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Horror!Undyne is the new ruler of all monster-king and is the main Antagonist of Horrortale.

She stands as the current ruler of the Underground after the demise of Asgore Dreemurr and the exilement of his old wife, Toriel Dreemurr. The weight and stress of looking after her kind and the amount of monsters dying made caused her to go crazy and desperate enough to rip out Sans' eye to re-power the Core.

Past Life

Shortly after Frisk left the Underground, Undyne exiled Queen Toriel when she wanted Monsters to treat humans as friends rather than enemies. After taking the throne herself, she stated a law where all humans were to be killed and harvested.

Some time later, Undyne looked at the view from New Home with Monster Kid, her biggest fan. As MK tried to cheer up a seemingly depressed Undyne, the latter dumps all of her beliefs and feelings of their current situation. She realizes that this has made MK upset now, so she pipes up her personality. As MK feels better, a partly destroyed Mettaton arrives with horrible news.

They arrive at the Core, which has now malfunctioned and shut down. Mettaton explains that the Core grants monsters the magic and resources to survive. Undyne believes that she and Alphys could find a way to fix the Core, but Alphys only gives a silent answer. Angry, she lashes out at Alphys for being useless and storms off to make a warning note to the monsters about the Core shutting down and how they have the situation handled.

One month later, Undyne is working with Mettaton and Papyrus on fixing the core. When asking Papyrus where his brother is, Sans himself shows up and hands her blueprints he made of the Core's interior. Impressed, Undyne thanks Sans. As he shrugs it off, he tells her that this is what friends are for. Realizing he was right, Undyne goes to the side to hug Alphys as a reconcile while the skelebros leave. She realizes that Alphys seems tense from their hug, as if she knew something about Sans.

Three months after that, the Core is still nowhere near being fixed. As Undyne begins to lose her sanity, she leaves a suicide note in Alphys' lab for her to read. As she is about to jump off one of the ledges in Waterfall, Alphys stops her at the right time and tell her that there is something that they could use to power the Core, Sans. Undyne screamed from this, as she greatly cared for Sans and what he's done for others to survive. Alphys attempts to convince her to sacrifice the skeleton, but Undyne refused, saying if they die, they'll die as friends.

A couple of weeks pass and Undyne witness a child dust from starvation along with the mother. As the mother leaves without her sanity, Alphys asks her how many monsters she is going to let die when they could save everyone by using Sans' magic. Undyne again denies killing her friend, and tells Alphys she is willing to lose one less than she is. Realizing what she said, Undyne apologizes, but Alphys is gone by the time she looks back up, with Sans being there instead. Knowing that she is losing her mind to the point of considering Sans as their last option, Undyne asks him to leave.

Instead, Sans tells her that he has an idea to restart the Core. He states that they destroy the only power source and rearrange it. As he talks, Undyne imagines the left side of Sans' face crumble part with blood pouring out and seeing his blue eye inside him. She screams at Sans for him not to look at her. Seeing that she needs to be alone, Sans goes to leave. This angers Undyne, as he came all this way to apparently tell her to 'just break it', and calls him out for being useless. Angry that he's been sacrificing so much time, energy, and resources just to be called useless, Sans retaliates by saying that she acts all high and mighty on her throne while the poor people starve. Undyne begins to cry over his words, which makes Sans apologize for his actions.

This proves to be the snapping point for Undyne, as she makes her guards impale Sans and hold him down. She holds up a claw Alphys made to extract his eye and begins to put it near his face. Sans quickly acts fast and breaks free and fights back. As the battle goes on, Sans repels one of her spears back at her and breaks apart the right part of her face. This took a lot of energy, resulting in him collapsing from exhaustion. Undyne then takes the chance and pulls out his eye. She realizes that Sans isn't dusting, so she tells her guards to make him a proper grave while she leaves, as he was a hero.

Later, she attaches the eye to the Core. This proves to be successful, and the power has returned. As Undyne is congratulated by everyone for her efforts, one of the guards run in scared and screams to her that Sans isn't dead and that his eye is what keeps him "alive." Sans then arrives, with a hole in his head and a blood red new eye, and attacks everyone with bones. Undyne prepares to kill him again, but he is already gone.

Undyne later checks on the Core and, to her horror, Sans had destroyed it with a barricade of bones. Mettaton then arrives and mentions Sans got to Alphys. Undyne begins to mourn, believing that he had killed her. Mettaton confirms this, and rather shows the queen what the lizard monster is now. After arriving at the lab, the two then find a delusional Alphys blurting out crazy facts. Undyne attempts to console her, only to learn the true reason of her condition; Sans had lobotomized the back of her head, where a huge hole remained and exposed her brains. Disgusted, Undyne retches as Mettaton takes Alphys away.



After her fight with Sans, Undyne lost the right side of her face, resulting in it and some of the forehead being wrapped in bandages. Her skin is now a cyan blue and her figure is more thin due to the lack of food and resources. Her facial expression is now more psychotic looking.


Originally, Undyne was a rowdy and kind fish monster who loved to fight and cook with Papyrus. Eventually, she had to push aside her activities and maintain the duties as Queen of Monster-kind after exiling Toriel. At first, she was depressed and guilty over feeling useless to her people. Once the CORE shut down, the stress of trying to reactivate it and the amount of monsters dying slowly caused her to lose her grip on reality. Despite this, she still retained her morals, such as denying Alphys' suggestion of sacrificing Sans to use his power for the CORE.

Eventually, Sans and Undyne have a domestic dispute, which causes the latter to loose what's left of her sanity and fight Sans for his power. She triumphs at the cost of losing a portion of her face and the loss of Sans' sanity as well.

After this, many years go by and Undyne's condition has worsened. She no longer cares about freeing her people, only herself. She now acts spoiled, arrogant and selfish, as she almost killed an innocent Cinnamon bun over a piece of candy. Undyne also appears to be a hypocrite, as she views Sans as a monster, despite the fact that she's done things that are far worse.


It is assumed that she can still summon her spears and use green magic, but her fight with Sans resulted in the right side of her face being smashed to bits, so she can't use her Undying form anymore.



Originally, Undyne was quite fond of Sans for the sacrifices he and his brother had made for the citizens of Snowdin. However, Alphys caused Undyne to grow desperate enough to rip out of his eye. Sans, out of pity, punctures the back of Alphys' head, destroys the CORE, and issues to everyone that Undyne wanted them to eat humans instead of harvesting their SOULs. Despite their animosity, Undyne does seem to fear Sans and vice versa, as the residents of Snowdin state that he protects them from her wrath.


Papyrus was once Undyne's closest friends before she went insane. After she had become the queen of the Underground, she finally put him in the Royal Guard. At first, Papyrus was happy that he had achieved his life long dream. However, the excitement wore off as the years went by once she became a corrupt queen. Undyne was incredibly abusive to him during their "training lessons" and whenever he made a simple mistake. She even has no problem with threatening his life to get what she wants. It has gotten to the point where Papyrus now wants to leave the Royal Guard than stay in it.


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