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Undervirus is an AU made by Jeyawue. The story switches from the Undertale game and in the real world throughout the plot.

Frisk is a girl from the human world. Monsters only exist in fairy tales and videogames. She spends most of her time in front of her computer, but one day it is infected by a strange virus. Her ghostfriend "Chara", wants to clean her PC, but Frisk quickly realizes that the virus has a seemingly independent existence, one with which she can intervene freely. It's a game. The game is becoming the bitter truth as monsters begin to come out of the computer.


Undertale Characters


Frisk is a normal girl from the human world. She is a little computer addicted and all the time alone at home. She has a hard time befriending people even when she is absolute pacifist and friendly (except for some games like shooter). But even with her immense patience, Frisk doesn't fear to tell others her opinion. She will change later a lot and gain a special ability.


She is the second one who fell out of the game. It's the evil reincarnation from the Genocide ending which asks you to help her in destroying other worlds. She lost most of her memory at the beginning but remembered after she entered the game again as Player. As a ghost she can't be seen outside of the game. She usually carries a little Chara-Doll around her or uses screens, paper or windows to write on them. She has the abilities of a Poltergeist and can also still summon her REAL KNIFE. Chara will fall out later again while she is a Player. With that she will remain in the body of the Player. She will still have the same abilities, just an added physical body and small wings.


The third who fell out. After experiencing a Genocide run caused by Chara, Sans fell injured and with zero HP out of the game into Frisk's basement. He survived and healed while Xans was in his body. Because of his teleportation ability, Sans is now able to switch between the real and game worlds. Since he left the game he also doesn't lose his memory after a reset anymore. The skeleton hates Frisk at first and wants her to stop playing with their world, until other monsters fall out of the game. Since then his goal is to free all monsters from the game. Because of Xans, Sans's abilities changed. He can't use bones and gaster blasters anymore, but has the same attacks as Xans. Sans is also able to see the viruses ingame now, to everyone's surprise. Xans will immediately use this chance to kill him, again.

Papyrus & Flowey

Papyrus is the brother of Sans and a cheerful happy, naive skeleton, eager to become member of the Royal Guard. Until Sans happens to be outside during a reset. Sans got deleted from the game's existence, leaving Papyrus all alone. Now, Papyrus got raised as child from the evil Flowey. Flowey taught him "It's kill or be killed" and that LV means everything in this world to survive. Papyrus is now an experienced and feared fighter. He is mistakenly known as the murderer of Queen Toriel and chased by Undyne and the Royal Guard. Papyrus is a sad, depressed person which only wants to be friends with everybody, but doesn't know how. And Flowey won't let his little toy go.


Xans is the virus doppelganger of Sans. His name is Sans as well until Frisk renames him to Xans to respect his indiviual being. Xans is an aggressive and mistrusting person. It is hard to befriend him, but once you did he protects you with everything he has. His abilites are all databased and filled with coding. He also has "datawings", can teleport and use the blue soul mode like Sans. He gained a different appearance long ago through DETERMINATION. The right eyesocket is special shaped, his eyes have different colors and size, and his feet are raptor claws. Xans has a special affection for every AU Papyrus and wants to save and protect everyone. On the back of his skull is a flower from Vlowey to force him to do things for him. Xans true form looks a bit like Error Sans, but he's not in the AU. The only way to release his true form is to use a remote.


Vapyrus is the virus doppelganger of Papyrus. Renamed by Frisk. Vapyrus acts like the classic Papyrus to comfort Xans. Vapyrus is an open, friendly and curious person. Sometimes he forgets to talk loud like the original Papyrus and acts slighty thoughtful, sad- but these moments are really rare. As a virus he still destroys and does bad stuff, but he doesn't exactly know "it's bad" since it's his only purpose in "life". He is befriended with Vundyne and Xans.


Vundyne is the virus doppelganger of Undyne. Renamed by Frisk. Vundyne acts pretty much like the classic Undyne, she only is a little more sassy, mean and sometimes evil. She believes that they all get to be free one day. She is a good friend of Vapyrus and Xans, but sometimes she abuses the flower on Xans' skull, causing him indescribable pain when he annoys her.

Vasriel & Vlowey

Vasriel and Vlowey are doppelganger of Asriels different forms. They both exist at the same time and are attached to each other through Vloweys vines. They also share one SOUL. Vasriel & Vlowey are evil, can be counted to the antagonists of the story. They blackmail Xans and use him like a slave. However, they prefer to watch and act in the background.


The first who fell out of the game. Gaster was the first who fell out and got deleted from the timeline because of a reset. The scientist somehow managed to get into the code of Undertale and edit it. He is the cause why monster were falling out of the virtual reality. Gaster also lost his form and is now embodied with only floating hands and a mask. He fights against Frisk until he realized that she means no harm. Gaster causes a lot of trouble.

More of the characters can be found on the Creator's Deviantart.

Added Characters


Ryu is a modified copy of Xans, created by Chara. He uses bones, blasters, a scythe and a black soul mode (Dependency) in battle. Ryu is meant to be a reaper/deathgod to see dead people. That way Chara made sure that Ryu would be able to see her. Because he was added to the Undertale game, but had no placement in the story, he got stuck in the secret room in Snowdin and nearly died there. He was able to see the code and viruses watching him, but he couldn't leave the room, and neither could he eat the stuff in it. When he finally fell out, Chara took care of him. Since he already loved her like she programmed it, he only got more bounded through her affection. They are like partners, or lovers. Ryu's personality is pretty simple: He wants to kill, but neither does he want trouble. So he holds back and is bored most of the time. Since Chara consideres Frisk & Co. as family he would never harm them and stays neutral.



When a character falls out of the game and a reset occurs, the character gets deleted. This affects the story of Undertale in numerous ways. Everyone who leaves the game code forever will be forgotten and treated like they never existed. Every person in existence who depended on someone who got erased from the game will either

  • Forget the characters who were erased and will depend on others when they are older than 20 years old.
  • Never exist again if they are under 20 years old because the reason of their existance is erased and 20 years plays again from the start without a reason for them to be alive.


Since the game is a virus, there are doppelgängers of every boss monster in a virtual version. These viruses aren't part of the game and can't be seen, heard or felt. They also can't interact with the gameworld and live in it's code. They eat, corrupt and destroy data on the gadget they infect. They can also fall out of the device. If the viruses corrupt someone/something, that thing's code gets crashed and mixed up. The being will lack its senses, hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling, tasting. It won't even know if it's still alive or if it's already dead.




  • All Viruses also have a TRUE form. which is there
  • After 20 years, the game repeats again after a reset with the avaliable data.
  • There is a version of the comic that is translated in German on Jeyawue's Devianart.