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W.D Gaster was the former Royal Scientist of King Asgore before falling into his own creation, therefore shattering across time and space. Despite being trapped within the void, he was able to watch Frisk, the eighth fallen human, kill every monster, including his two sons, Sans and Papyrus, causing 29 Genocide Runs. On the 30th run, a door within Waterfall appeared and they wondered in out of curiosity. Gaster took the opportunity to escape and flee to Snowdin and warn Sans through his fantasies of the never ending Genocide loop and revives his memories, thus preparing Sans for his next encounter with the human.


Gaster appears to be a skeleton monster who wears a black cloak with a white turtleneck under shirt. His face shows two cracks, one coming from the top right of his head and to his slanted right eye, and the other connecting between his left eye and mouth


Gaster doesn't appear much in Chapter 1, nor is he ever shown talking. However, it is assumed that he greatly cares about monster kind and his sons enough to arrive in Snowdin first thing when escaping the void and warn Sans of the Human's intentions, even teaching him how to use Orange Bowns to fight them.

Powers and Abilities

Gaster isn't shown much in action at all in the first chapter. Although, he knows the Orange Bone attack, as he taught it to Sans. He may also know how to use Gaster Blasters and Bones as well. He also has the ability to create giant and strong skeleton like hands, as when Sans was almost hit twice, he shielded him fully this time. He also can fire the fonts of Wing Dings from his hands, as it was either him or Sans who fired them at one point in the fight when he appeared. He may be able to posses others, or influence them, as Sans grew a crack that connected to his now slanted eye, or that may have been another power boost. He (controlling Sans) has remarkable abilities such as "Enigmatic Blasters" and can even turn the screen different ways.