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Vengeance! Frisk (also known as Dirty Friend Killer Frisk), is a frisk from an AU Slightly shifted due to overexertion of determination. This caused many other strange things to happen to her.



Frisk is very laid back and kind, she enjoys helping people throughout the Multiverse. She does often gain advice from Avenged! Chara due to her "Happy Go Lucky" attitude. She is still though Tormented by the past deeds that she was forced to commit and blames herself for what happened to her Universe.


She physically looks exactly like the normal frisk, the only change being the fact she wears Papyrus's Scarf and Sans's jacket having the photo with her and her friends on the surface, and a single butter cup flower inside the pockets of the jacket.


Vengeance! Frisk was a Frisk originally under the players influence committing several genocide routes the 100th time something strange happened to the Timeline, or more accurately the Code multiple pieces of code such as "Soul", "Determination", FUN, and LV was scrambled beyond repair this caused Frisk a strange thing Frisk gained a Monster Soul the certain monster soul being Sans's giving the existing powers that Sans had to Frisk who Frisk soul got to is unknown. While Chara had there conscious trapped inside a Gaster Blaster. This also created a new entity "White-Out!Frisk" a enitty made of DT and FUN this entity also seemed mindless with a goal to simply kill. Vengeance!Frisk with there new found powers fought White-Out!Frisk in it's charade and was killed. Upon White-Out!Frisk successfully completing a Genocide route instead of meeting Chara they met a revived and confused Frisk from a cause of Mixed Values of FUN that White-Out!Frisk's mere existent was causing, Frisk took this as a chance to fight them again this time Vengeance!Frisk winning do to the last second interference from Avenged!Chara this event also overloaded the Save file and caused Vengeance!Frisk to return control of the timeline a reset caused the Timeline to go to normal besides two things Frisk's soul was still half Sans's and Sans and Papyrus simply not existing in this timeline. Frisk completed a True Pacifist route and successfully brought monsters to the surface. Though this would not last long as Error! Sans came along to destroy the already broken Universe. Ink! Sans though before being able to kill Frisk drove him away leaving Frisk with the only choice but to let Frisk into the Multiverse.


  • Gaster Blaster: Frisk can summon Gaster Blasters at will as expected they are exactly like Classic! Sans gaster blasters dealing the same amount of damage.
  • Bone Summoning: Frisk can summon Blue and Orange bones working exactly like normal ones would.
  • Weapon Handling: Like original universe Frisk she can handle any weapon she wants, she still has access to the weapons she gained in the True Pacifist route as well.
  • Teleport: she can teleport as well between the aus
  • Magical fire: her fire can burn her enemy, or make him dissolves


  • AU Bound: Frisk is unable to hop AU's without the Help of Ink!Sans, which she can contact with a special phone.
  • Not so determined: Frisk at some times can have a low self esteem causing her to lose interest in the task or fight she is in.
  • Bad Eyesight: Without the Glasses Ink! Sans gave her see has a pretty bad eyesight not able to see very far.


Avenged! Chara (Friend)

As being Frisk's only guide, she has a good relationship with them. Even though their body has changed, Chara still has the same Sassy personality, often scolding Frisk of her mistakes and giving her advice.

Ink! Sans (Friend)

Being the one saving her from near death, Ink! Sans is a best friend in her eyes (although Frisk doesn't know that much about Ink ). They often play around together. Ink is also one of the only ways she can transverse AUs.


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