall down. Sans probably made this as a prank." Toriel exclaimed. Frisk touches it. It actually falls down. The two continue down the path. "Oh no! Sans is coming! U-um oh no. Um hide behind that plant quickly!" Frisk hides behind the conveniently shaped plant. All of a sudden a short skeleton walks into the vicinity.

"heya tori" the skeleton says

"H-hi Sans" Toriel says nervously

"great job recalibrating the puzzles" Sans winked

"What can I say! I wasn't KIDding around!" Toriel joked.

*Badum crash*

"yeah. i could tell you put a lot of BACKBONE into them!" Sans grinned

"Ha ha ha! Anyway h-have you seen any h-humans? I know I haven't!" Toriel sweats.

"nope. if you didn't see any humans i bet you wouldn't mind if i lean against this plant." Sans taunted

"Why on Earth would you lean on a plant!?" Toriel shouted

But it was too late. The plant came crashing down revealing the little human behind it. Sans actually shrugged it off and went into the next room. Toriel apologized rapidly before they gave Frisk an apology pie before heading into the next room. Frisk goes into the next room to see Sans and Toriel talking. It's basically the same as undertale minus the spinning and the rock. Frisk continues onto Box road to find the butter knife inside the box. Even though a gun would be better than a butter knife the yellow soul being the first soul had a nerf gun. In the next room they meet Doggo. Detective Doggo. He first attacks with a blue knife then an orange. he will then notice Frisk's presence and try to get them to stop moving by attacking with two blue knives. He will get confused therefore leaving him vulnerable to pet. Frisk wins! Instead of the electricity maze it will be the random spike maze puzzle. Everytime Frisk hits a spike they are warped back to the start. To make it fair Frisk will have an alarm hooked up to them. If they are on the right path it'll be green. If they are approaching a spike it'll turn yellow and beep slowly. If they are about to run into a spike it'll be red and beep like an exploding bomb. After a few attempts Frisk will succeed. The rest is the same as undertale's snowdin up until Dogamy and Doggaressa. The battle is overall the same except they attack with scythes that swing left and right. And instead of the white and blue heart ring it will be flurries of blue and white hearts emerging from the left and right sides of the battle box. Lesser dog's fight will be the same but he attacks with a mini link from the legend of zelda that jump around the battle box trying to cut you down. It is pretty slow though making it easy to dodge. He will also attack with flying swords from the top left and the bottom right of the battle box that will force you to dodge in a circle. Then the next puzzle is the same as the one in undertale where you have to slide on the ice and turn the Xs into Os except instead of ice it will be slippery metal. The next puzzle will be the same Papyrus's face puzzle but just because Sans wanted to show it to his bro and make him happy. Then we move onto the colored tile maze. Unlike the original it will actually be a puzzle where the human has to navigate through the tiles. They have to step on many green tiles throughout the maze. You know what that means. Once Frisk completes the puzzle and is about to step off the maze a little robot that looks a little like Box Mettaton falls from the sky blocking their path. Frisk battles the robot. The robot will attack with wheels bouncing around the battle box and very harmful lasers firing from the sides of the box. Frisk would have to kill the robot but they didn't know leading to their first death/game over. The next thing the human knows they are falling down an endless pit of darkness. But they hear a voice of girl who sounds in her young adults relaying a message. "C'mon kid! You can't die now! Not after what you have been through! Please.... Stay determined Chara!" Before Frisk could process who Chara was, they were now falling into a blinding tunnel of light. It got brighter and brighter and brighter until.... They were back in the area before the tile puzzle. Confused they did the one smart idea..... Call Asgore. Even though the situation could have gone a lot more terrible Asgore thought that they must were just being an over imaginative kid and brushed it off. Frisk does the puzzle again and once more is face to face with their murderer. This time Frisk is well.... Taking it more like survival of the fittest. Strike after strike they get closer to defeating their enemy. They were also taking a couple hits resulting in them having to eat the apology pie. They end up getting the robot to low health. But then it started saying in a robot voice "SELF DESTRUCT INITIATED" Mechanical whirs fill the air. Frisk is fearing for their life (They don't know that they died and came back to life) But all of sudden a giant fireball incinerates the robots top half cancelling the self destruct. Toriel and Sans slide onto the screen Toriel's face full of worry while Sans's eyesockets are pure black. Sans explains how the robots were not supposed to do that and someone must have tampered with it. Luckily Frisk is only crippled for a short time and goes back to being bland. There is no Gauntlet of Deadly Terror like in the original but instead was a riddle on paper on the bridge. I can't come up with a riddle so lets just say Frisk walked right passed it anyway. Sans didn't care. Toriel was a little dissapointed. Frisk finally made it to Autumnfall County. It's pretty much the same as Snowdin except Grillby's is less like a bar and more like a burger king. Frisk also buys the shiny ribbon. The residents of the county are dressed more casually due to the weather not being as cold. Frisk will also take this as a time to settle down touch one of those weird yellow stars and call Goat Papa. I'm not going to type the phone call being that it wasn't important. Frisk talks to Monster kid at some point. They say how they haven't seen Frisk around before so they assume that they came to see The Captain's Apprentice (*Cough cough* them) they then become sad and says they know that you didn't actually come to see them. But they are trying to join and become a popular royal guard and achieve their dreams. Remind you of someone? Anyway before we jump into the Sans battle there is one very important part to the story in the town. The hall of legends. The hall of legends is a building with a long hallway with golden statues with short summary of very important people in monster history. The first statue Frisk encounter is a short old looking skeleton. The writing says "Spectral. One of the greatest royal advisors in history. A loving father, loyal and trusted friend, and kind grandfather. May he rest in peace." The next statue down the hall shows an wise looking turtle in battle armor. The writing says "Gerson Boom. Once was the fearless captain of the royal guard. He also played a big part in stopping a rampaging human." Frisk is now curious about the rampaging human but they blow it off and continue down the hall. They then see Flowey looking at a golden statue of a beautiful goat woman, like Toriel but with curly hair on top and in very royal garb. Flowey then notices Frisk and yells at them before disappearing underground. The then reads the inscription. It says "Queen Mirahla Dreemurr. A loving mother, and a caring queen who always put her people first. Even when she was ill she tried to help until she couldn't no longer. May she rest in peace." Frisk walks down the hall to see a statue being built by workers. They try to read the inscription but they only see a faded name "K-ng -s--re Dr-e--rr." From the first word Frisk assumes that it was probably a past king. Frisk exits the hall of legends and goes into the last room of Autumnfall where there are leaves blowing everywhere making it hard to see. Frisk sees a figure in the distance. It reveals Sans standing there.

"heya. did you enjoy your stay?..... well..... you might have stay just a little longer. as the head of the snowdin guard unit it is my job to capture you. toriel thinks that i'm forbidding you from leaving.... once i capture ya my bro will finish the job, take your soul to the queen, and free monster kind.... what is that look for? you don't know about human and monster souls? well i'll explain. a human soul is extremely powerful. they can also withstand for some time after their vessel dies. this means that monsters can absorb human souls and cross the barrier. monster souls on the other hand shatter as soon as the vessel dies. but boss monster souls withstand for sometime just like human souls. you need to absorb a boss monster soul or a very determined monster soul to cross the barrier and leave this cursed place.... we need seven human souls to break the barrier.... we currently have six. you being the seventh and final soul........ M U S T D I E." The battle starts. Frisk feeling betrayed attacks sans only to see him dodge it. He comments on how Frisk thought they'd stand there and take it. They shoot a couple of bone attacks. Sans gives Frisk two more weak attacks giving them a chance to leave. Frisk doesn't take this chance however and flirts instead. Sorry Frans shippers but Sans coldheartedly rejects them. After the next attack Sans will get serious and use an all bone attack that forces Frisk up into the top of the battle box. Sans will then fire a blue gaster blaster. The bones will disappear and then Frisk's soul will turn blue. Sans will use a fast tall bone that will hit Frisk. Then the real fight begins. Sans will attack with many undertale sans attacks. They won't be as fatal however being Frisk doesn't have karma. He will occasionally use 1 up to 7 gaster blasters for an attack. Eventually Frisk will be knocked to one hp making Sans the victor. He will lock up Frisk in the shed/ dungeon which is actually well furnished and made pretty cozy. In there is this au's annoying dog. Frisk after exploring the room will offer the dog a tummy rub. The dog complies and Frisk's hands are full of fluff. But what is this!? There is a key next to the dog? Sans must've hid the key under the dog. Frisk after unlocking the door does an escapist move and puts the key back under the dog so Sans won't hide again in another spot. Frisk after approaching Sans engages in a fight. Frisk after going through the same dialogue will hear Sans say how his brother will be treated even more like a hero, and how they would all be free. But then he knows that Toriel would never trust him again and make him get out of her life. He also says how he honestly doesn't want to kill a good kid like Frisk. He even states that if Frisk were like most humans this would be so much easier. Eventually he will make his decision and forfeits. He will tell Frisk if they need a place to stay they could stay at his and Toriel's house. He then takes his shortcut to Grillby's. Frisk moves on to The Chilly Mines ending the Autumnfall Arc.

The Chilly Mines

Frisk will go into the next area to see Toriel at a station with a couple of other monsters. If Frisk talks to them Most of them will say the same dialogue as in undertale and add on that they NEED to try that goat lady's pie. Toriel will ask if Frisk wants some pie. Frisk will accept but Toriel says she doesn't have any left. As an apology she will take them to Grillby's (without a shortcut). There Frisk and Toriel will meet up with Sans. After Frisk orders their food Sans will tell them about how a mysterious Flower has been talking to their brother. Flattery, advice, predictions. Sans tells you to keep an eye out for them. Sans will then drink his daily ketchup bottle and leave. The screen then goes black and Frisk's hp is replenished from the food. Toriel will then leave and Frisk will go back to The Chilly Mines. As Frisk goes into the next room they will hear Sans giving Papyrus his report. The conversation will go something like this.

"heya pap"


"sorry bro i know you got no time to talk right now."


"right.... the human. they should be..... in the next room right now."


"no! of course i fought them. and no i didn't lock them up in a flimsy cage."


"your gonna fight them yourself!?"


"...... but papyrus.... they are a good kid. maybe there is some other way."


"alright..... i'll help ya in any way i can bro."


"and one more thing..... how you holdin out?"


"glad to hear.... maybe when this is all over..... we could ya know be like we used to."


"alright pap. i'll see you soon. if ya need me i'll be in autumnfall."

Sans of course walks in the opposite direction. Frisk will walk deeper into the frosted tall grass. Papyrus will hear this and summon a bone pike and look around. He will then disappear into the shadows of the tall dark oak trees. Frisk will exit the grass where Monster Kid will say the same thing as they say in undertale. After Monster Kid leaves the room Frisk will get a phone call from Sans.

"heya. don't ask how I got this number. dontcha know it's rude to eavesdrop. you should be thankful i didn't rat you out.... don't worry. i'll help you out... but i will also help my brother too. what? you think i'd choose some kid over my brother? but i will help you get away get away from him when i tell him information."

The call ends and Frisk proceeds into the next room. They encounter the falling rock area but instead it's thin snow falling. Frisk will notice something suspicious and go inside the secret passageway and find a Hidden leaf Naruto headband with real metal (it's abbreviation is "Leafband"). They will continue on their path to the bridge seed puzzle. It will be snow that closes in as soon as something heavy goes on it. Frisk will still have to place bridge seeds tho. Right before Frisk enters the next room they hear a voice.

"Golly! It's a shame that robot got the best of you in Autumnfall! What you don't remember!?..... Now you look like you remember! You are probably very confused arent'cha! I'll tell you what happened. You died kid! But you lived! You have something called DETERMINATION. It is a special power that keeps the wielder alive after death! It is unlocked by the user when they aren't ready to die and leave this world causing them to rewind time. Those little stars you keep touching are well..... checkpoints for how far back the timeline will reset. The most Determined soul has control over the timeline. Only very few people remember a reset. Take me for example......... Mark my words human. I will kill you over and over before taking your soul and make this world mine...... BE READY."

Frisk is very confused and a little scared but continues anyway. They listen to the echo flowers which have been replaced with Mimic Plants. Frisk reads The history of how monsters were sealed underground (Chapter one of The Events before Twisted Storyline). Frisk is walking down a bridge when a bone pike shoots down nearly murdering Frisk. Papyrus appears behind the shadows and starts following Frisk and shooting Bone Pikes. Frisk gets hit with one and is barraged with bones. One hits Frisk dealing a bit of damage Frisk eventually gets the chance to hide in the tall frosted grass. Frisk can hear Papyrus's footsteps. They then come very close to them and stop. They lift up their hand and grab something. They then pull up Monster kid and put them back down. They then walk away. Frisk after exiting the grass is followed by Monster kid. they then say "Yo. Did you see the way Papyrus grabbed me. He seemed..... On edge. Almost like he was..... Looking for something.... Maybe it was a human! I do feel bad for you! If you were just a little to the left you would have a face touched by the captain! Don't worry I'm sure we will see him again." Monster kid then runs off. After touching a "Checkpoint" now that they know what they are. They go to the telescope room. Toriel offers Frisk to try the telescope for only 0 gold. Frisk does and they only see a pinkish red dot. Toriel bursts out laughing and tells them they can get a full refund. Frisk after wandering find the Spiked Gloves. They continue and get a phone call from Sans. "heya. sans speaking. i'm guessing you met with my bro at least once. his feelings for you are rather....... complex. don't worry bud. i gotcha covered. he also thought you were wearing a "naruto hidden leaf headband with real metal" i'm surprised he even knew the name of that. are you wearing the...... headband thing?" Frisk says yes. "alright then. i recommend you change your clothing now. seeya." Sans hangs up. Frisk obviously ignores Sans. Frisk meets a giant snowman looking for a friend. They said that the snow was once a lake and he was on an iceburg. He had a lot of onion shaped friends who all but one were moved to an aquarium. Him and the last one became friends but eventually they too had gone to an aquarium." Frisk after hearing this sad story gives them half of a bisicle (which they got in Autumnfall) because of Frisk's kindness the snowman is very touched and gives them a snowpiece. Frisk proceeds to the room where a statue is being snowed on. Frisk goes to the umbrella room grabs an umbrella and gives it to the statue. A music box starts to play. The rest of The Chilly Mines is the same as Undertale. Frisk reads the continuation of The monster history and goes onto a bridge. All of the sudden an orange portal appears. then another. and another. And then several more appear at once. Then pikes appear all at once then disappearing. Papyrus appears from the shadows and the chase is on. Frisk after running as fast as they can on the rather confusing bridge manages to get away from Papyrus. But they only got to a dead end. They turned back but stopped when they saw Papyrus approaching. Papyrus summons a pike ready to charge at Frisk but they hesitate. All of the sudden the bridge starts rumbling. Papyrus shouts "WATCH OUT HUMAN!" but it's too late. The part of the bridge Frisk is standing on breaks off and Frisk falls down, sees a white light and blacks out. They then hear a voice of a kid their age. "Eh!? What was that!?..... Oh it's seems you fell. You must be invincible if you survived a fall like that!.... Right?.... Oh you look really hurt! Let me help you up.... Chara huh? That's a cool name! My name is-.

Frisk wakes up and tries to process what just happened. They remember they fell but they don't know who that boy was. And they also heard that name Chara again. For some reason it felt very familiar. Frisk explores the sewers and runs into mad dummy. After a mad dummy fight. Mettacrit comes to scold their other cousin. In defeat they leave. Mettacrit says how they can stop by their house if they want. Frisk does do that and experiences the Napstablook hangout (But less depressing). Note Napstablook and Mettacrit's house and Blook family farm is in the same area. Frisk then stops at Papyrus's house which is a cozy looking cottage with Papyrus's face as the door. Instead of the room with Blook's family farm they can go into Papyrus's great dojo for magnificent youths. There they can practice fight Dogamy and Doggaressa's son Doggoremy and Doggo's nephew Bork (they stop the fight when one of them is down to one hp). If they manage to make it passed those two they will be greeted by MK who they have to fight. Unlike the other two MK is actually a challenge. But even being a prodigy they couldn't stand a chance against the human. As a reward the dojo teacher (Aaron) gives them 80 G for defeating their top students. Frisk will then go into a shop which is just a repurposed cabin. The shopkeeper seems to be an old looking turtle that looks awfully familiar.... And then they realized who it was. Frisk remembers that statue they saw in Autumnfall. They then ask the shopkeeper what their name is. They respond with Gerson. Frisk after getting confirmed it was the guy from the statue they ask about the rampaging human. Gerson was a little thrown off by this but explains anyway. "A couple years after our king went missing, the third human fell down. They ended up killing many of the people they met. The massacre went on for to long. Me and the queen fought while our royal scientist Gaster evacuated everyone as far as possible and returned to join the fight. I'm no hero though. Me and Gaster just merely helped weaken the human while our queen Undyne dealt the finishing blow with a stab to the chest..... The massacre was an experience no one would ever want to happen again.... Wa ha ha. I wonder if you will have that finishing blow done to you. But don't worry. The captain Papyrus has a kind heart, so you might survive him..... Undyne will most likely be the one to strike you down though." Frisk after taking the story in buys the torn apron from Gerson (Even though it is weaker than the Leafband it still heals 1 hp each turn). Frisk leaves the shop and Gerson wishes them luck. Frisk eventually makes it to Blue village. It's inhabitants are...... Little black poodles? They see a painting of a little black poodle and a human. The artist statement says rich history of Blu. It is not much different then Temmie Village except the Blues bark and have english translations and their speech is normal. At the Blu shop they can buy Blue grams. They actually heal a decent amount of HP but the low price is 10 G. Bob's name is now Tim. After going through the rest of waterfall Frisk encounters a mimic plant. It says "Behind you" Frisk turns around to see Papyrus. Papyrus then speaks again.


"Captain!!! I'll help you fight!!! YO! You did it!!! Papyrus is right in front of you!! You can see them up close kick human butt!!....... Where is the human?"


"But captain!"

Papyrus hoists MK on his shoulder and walks away. Frisk after hearing a passing conversation on the mimic plants goes onto a bridge and suddenly hears a voice.


Frisk turns around to see Monster Kid approaching them.

"Yo I know I shouldn't be here but... I wanna ask you something.... Ha ha I've never had to ask anyone this before... You are a human right? Man! I knew it!.... Captain said "Leave that human to me!... I guess I'm supposed to hate you now?.... But uh your pretty cool (and a little cute)."

"What did you whisper?"



".....Uh anyway back to the topic. Please say something so I can hate you... Please?"

Frisk refuses.

"Oh cmon now I have to do it..... Oh god.... Uh you suck........ Man, I'd like to say sorry. I'm gonna go home now."

As Monster kid leaves they trip and fall off the bridge hanging on with their teeth. they scream out for help. But then Papyrus approaches. Frisk after making up their mind helps Monster kid. After Papyrus got closer to Frisk Monster kid jumped in between them.

"Yo! I won't let you hurt my friend! Even-... Even if this means I will never get into the guard!.... I will fight you if I must!....." Monster kid announces while protecting Frisk.

Papyrus backs down and walks away.

"I guess we weren't meant to be enemies after all! Don't worry about me. Even if I don't get into the royal guard I know it was because I protected my friend. I should get home. My parents are probably worried sick about me." Monster kid says.

But before they leave Frisk gives them a kiss on the cheek. Monster Kid was very flustered but tried to play it cool............ But Papyrus isn't a really good teacher on how to talk to the opposite gender. Fast forward two minutes after I managed to escape people who support other ships with Frisk in them so I can get back to writing this shit AU story, Frisk continues on their path and makes it to a mountain (They are questioning why a mountain is in a mountain.). Standing on the pointed top of the mountain is none other than Papyrus.


Papyrus throws his Gaster Blaster shaped mask off (And tried to make his cape flow in the direction he threw the mask in).


Papyrus leaps off the mountain starting the fight. First he will turn Frisk's soul orange........ Frisk used flirt! It was super effective.......?! A flattered Papyrus says how they are to old for Frisk. Papyrus attacks with bones flying around the batle box which Frisk has to dodge in orange mode but it is extremely difficult getting them to low health. Papyrus says how monsters always wanted a happy ending. And how the warmth of the sun will be on their skin/bones. And how the fate of monsters dwells in their SOUL. Papyrus will then stop warming up and throw gaster blasters into the mix killing Frisk and getting them their second game over. Before Frisk dies they see Papyrus's confident happy go-lucky face turn into a guilty sad expression. Yet again Frisk is falling down a pit of darkness and they hear the young woman's voice again....... And the name Chara........ Frisk finally recognized it....... Sort of. They don't remember the full story. Frisk remembers that their father told them a stories of someone close to them go to a mountain and fall never to be seen again. Frisk hasn't heard the story in years but held onto it. Frisk remembers the name having the letters ara...... Frisk remembers why they are down here........ And why they must get out. Frisk comes back this time and is more cautious with their dodging. Eventually they get to the point after Papyrus's gaster blaster attack. Papyrus is ready to unleash his special attack. He chucks a bone that was supposed to go in the battle box...... But this AU's annoying dog stole it. While Papyrus is getting his special attack back Frisk runs away. Papyrus notices this and follows. Eventually Papyus gets back in attacking range and turns Frisk orange again. Papyrus says he is doing Frisk a favor and how Undyne would make their death slow and painful. Papyrus then realizes he is getting sidetracked so he uses his special attack........ But the dog is resilient. Papyrus yet again has to steal his attack from the dog buying Frisk time to escape. Papyrus gets his attack back and catches up. This time he throws in some blue soul attacks and blue bones. After a few more attacks Papyrus was about to use his special attack but yet again a certain meddling mutt stole it. Frisk is about to make it to Fogsteam city until they get a phone call from Sans.

"hey kid. i was thinking maybe you should get to know my bro as ya know "friends?". you guys are actually pretty similar when it comes down to personality."

Papyrus then politely asks Frisk who they are calling. Frisk says nobody......... Papyrus wanted to still wanted to say hi. He grabs the phone and has a brotherly chat with Sans. He then says how he needs to get back to human hunting and hangs up. Papyrus hands Frisk their phone and they start running again. When Frisk makes it to Fogsteam city a sleeping Toriel who just woke up sees Papyrus chasing Frisk. Toriel tells Papyrus to get over to her station right now. This bought Frisk time to get to the water cooler. Papyrus starts to limp behind them.

"SO....... EXHAUSTED. CAN'T KEEP....... GOING....... NYEH...... HEH...... HEH.." Papyrus then collapses on the ground. an insanely worried Frisk checks if they are still breathing....... He doesn't have lungs. Frisk tries to listen to his heartbeat..... He doesn't have a heart either. But he still seems to be alive. Frisk grabs a cup of water and pours it in Papyrus's mouth. He stumbles up clearly dazed. He then gives Frisk a ginormous handshake and thanks them a lot. Papyrus agrees to leave him alone because he couldn't live with the guilt of killing Frisk after they saved him. This finally ends The Chilly Mines arc.

(BONUS) Sans Hangout

Frisk is exhausted after traveling for so long that they might need to rest. They remember Sans's offer to them and takes it into consideration. They then see the River Person. Due to having more advanced technology they have a more modern boat (It still has a cat face). After taking the boat to Autumnfall the River Person says something strange.

"Tra la la...... Beware of the human that came from another world..."

Frisk is slightly scared but decides not to dwell on it. They talk to Sans who is standing outside his house. He is actually wearing his jacket and his goggles are on his neck (You would get this if you read the character page).

"heya bucko. you need a place to stay? well come on in i guess."

Sans welcomes Frisk inside. they find 20 g under his couch. Sans's pet rock is replaced by a snail as the pet rock came with Papyrus when he moved out. Inside the fridge are pie ingredients, potato chips, and some ketchup. There is a tall sink (Not as tall as UT's sink) with a ladder next to it. If Frisk interacts with the sink Sans says how this was a normal height for Toriel, Then the Annoying dog will burst out of the sink with a bone. Sans could care less, If Frisk interacts with the trash Sans will say something like this.

"that's the trash. we have a lot in common. well one thing in common. were both garbage!"

Frisk wants to die and is not filled Determination after that horrible pun. If Frisk turns on the TV Sans will say his favorite show is on. It shows the face of a stylish looking robot Catgirl with text saying

"Lady Otaku's Super Star Adventure is currently having technical difficulties."

Sans says that it might be on later then. Frisk goes to the room on the left upstairs. San's sockets turn black and ominously tells Frisk not to go in there. Frisk heeds this warning. Frisk goes into the room on the right. The room is a light blue color. On the left side the room there is a queen sized purple bed. there is also potted plants and cook books completed with a desk and a cute chair dubbed "Chairiel" On the right side is a dark blue twin sized bed. There is a night table with a small TV. facing the TV in the corner of the room is a blue bean bag that appears to be used way more than the bed. Frisk is ready to hang out. This isn't your classic Papyrus hangout though, Sans talks to you about stuff like his bro and Toriel. While he is at it he even gives you an omelet as Toriel is forcing Sans to learn how to cook something. It tastes surprisingly good! Frisk can ask the questions "Are you in love Toriel?" and "Why are you and your brother so distanced?". Both are touchy subjects. If Frisk asks "Are you in love Toriel?" Sans will say

"what? no kid! me and tori are just best friends!"

The nosy Frisk doesn't buy it and forces something out of Sans.

"geez kid. you don't give up do ya? well you asked for it. when I was your age i had a small crush on tori. but don't start grinning kid. i got over it in no time. even if i did still like her, she has taken an interest in some mysterious man behind the old capital door. and anyways i got a thing for a lady i met. she is charming and witty, but uh she is one of the people who would try kill ya. i think ya might even encounter em."

If Frisk asked "Why are you and your brother so distanced?" Sans will say

"it's just our work. you really shouldn't be asking that kid. please don't ask questions about papyrus."

Sans then said something that made Frisk feel cold and afraid.

"wanna know a little secret? tori...... she made me promise her to keep ya safe. ya know what woulda happened if she never said anything? heh..... You'd Be Dead Where You Stand...... what's with that face. i was just gonna say how i'm glad i made that promise. your a good kid and i'm happy i didn't kill ya."

Sans notices how it's night already and offers Frisk to stay the night. Frisk accepts and there is a cute little cutscene of Toriel sleeping in her bed and Frisk sleeping in Sans's bed. Sans is on the bean bag watching TV.

"Will our heroes be able to defeat the ravaging robot despair wolves and find all 7 hope orbs!? Find out next time on Lady Otaku's Super Star Adventure!"

The TV shuts off and the screen fades. Frisk wakes up and Toriel is gone. Sans is still on his bean bag and tells them Toriel is making breakfast. Frisk goes downstairs and Sans is somehow already at the table. Frisk eats wonderful butterscotch pancakes and then continues their journey.

Fogsteam City

After going back to the entrance of Fogsteam City Frisk sees a Laboratory. Being it is the only available path Frisk goes inside. Inside the lab is very dark. Frisk thinks they can see a screen but it is hard to make it out. Eventually they encounter a door. A skeleton who looks similar to Sans and Papyrus comes out of the door followed by a short orangish yellow lizard. The skeleton and lizard monster see Frisk. The lights flicker on.

"Oh my god! Oh no! I'm barely ready! I haven't got dressed! Y-you weren't supposed to be here so early! Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god!"

"Calm down Alphys....... The human won't care if you are not ready. They have already seen a lot." The skeleton monster says.

"Anyway nice to meet you. I'm Doctor W.D Gaster. Pleasure is mine. And this is my faithful assistant Alphys."

"H-hiya human."

"Me and Alphys have been monitoring your journey so far on that screen you see right there. At first we were supposed to keep you from going anywhere but Alphys quickly became interested in your journey and watched in amazement. Honestly I was impressed myself..... Heck! You even managed to get passed my sons, Sans and Papyrus....... Me and Alphys have come to the conclusion that we will help you throughout Fogsteam City. Isn't that right Alphys?"

"Y-yes Dr.Gaster!"

"Oh! That reminds me. We need to show the human something! Alphys can you fetch me it?"

"I'm on it Dr.Gaster!"

Alphys exits the vicinity.

"Sit tight human, Alphys will be back shortly."

After a few moments of waiting Gaster says something.

"I......... Just remembered..... Sometime ago me and Alphys created a robot used for entertainment purposes. But because we wanted none of the special effects to be fake we added real weapons. Coincidentally it went haywire and..... Well....... Now it has a thirst for human blood...... Don't worry I doubt it will show up now."

Then a large thump shakes the ground.

"God dammit."

An explosion happens making a crater in the wall. Out flies a robot catgirl like the one you saw on TV.

"Gaster san! I beg of you! Please leave before this evil human can do any harm to you!"

"What the hell are you talking about LO-23! This isn't a joke!"

"(Play along Gaster san! Do it for the viewers~)"

"Why you little-!"

"Anyway~........ Evil human! I Lady Otaku will not let you destroy planet Undertera! With hope and friendship I will win!..... But I can tell from that evil grin on your face (-_-) that this won't be our final battle! So that's why......... I will toy with you before I destroy you with the hopes and dreams of my friends!"

The battle starts.

The catgirl's left arm transforms into a rapid fire gun. Gaster is staring in shock.

"Get ready human! I will corner you psychologically before destroying you for good!"

"They mean their gonna ask you trivia questions."

"Quiet Gaster san~. It would be oh so terrible if I let a secret of your's slip~."

"Why I oughta-!"

"Alright! enough banter! 1st question! What do you get for answering a question?"

A.Money B.Mercy

C.New Car D. Another Question

Frisk picks B and suffers being pelted by BB gun bullets (Edited later to look like magical beams)

"Mya ha ha ha! I've barely used 5% of my magical girl powers and you already almost at your limit! Try again!"

Frisk picks D this time.

"Now it seems like you get it but were just getting started~... Next question! What is our elegant queen's full name?"

A. Ms, Sharkfins. B. Scaly Fighter

C. Undyne Dreemurr D. Dr.Explosions

Frisk picks C.

"Well! As my arch nemesis you surely can answer stuff about me!.... What are robots made out of?"

This is the same question and the same answer. Frisk picked the right choice.

"Of course my greatest enemy would be smart! This next one will surely be easy!"

Two trains, Train A and Train B, simultaneously depart Station A and Station B. Station A and Station B are 252.5 miles apart from each other. Train A is moving at 124.7mph towards Station B, and Train B is moving at 253.5mph towards station A. If both trains departed at 10:00AM and it is now 10:08, how much longer until both trains pass each other?"

A.31.054 minutes B.16.232 minutes

C.32.049 minutes D.32.058 minutes

Frisk is dumbfounded. Gaster notices this and summons two hands that shape the letter D.

Frisk picks D.

The next 2 questions are the same as the original Undertale.

"Alright then! Next question! Would you smooch a ghost or fish?"

A. Ghost. B. Fish


Frisk picks A...... Wrong answer.

Frisk is then brutally shot to death with BB gun bullets........ Damn that's dark. Frisk is yet again falling down a pit off darkness hearing the message again....... This time something strange happens. They see another human kid. They are all grey and are just staring back at Frisk. The kid's eyes then flash red and blood runs from their mouth as they creepily smile. The kid then disappears. Frisk does something they haven't done yet in their experience underground. Their everlasting poker face turns into a horrified one.

Frisk is then back at the front of the lab. They start to cry and mumble. They manage to pull themself together after crying a little more.

They then wipe their tears and put back on their poker face. They go through the same questions answering C this time. They get it right.

The next question is the same as the original.

"Alrighty then! Time to use one of my hardest questions! Well for a normie like you. In the dating simulation video game "Mew Mew Kissy Cutie" what is Mew Mew's favorite food?"

Gaster butts in

"This is easy. Alphys plays it all the time and I sometimes watch her play it. I've gotten to know somethings myself from it. It's Snail Icecream no sh-."

"Oh my! It seems Gaster san has been helping the human! This is such a heartbreaking betrayal! *Audible sobs* I must do the same to get even! Here is the final question! Who does Gaster san care about most?"

A. Papyrus B. Sans

C. Undyne D. Alphys

Gaster looks as if he wants to rip off the catgirl's head.

I'm going to write all of the outcomes.

A. Papyrus

"Mya ha ha! Even the human knows that is who you care about most! Not only that but he is also Gaster's favorite son!"


"You didn't... But I can just tell by it. The way you are always proud of him more than Sans! The way you always cry tears of joy when you see your baby boy fight with admirable strength! The way that you are always proud of his latest puzzles. I have all the evidence I need. I would continue the game but with Gaster san helping you things wouldn't be interesting..... But hey! I just learned revenge doesn't solve anything and how it only makes things worse! Farewell for now my nemesis~."

Lady Otaku leaves the scene with a speechless Gaster

B. Sans

"Mya ha ha! Even the human knows that is who you care about most! Not only that but he is also Gaster's favorite son!"


"You didn't... But I can just tell by it. The way you are always proud of his inventions. The way you always cry tears of joy when you see him construct machines that even you would have a hard time making! The way that you are always amused by his...... Unique puns. I have all the evidence I need. I would continue the game but with Gaster san helping you things wouldn't be interesting..... But hey! I just learned revenge doesn't solve anything and how it only makes things worse! Farewell for now my nemesis~."

Lady Otaku leaves the scene with a speechless Gaster

C. Undyne

"Mya ha ha! Even the human knows that is who you care about most!"


"Here is why. You always check in on the queen and provide her services to make sure she is healthy and well. It's hard to tell if you are a servant or a scientist, mya ha~! You always wish the best for your queen! I have all the evidence I need. I would continue the game but with Gaster san helping you things wouldn't be interesting..... But hey! I just learned revenge doesn't solve anything and how it only makes things worse! Farewell for now my nemesis~."

Lady Otaku leaves the scene with a speechless Gaster

D. Alphys

"Mya ha ha! Even the human knows that is who you care about most!"


"Here is why Gaster san. You admit she is like the daughter you've never had. She's like a part of your family! You taught her almost everything you know! She sees you has a cool badass mentor in an anime (for some reason)! It's only natural for you to care about them most! I would continue the game but with Gaster san helping you things wouldn't be interesting..... But hey! I just learned revenge doesn't solve anything and how it only makes things worse! Farewell for now my nemesis~."

Lady Otaku leaves the scene with a speechless Gaster

"Well........... That just happened......... Looks like you're gonna have a new problem to deal with...."

Alphys enters the room shortly after.

"Um Dr.Gaster...! I'm here with the gift for the human!"

"Thank you Alphys..."

Gaster hands Frisk a brand new high tech Cell Phone.

"This phone has got social media, Streaming services, a Jetpack function, you know the normal stuff. And it was all built by Alphys. She is truly a prodigy of her time."

"D-Doctor Gaster don't give me that much credit."

"Oh be quiet Alphys. Human in case you need help here is me and Alphys's phone number. Though maybe not pick up if Alphys just wants to talk about Anna-may."

"First of all it's a great genre! Second of all it's spelled anime!"

"Tomato Tamato it doesn't matter."

Frisk takes their leave not long after.

If somebody read the entire story so far thank you for reading this piece of crap I call my AU. Because I don't have many ideas for the next arc I would appreciate if you could comment suggestions. You are freaking madlads. Have a great day/night my dudes.

I will continue the rest of the arc. this is currently a WIP. If you have ideas for upcoming arcs feel free to comment.

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