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Long ago, a new video type came to YouTube, known as YouTube Poop.
One day, YTP began to suffer from copyright infringement.
After a series of court cases, the YTP was found guilty.
The copyright laws sealed the all of the YTPs underground using admin powers.
Many years later...
Legends say that those who climb the mountain never return.

— Opening sequence

YTPtale (commonly as Pooptale and YouTube Pooptale) is an AU of Undertale. This AU is based off of YouTube Poop.

About the AU

YTPtale is an AU with the same story of Undertale, but many of the characters, locations, items, etc. have been replaced by characters, locations, items, etc. based on the YouTube Poop videos.




  • Many characters were changed to a character from some of the YouTube Poop videos.
    • Caillou is in the place of Frisk.
    • Weegee is in the place of Chara.
    • Facely the Face (Nick Jr.) is in the place of Flowey.
    • Mama Luigi is in the place of Toriel.
    • Egoraptor is in the place of Napstablook.
    • Mario Head is in the place of Sans.
    • Bill Mays is in the place of Papyrus.
    • CDi Link (The Faces of Evil) is in the place of Undyne.
    • I.M. Meen is in the place of Mad Dummy.
    • Dr. Robotnik (AoStH) is in the place of Alphys.
    • JonTron is in the place of Mettaton.
    • Michael Rosen is in the place of Muffet.
    • King Harkinian is in the place of Asgore.
    • Hank Hill is in the place of Asriel.
    • Gwonam is in the place of River Person.
    • Pinkie Pie is in the place of Grillby.
    • Morshu is in the place of Temmie.
    • Gabe the Dog is in the place of Greater Dog.
    • The enemies were also changed.
      • Ruins: Dolan as Froggit, DEUUEAUGH Fish as Whimsun, Mike Wazowski as Loox, Mr. Krabs as Vegetoid, Metal-Head DK as Migosp, and Horat (The Nutshack) as Moldsmal.
      • Snowdin: Elsa as Snowdrake, more TBA.
      • Waterfall: Thomas the Tank Engine as Temmie, more TBA
      • Hotland: George Volcano as Vulkin, Jay Jay the Jet Plane as Tsunderplane, more TBA.


  • There are some of character changes of it.
    • It was originally to add Shaggy Rogers from Scooby-Doo as Napstablook, but it was been changed to Egoraptor.
    • Rolf from Ed, Edd n' Eddy is doing the role as Papyrus, but been replaced by Billy Mays.