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"“Cross Core, you will cease to exist!”"
– Z-Sans promising to kill Cross Core.


Z-Sans is a supreme Multiversal Sans, aiming to be the strongest Sans in the Multiverse. And Is Working With Infinity Code For Now As He Aims To Reach His Goal


Similar to that of Ink and Fell being fused together. He has a multi-colored black scarf(meaning a black scarf with multicolored layers). He also has a blade that can extend to different sizes.


A man of his own AU, in the 5th Multiverse. He had nobody to talk to, and wanted someone to help him, but things didn’t go as it seemed. Another Sans, called Error! Cross who came from the 9th Multiverse destroyed his only home, thus killing him along with his AU. His founder(Firefly) gave him new life.

Firefly asked him to become the strongest Sans in the entire Multiverse so that he can take revenge for his AU, which he lost. He now sets his plans on hunting stronger Sanses like Error, Ink, Fatal Error, Error404, etc. He almost killed all of them, but there was one who stood in his way, Cross Core! Sans. He knew he couldn’t defeat him, so he decided to train in secret. He has access to a secret and unknown area in the Multiverse, which he calls his “base”.

13 years later he fought Cross Core again and he almost killed him. Knowing this he thinks he might be able to take on the entire Multiverse. He now plans to cause a Multiversal genocide to entertain himself. His rival, Cross Core! Sans sets out on a journey to stop him.


1.Soul Manipulation : Can Create , Control , Destroy A Soul.

2. Matter Manipulation : Can Control All Types Of Matter

3. Time Manipulation : Can Control Time : Reverse , Fast Forward , Break , Stop , Restart , Etc.

4. Button RESET : A Button That Resets To Previous Save Location. He Does Not Require The Save Star , Nor The Star Is Breakable , Even If You Transcending Being

5. Button ERASE : Can Erase Everything In That Specific Time Line.

6. Button CREATION : A Button That Was Created From Z Himself , And Only He Can Use. This Button Has The Ability To Create Anything Based On Z-Sans's Will Or Command.

7. Transformation "Fictional Genocider" : This Form Transcends Him BEYOND Fictional Limit's ( Pre - 4th!Breaker Z-Sans ) Capabilities , Giving Him Abilities Such As : True Meta - Omnipotent , True Omniscient , True Creator , True Meta - Defense , The One Above All's Blessing , Fictional Manipulation , Eternal Being , Endless Stopper , True Power.

8. Z - Blaster : Z - Sans' Gaster Blaster Is Highly Powerful , Can Neglect All Revives , Regeneration's Immortality , Immunity ( E.g : Z Hits Someone And Evaporates Them From Existence. )

9. Above And Beyond Cutter  : A World Cutting Slash Using His Physical Power At A Decent Of 9.5% , This Slash Is Powerful That It Deteriorates Beings Till Existence Cannot Be Described

10. Bad Time Eye ( 1 Determination ): Ability That Increases Speed And Damage.

11. Doom Time Eye ( Twin Determination ) : Ability That Makes Him Excel Limits Of The Astral Mother

12. General Command : Can Manipulate The All Sans' Despite The Power As Long As They Are Not Stronger Than The True Gods ( Omni , Error 404 , Infinity Code , Astral Mother , Cross Core! Sans , Etc ) To Be Commanded By Him Using His Own Will Power

13. Hyperversal Potekinesis : He Can Destroy , Take , Double , Create , Manipulate Powers That Reside In The Undertale Multiverse / Hyperverse / Omniverse.

14. Gifted Omniscient : He Knows Everything In The Undertale Multiverse , You Could Say He Was Cursed With Knowledge

15. Meta - Power Absorption : The Longer He Takes On The Opponent , The More He Gets Agile , Stronger , Durable , Etc , His Limit Knows No Bounds , He Can Have As Much Power As He Likes

16. 4th Wall Manipulation : Z!sans can manipulate the fourth wall, allowing him to make it so fictional characters from a fictional world can cross over to our world and vice versa. Z!sans may be able to manipulate his own/fictional world, as well as interact with those in the fictional world. Z!sans can also make the fictional characters real and real entities fictional.

Acquaintances and Relationships:

Azuril!Swap Dream :

  • His future wife, whom he is going to marry after he becomes the strongest Sans.

Azuril! Swap Nightmare(Dream’s eldest sister) :

  • A friend of Z-Sans.

Infinity Code :

  • He Is One Of Infinity Code's Commander's


  • Cross Core! Sans-His rival.


Z-Blade: A weapon given by his master which seems to have enough power to rival the power of Error!404

Z - Inquisitor: A longsword which seems to have as much power as the Azuril blade which Cross Core wields.

this character was created by Saitoox