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Wiping All Out is the battle theme of Undertale FES if the Frisk is a girl. It was originally from Persona 3 Portable. When the player is fighting Morgana however, it will play Mass Destruction instead.


Been a little while but I'm still battling


Persona 3 Portable OST - Wiping All Out (With Lyrics)

Moving fast while you's just prattling

No time for me

No tangling

Hit you in the spot with no angling

I'm not a princess

(A lot of anger in it)

Not a cutie girlfriend, oh no

don't you know?

Flashy rhymes coated with spangles

Add some sounds in it times wangles

Three dots connect to rectangles

Just like music sounds connect to rambles

You cannot run away

(Hell nah no man can run away)

From me I stay in your head as

one big threat!

It's demolition

Wiping all out

(Wipe out)

I won't go

(Yeah, yeah)

Until it's over

(Once again)

It's coalition

Pieces of wreckage

Come to me

and let it be one