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Waterfall is the area where you meet Undyne for the first time. It is home to many different monsters, including Aaron, Woshua, Shyren, Temmie, Moldybygg, Mad Dummy and Undyne. The dump is also in this section of the underground. There are also two different shops you can visit, each with distinct items. Napstablook and Gerson both live here. The player can also take part in the snail race here.



The two shops are Gerson's shop, and Tem Shop located in Temmie village. The Tem shop is also the only place in the underground where items can be sold. Most items the player sells will be sold at a loss with the exception of the cloudy glasses (which can be sold for a 20G profit). This is the only real use for the Dog residue obtained by doing the piano puzzle.

The Items obtainable in Waterfall are below:

Item Price Location Route
Temmie Flakes 3G Tem Shop Any Route
Temmie Flakes (Sale) 1G Tem Shop Any Route
Temmie Flakes (Expensiv) 20G Tem Shop Any Route
Temmie Flakes (Premiem) 1000G Tem Shop Genocide Only
Tem Go to Colleg 1000G Tem Shop Neutral/Pacifist
Tem Armor 700G (Price drops with each death) Tem Shop Neutral/Pacifist
Crab Apple 25G Gerson's Shop Any Route
Sea Tea 18G Gerson's Shop Any Route
Cloudy Glasses 30G Gerson's Shop Any Route
Torn Notebook 55G Gerson's Shop Any Route
Astronaut Food Free In Dump Any Route
Tutu Free Scattered Any Route
Ballet Slippers Free Scattered Any Route
Dog residue Free Piano puzzle Any Route


Undyne (Pacifist/Neutral) or Undyne the Undying (Genocide/Neutral)

Aaron (Any route)

Shyren (Any Route)

Woshua (Any Route)

Moldbygg (Any Route)

Mad Dummy (Neutral/Pacifist) or Glad Dummy (Genocide only)

Monster Kid (Genocide only)


Snail Races


Piano room

Monster Kid Takes action

Undyne Date

MTT's Old home (Presumably)

Undyne Chases

Undyne Transforms

Rock Puzzle

Blookies Music scares the bajeebs out of people

AU's Waterfall is in


You can activate a hidden room with an artifact inside.

The piano puzzle was created by Undyne.


The waterfalls go farther down than the protagonist can see