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Warped Reality is an AU where all of the characters from the main cast, with the exception of Frisk and Chara, are warped around. Some locations and character species are warped around as well. All characters keep part of their original personality, along with part of the character they swapped with. Some characters' ages also change. This AU was created by Moonstar365, and is open to ideas from anyone.

Changes or "Warps"

Character Warps

  • Sans is warped with Toriel
  • Papyrus is warped with Asriel
  • Undyne is warped with Mettaton
  • Alphys is warped with Napstablook
  • Asgore is warped with W.D. Gaster
  • Papyrus is now a child
  • Asriel is now a teenager
  • Papyrus as a flower is called Flowie, because it's spelled similarly to "wowie"
  • Sans is a little taller.
  • Dr. Napstablook loves listening to music, just like Alphys loves watching anime.
  • King Gaster will give you milk instead of tea, because milk is good for your bones.
  • Sans will give you a hotdog instead of pie.
  • Asriel loves to cook pies just like how Papyrus cooks spaghetti, but the difference is Toriel helps and encourages him to make more.
  • Mew Mew Kissy Cutie is now a dog, and is called Ruff Ruff Super Sweetie.

World Warps

  • Everyone's homes are warped to look similar to how they did in the original Undertale. Ex: Sans's home in the ruins looks like his home in Snowdin.
  • Waterfall and Hotland change their liquids (Waterfall is now full of lava and is called Lavafall, and Hotland is full of water and is called Steamland).
  • All the Waterfall monsters and Hotland monsters swap locations
  • The dogs in Snowdin are now cats, meaning if they have anything dog related in their names, it will switch to it being cat related (e.g. Dogamy and Dogaressa become Catamy and Cataressa)

Story Warps

  • Sans left his father, Gaster, in fear of he was going to harm him. He thought he was going to do this because Gaster was enraged and sad over the loss of Papyrus.
  • Rather than create his family from a lab like Gaster did with his sons, Asgore just had a family normally.
  • Asgore was the king of monsters, and hated it. He and Toriel wanted to be scientists but nobody was willing to take their places. One day Gaster arrived and they thought he would be the perfect ruler, he agreed to become king, and they became the royal scientists until Asgore deleted himself.
  • Toriel secretly goes to Napstablook and does experiments with him to help bring her husband back.
  • Undyne had always wanted to be captain of the Royal Guard, but her parents forced her to become a dancer instead. This is why she took the opportunity when Napstablook asked if she wanted to have a mecha suit.
  • Napstablook hates Mettaton for leaving him behind and becoming captain of the Royal Guard. This is why Napstablook made Undyne a mecha suit so she could have him demoted and take his place.
  • Napstablook asked Gaster to have Mettaton fired, and the King responded that he would do that only if he could make a robot more powerful than him. He failed to do so, so he made a mecha suit for Undyne, and told her to never reveal she is not a robot. She didn't listen, because she takes it off during her battle.
  • On Mettaton's quiz, he asks who Alphys' crush is, and she gets embarrassed. On Undyne's quiz, she asks who Napstablook's cousin is. Napstablook tells the player that he has no cousin, and this is a trick question.
  • In the Genocide route, Toriel repeatedly tries to convince the player to stop their genocide route and reset the timeline.
  • Undyne and Alphys are already dating at the start of the game, but their relationship has been strained since Undyne agreed to be a mecha warrior.
  • Toriel does not to go to Grillby's with the player, rather when she takes the player to her favorite spot by the river and offers the player a slice of her pie.
  • Sans has a book consisting of only goat related puns. He has no idea how he got it.