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A long time ago when she develop and give roles to Void!Tale members, she gave Gaster role of "Royal Scientist of Voidyrus Family and Wanderer of UT Omniverse"....But this wasn't enough for her...She wanted more....She wanted to be GOD of VoidTale. For her goal,she started to destroy timelines one by one with Asgore,Asriel.Chara and Alphys made a plan for defeating Gaster. After they made a plan for saving AU and members of VT, when they fought against Gaster,Frisk woke up,she help for defeating her but AU became unstable and it destroyed itself....Gaster blamed Frisk before disappearing with members of VT. Now, she wants to repair her AU and become God of VoidTale.



She wears a blue dress with some black high kneel shoes. Her hair and eyes are purple.


She has selfish and manipulative personality.She likes to manipulate persons and she likes to possess them.She will be determined to defeat when she is in fight.

Story of Void!Tale

A long time ago, there was a peaceful AU...But who knows it will be destroyed itself because of hunger of members of VT...

In Void!Tale, there is a royal family called Voidyrus, and they have Asgore, Toriel, Asriel and an adopted sister, Chara. Chara were in human world....War started...the both sisters escaped to Mt. Ebott and they hid in the mountain. Toriel found and adopted her as their child...and she was take care of her and the both were happy....(They all live happily with all pacifist and neutral routes). But, Chara was a curious person. She wanted to go out and travel in Underground. Toriel didn't want that, but she wasn't listening to her. She goes out of from Toriel's, but with Asriel and Asgore.

Then, She met with Gaster. But, she wasn't a good person. She possessed Asgore and Asriel then they kidnapped Chara. She wanted to use Chara for one of his experiments, just like he did with Sans and Papyrus (they were both changed by Gaster). He tortured Chara and used her for one of his experiments for weeks....After all weeks, Undyne saved her with Alphys and Mettaton. When they both save her, Gaster said "YOU'LL REGRET FOR THİS!!" Frisk came here and she tried to make Gaster good again, but Gaster used a sleeping Potion and Frisk and she fell asleep for 2 years.

After they saved Chara, they took good care of Chara. While this happens, Sans suspected about Gaster...Papyrus warned him but he wasn't listening. When he understood what Gaster wants, Sans tried to go away, but she threatened him with Papyrus. Sans couldn't let his brother die, but he didn't want to start any Genocide Routes in other timelines in Voidtale...So, he uses a Blue Mastery and flew Papyrus away. He tried to rebel against her...but he failed, along with his brother. When Alphys and Undyne came here, Sans holding his brother in his arms....and crying with a big scar on his eye. Undyne and Alphys take them but it was too late. Papyrus was already dead....Sans wanted revenge and Sans made a plan with Mettaton and Undyne. They rebelled against her. All of them failed...She killed all of them and she started to destroy timelines of Voidtale.When she was destroying timelines of Voidtale,Frisk woke up and saw what's happening...Asgore and Asriel were under control,Alphys and Chara fought against her and they tried to save Asgore and Asriel.Frisk came to fight with them,they were saved Asriel but....they were almost gonna defeat Gaster but AU started to collapse.Frisk,Chara and Asriel escaped but Asgore couldn't....After VoidTale had been destroyed,Frisk used destroyed AU's energy and she created new two timeline.Timeline #1 and Timeline #2.Asriel and Alphys were go to Timeline #2 but Chara wasn't want go to these Timelines....Chara blamed Frisk and she left away.What will happen?....Time Will Tell...


God's Will

She can change, shape personalities, powers, and life energy of different beings. However, this doesn't work on Frisk and Chara.


Gaster knows almost everything about the UT Omniverse.

Void Manipulation

Gaster can do whatever she wants, dispose of this energy as she pleases. Namely, she is able to create and manage void structures, for example, to control void measurements, to use the Void for offensive purposes, forming the Void weapon, the destruction of space-time by the Void, the destruction of the existence of the goal by the Void, and to use the Void for defensive purposes, such as the formation of indestructible Void barriers. Also, she can move objects to nowhere, for example, Transportation through void dimensions, giving her ultimate control over any Void no matter it's origin.

Other type of Void Manipulations are available and also they are available for her:

  • Conceptual destruction
  • Erasing a goal at the information level
  • Removing a target from causality
  • Removing Aspects of Reality
  • Physical erasure of matter and energy contrary to the law of conservation
  • Restoring or summoning objects from nonexistence
  • Creating holes in space-time
  • The destruction of any form of being

Void Ray

Gaster is able to send ray which more powerful than God Ray from her hands.This allows to kill Gods with an instant.


• She waits for her own revenge,killing Frisk and made this AU on her own.

•Gaster's favorite meal is fries and she likes to drinking coke.

•Gaster doesn't wanted to destroy all timelines.