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Zoo!Sans is the Sans of the UnderZoo AU created by Hoshi-Tsubasa.


UnderZoo (the facility itself is called "Underground Wildlife Rehabilitation Center", or UWRC) is an Undertale AU where monsters were NOT banished to the Underground. They just happen to prefer living away from humans. Since they're pretty reclusive, humans in the present timeline don't know they exist, aside from the UnderZoo Frisk. The Underground is a refuge for mythical and endangered animals and creatures alike.

Zoo!Asgore is the manager of the zoo and Zoo!Toriel is the supervisor. Zoo!Sans is the Assistant Manager while his brother, Zoo!Papyrus, is a trainee. Zoo!Undyne is a security guard and Zoo!Alphys is the surgeon and researcher manager. All other monsters have the roles of zookeepers. Frisk is just a child who happened to stumble upon the menagerie. Flowey is an annoyance at best to the staff, since all he does is pull pranks and cause mischief. All in all, UnderZoo is a very Pacifist AU.[1]

Zoo!Sans is the current host of Pestilence!Sans.



Zoo!Sans is a white-boned skeleton with several black stripes on his skull, arms, shoulders and legs. He has rather large eye sockets with big round light orange eyelights with a darker circle inside.

In his 2020 redesign, He now sports a collared, button down tan shirt with buttoned pockets. The shoulders have dark brown straps with a trim of the same color. He keeps the sleeves rolled up. He also wears black gloves and a black belt holding up tan cargo shorts. He has dark brown socks under a pair of lace up boots. He retains the brimmed hat, though it now has a "Z" on the front as opposed to the original emblem.


Zoo!Sans is an upbeat and usually very kind skeleton. He enjoys nature and finds peace in it. However, he also happens to be very stubborn. He lets nothing stand in his way of doing what he believes is right. This is usually fueled by his emotional reactions, so the motives for his actions may not always be the right ones. He has a friendly demeanor and is easy to get along with.

When he's angry or upset, it can be startling to others to see just how passionately he can yell.


Zoo!Sans has similar powers to the original Sans, including:

  • Gravity Manipulation
  • Bone Weaponry

Along with these abilities, he also has unique ones:

  • Animal Communication: Capable of understanding the needs of animals and can communicate on an emotional level


Zoo!Sans is clever. When Zoo realized Pesti's existence, he negotiated with the out-code Sans, unlike his predecessor, Inferno!Sans. He also happens to have very quick reflexes, easily able to dodge high speed on coming attacks.


Zoo!Sans lets his heart control his actions, despite his intelligence. His poor judgement makes him easy to manipulate.



Zoo's brother, Papyrus, is not only his caring younger sibling, but also Zoo's apprentice. Zoo is training him in animal care taking. The two have a brotherly relationship, the two deeply caring about the other's well being. Zoo!Papyrus is unaware of Pesti's presence.


After Pesti completely destroyed BrimstoneTale, he wormed his way into the UnderZoo AU and infected Zoo!Sans. The two started out with a very rocky relationship, Zoo being very distrustful of Pesti, and in turn, Pesti regarded Zoo with apathy. However, the two eventually went from "Parasite-Host" to "Frenemies".


  • Zoo has black stripes on his skull, forearms, shoulders, and shins. The stripes are magical scars from handling dangerous magical creatures and hurts whenever anyone touches them.
    • However, if it's just a soft tap or brush, it wouldn't really evoke any type of reaction. It's like a bruise.
  • As revealed in an ask on Hoshi-Tsubasa's Tumblr, Zoo will sometimes ask Pesti to assist him with caring for the animals.[2]
  • Each character is responsible for a different habitat in UnderZoo
    • Zoo!Undyne is in charge of the aquarium and terra-aquatic creatures as well as being a security guard
    • Zoo!Toriel is in charge of cave dwelling animals and creatures as well as being the zoo's supervisor
    • Zoo!Alphys is in charge of researching new species
    • Zoo!Mettaton is in charge of managing dangerous, magical and big creatures
    • Zoo!Papyrus and Sans are in charge of domestic animals with Papyrus being a trainee and Sans being an assistant manager
    • Zoo!Asriel is in charge of the botonical gardens as well as the insects within them
    • Zoo!Asgore is in charge of the zoo overall
  • He is a major character in a comic by Mihha on Twitter



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