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an AU of unknown!sans ((wip))

"are you trapped or am i?"

"i just.....want my brother....back....please"



it was just the same day as always the human had killed everyone again....even his brother, he had gone through this so many times he just fought on because it gave him something to do not because he cared.....but this one seemed....off things were changing parts of the underground just....vanished....without warning.... the human was not even around. no-one was it was just him he thought the human had done something so he as always waited in the hall...waited....and waited.....then that "thing" appeared was it the human? i can not say for sure...as soon as sans began the FIGHT...it slashed at him, the world glitched out....he was somehow kicked out of his AU..... and here he is now....



Blood bones-your normal bone attack but it seems to be made of blood

blood blaster-a gaster blaster made of blood it upon impact of whoever it hurts has some kind if dizziness effect

blood teleport-he can turn in to a puddle of blood and move around\teleport

echo scream-a scream that can cause pain and deafness



he is insane....just insane he has one goal...to bring his brother back he does not care who he has to kill or harm....he just wants "him" back....





*random facts*

if you touch the scarf.....YOUR DEAD

there is some times when he is sane.....but it often only lasts for a few hours




this sans belongs to darkknghtjosh geno sans belongs to their owners