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Much like his brother, Unknown!Sans , He started out in a perfectly normal un-named AU, before something went terribly wrong, A virus erased much of the coding of this AU, leaving it in as "The blue death screen", killing everyone who lived with-in this AU, aside from him and his brother , though Papyrus suffered a much different fate, instead of becoming a glitch like his brother, His code became scattered around random AU's.

He's very much there, But...he's more like a ghost now - until his code can be re-found and re-formed to give him a physical body again.



Unlike most Papyrus(s), He's like an UnderSwap Papyrus, Lazy, laid-back - Like a Sans\His brother.

He wears similar clothing to UnderSwap Papyrus, but a grey colour scheme, and what appears to be a brown belt of sorts around his skeleton "waist".

Like his brother, A text-box covers his eyes, though it seems to be blank - this may be the cause of the blood behind it, something wrong with it's code, though - thankfully, it doesn't cause him any pain.

A-part of his skull has being chipped off, the cause of this is "Unknown".

He should be wearing a Brown-Scarf, but this scarf of his is in the possession of Unknown!Sans (Brother), who believes Unknown!Papyrus perished along with everyone else when the virus "Attacked".


Before the virus, He was like any Sans, lazy, hated works, puns - ect, The virus has deeply effected his mind, Almost turning his Personality upside-down, He's now much more active, serious skeleton, most likely so he can find his brother again, He has to be active if he wants to see his brother again.

One of the worse side-effect(s) that the virus has done to him is, it's made him more...Short-tempered?, If you anger him, He'll be quick to lose his temper, resulting in a quick flurry of attacks.